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Late-blooming fan with way too many story ideas in his head. Have written before, but this is my first serious foray into the world of fan-fiction.


This story is a sequel to Pandemic

Six months ago, the world humanity knew had been irrevocably shattered in a way they would never have imagined. ETS -- Equine Transformation Syndrome -- had arrived, a powerful transformation spell attached to an otherwise ordinary flu virus. Only with the assistance of Equestria in the form of Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer had ETS been stopped from transforming all of humanity into ponies.

Humanity had been saved, but at a cost. Hundreds of millions of humans had been fully transformed into ponies, and many did not want to go back. The United States was hit especially hard, with over a quarter of its population as ponies. Friction between humans and ponies, Earth and Equestria, has been growing. Families torn apart by ETS had yet to reconcile.

The collision of worlds that the pandemic had brought had only just begun.

Updates weekly FOR NOW -- may switch to every two weeks in the future. I will announce as such.

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Lazy Pines is a small town in the high country of Colorado, easily overshadowed by the bigger sights to see along Colorado State 9. When influenza strikes the town hard, it is little more than a statistical blip in a typical flu season. No one thinks any more of it as the initial wave of infection passes ... until the other symptoms begin to manifest.

Meanwhile, during what should have been a routine trip to Canterlot, Twilight Sparkle stumbles upon a strange anomaly which turns into an all-consuming mystery. As she discovers the complex web of magic stubbornly maintaining this mystery's secrets, she grows worried what it could mean for herself and her family.

And as the residents of Lazy Pines struggle to understand -- or even believe -- what is happening to them, two worlds have irrevocably been set on a direct collision course.

Updates every other weekend.

Cover art by Mix-up. Please check out more artwork by this talented artist.

Now has its own TV Tropes page thanks to redandready45.

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My name is Rachel. Or at least it was. A bad decision brought me to the brink of death. I was "rescued" from that fate by some self-appointed "Spirit of Chaos." Or maybe he really was the devil, I don't know. He promised me a second chance but didn't tell me it would be in the body of a cutesy pony in a world which makes no sense. Worse, I think I've been set up, and something bigger is going on ...

(Rated teen for language and non-gory violence)

Cover art by the talented NoviceCreedArt on tumblr. Link to original work.

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With as many books as Twilight has on magic, one would think she could weather the loss of one. So long as it's not that particular book on forbidden transformation magic that could wreak havoc if it fell into the wrong hooves. But what are the chances of that happening, especially when she has such an efficient, detail-minded assistant like Spike?

(Rated teen for language and mild sexual innuendo)

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An uncertain Luna must again take up the responsibility of dispelling nightmares, but what if those dreams feature herself as Nightmare Moon? Would she be up to the task of confronting her past as well? Or is there more to a particular foal's nightmare than meets the eye?

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Agreeing to help Twilight Sparkle find the Elements of Harmony to end Nightmare Moon's reign had been hard enough a decision for Applejack to make. Now she had an even harder task ahead of her: telling her family what she was about to do.

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Princess Celestia is aware of the prophesy heralding the return of Nightmare Moon. She plans to meet the threat herself bearing the Elements of Harmony, and is fully prepared to banish Luna again if she does not relent. No one ever asked the Elements themselves their opinion on the matter.

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