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Somethings take time, other things take inspiration. Writing takes both, and I fucking love that shit.

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  • My Brother's Keeper Jameson Underwood ad Tyler Tydeman find themselves on the run after being set up by a sketchy fellow gang-member, diving down alleys to avoid being caught by the police. A door takes them to a dark room, and another takes them to a new world. by RevenantReject 13,845 words · 47 views
  • Lupa's Quest: The Path to Ascension Lupa sets off on her quest so she can take her Birth Right and join Max's side, taking some friends along with her from Fluttershy's cabin. by RevenantReject 16,835 words · 172 views · 17 likes · 0 dislikes

Because I Feel Like It. · 10:07am Last Wednesday

I'm releasing Chapter Fifty-Eight early, and I'll release Chapter Fifty-Nine at the usual time. I don't know why I feel like doing it, but fuck it. Yolo swag, got cats in a bag.

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Hey, I'm totally cool with it. It doesn't affect the story overall, but at least it explains why Max says "woman" or "women" instead mares or fillies in the narrative.

Yes, unlike the rest of the races, my Ponies are damn near Human in appearance. That's how I see them at least. Feel free to think of them in whatever way makes you happy

So the entire time I read A Thief's Tale, the ponies are mostly humanized? I always imagined them with equine faces, despite what the cover art shows. :rainbowderp:

It's still there for me. Do you have mature stories enabled?

  • Viewing 49 - 53 of 53
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