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Formerly RevenantReject/Casper Magic. I don't make the mundane magical: I just give 'em the old red f*ck blue f*ck. Now on Fanfiction.net because reasons.

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Fun Fax

Original Dickhead, Master of Dickery, Artist of Bullshit. Welcome to the madhouse where porn is crafted and boundaries get tested from time to time. Enjoy your stay at chalet stupide.

This bio probably won't get updated often, but my policy on requests hasn't changed in awhile. I do take requests, but they may or may not get made into stories. Sometimes I just don't vibe with an idea, so be chill.

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Quick Poll · 7:41pm July 11th

Vote on what I do next here. Right here. This whole thing. All of it. Anywhere. Give it a click. Bet you won't. Bitch.

I've got three options and some time to blow for right now, so what do you say? Weigh in the next thingymabob.

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Because EST

Why are you never online when I need you to be ;-;

Shiiet, a few of my news blogs get hundreds of views depending on when I post them. IT's mostly timing and headings.


The only blog posts that do get close to hundreds or more views would be "cute picture" blogs, like The Abyss's blogs. Not that I'm complaining.

I figured as much, though I suppose I shouldn't have expected the shots to hit the mark with every follower. Few enough blog posts get more than forty-sixty views anyway.

  • Viewing 70 - 74 of 74
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