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Somethings take time, other things take inspiration. Writing takes both, and I fucking love that shit.

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  • Lupa's Quest: The Path to Ascension Lupa sets off on her quest so she can take her Birth Right and join Max's side, taking some friends along with her from Fluttershy's cabin. by RevenantReject 16,835 words · 137 views · 12 likes · 0 dislikes

Looking For Editor(s) · 1:27pm 6 days ago

As it is, I've already got an editor and I read through my own shit after they do their thing, but things are still slipping through the cracks and it's killing me on the inside when I read through a chapter and 'find' missing words, fucked up capitalization, or odd spacing/punctuation. If you're a bit of a Grammar Nazi or just paid/pay decent attention in school, feel free to PM me or comment on this shit.

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It's still there for me. Do you have mature stories enabled?

What happened to your story a "a thief's tale"? Did you delete it or is it password locked?:fluttershysad:

Your story A Thief's Tale has managed to draw me in like no other story has managed. I officially have a new favourite fic. I am about to start my second read while waiting for the next chapter. Keep uo the great work!

It's perfectly fine, my friend. I replied to your comment on the thread.

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