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Spitfire is best pone, Rarity is worst, and no, I'm not changing my mind. Art by Cyonix

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Follow up time · 5:01am April 26th

So, here I am again, and you probably think that I have something to say.

You're right. Gold star.

As you may or may not know, I've been struggling with myself and trying to figure out my brain and how it works. One of the big topics that was on my mind, at least a couple months ago (less so recently, it'll all been chemistry) was polyamory and basically everything about it and how it related to me.

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Thanks for the favourite on Cards Against the Princesses!

Thanks for the favorite!

Spitfire is best pone, Rarity is worst

I have never felt more conflicted over whether I should like someone :rainbowderp:

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