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I have stuff on the internet. You should check it out. Or not. I don't decide what you do. You could just fap again for all I know.

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Original Prick, Master of Dickery, Artist of Bullshit, and Aficionado of Idiocy. Welcome to the madhouse where porn is crafted and boundaries get tested from time to time. Enjoy your stay at chalet stupide.

This bio probably won't get updated often, but my policy on requests hasn't changed in awhile. I do take requests, but they may or may not get made into stories. Sometimes I just don't vibe with an idea, so be chill. If you ever want to contact me, I check my PM's pretty frequently and I keep an eye on Discord, so bam. Bonus thing you didn't know.

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Disclaimer: I don't necessarily believe in what I write about. Different emotions surface during different moments and often I just find grit and mushy-gushy garbage entertaining to flesh out. Always open to comments, critique, and occasionally fellatio.


Heads Up · 1:57pm July 24th

My ever-changing username has been changed for what will hopefully be the last time. Be graced with the red panda, and know me as Ringtael.

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Thank you for taking the time to rhyme, I thought your reply was simply sublime.

I love your bio xD

I totally understand what you're trying to say, with those words that mean what you want to convey.

I get bored of an identity and change. Revenant felt too edgy, Casper was too gay, Caspar was edgy again, but Ringtail is perfectly retarded because of the reason behind the name. :raritywink:

Why all the name changes yo?

  • Viewing 75 - 79 of 79
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