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Ebola Chan is my waifu. I am an avid RPer if interested.

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Seriously, not even joking, this gave me a boner.:moustache:

I am pleased, you may suck my tits.

Aside from the disgustingly offensive content in this story, it is poorly written.

You must be new around these parts.

This made me laugh enough that a tear of joy fell from my eye.
Dat was zoggin' gud fer a cum filed story.

i shudder to see the next ponies morning...
when the best pony (fluttershy) morning come up im gonna havta... havta.... im not sure if i wanna read it or not.. ill end up reading it ofc though.

Do Rainbow Dash next!

Cums occasionally forgot to capitalize names, capitalized words that shouldn't have been, and sometimes changed tense. 2438492 has a point, yo.

Well I hope you're happy. I played a drinking game and took a shot every time I read the word "cum." I'm dead now from cirrhosis of the liver. :applejackconfused:

ok.... WTF did I just read?

and on another note..... I think you won the award for the most use of the word "cum" in one chapter

2441261 I took a drink for every word that wasn't cum. It was easier. :pinkiecrazy:

This story is easily described in one simple word... CUM... cum everywhere :rainbowlaugh:

I'm not sure what I just i read but I'm slightly okay with it. Is that.....is that normal??

2441261 You just drank around 46 shots of alcohol. Congratz!

Pinkie Pie giving the twins a bath.

All of Cloudsdale because the clouds would all be made of cum
and it would be called Cumsdale now.

You should totally do Big Macintosh Pipsqueak next.

Didn't expect you to be here.

I think Rarity, just because I think she fits this...unusual role.

Good god I went through this unscathed... mostly.

That was a... generous assessment.

I'd go with shittily.

Well, I certainly read that now, didn't I.

I clicked on this out of a sick sense of curiosity.
I laughed at this out of a sick sense of humor.

This comment is written with cum.

Oh cum on! Who came up with this idea?! They need to stand up right now so I drag them out into a street an shoot them. Despite the fact I was able to use a couple of clever puns.
Although some one may have to erect a monument to this.
Was the hard to write?
And most importantly...
Did you use internet virus protection software?

Okay, to put it simply, I laughed so hard I literally broke my SOFA CHAIR! No joke, I have to buy a new one. This fic, however, is so fucked up and funny I couldn't clop to it! Please, write a chapter with more sex, maybe masturbation, I have no idea, just make it happen before I start shooting my magma-cum all over your house!

oops! sorry, I am a little confused right now lol

Everything is cum related... I like it.

I need someone to count each time cum is said in this because I'm too lazy to do it myself.


LOL Twilight really seems to be enjoying that cum water, is there something she has to tell us?

For some reason this gave me a boner... I'm not disappointed.

Celestia or Luna... Or both together.



Also I would love for the next chapter to be someone clopping while in the cum. Rarity please.

2467740 Wait... I... Hang on, I need to check something.
Are you the same Metaknight that's favorited some of my stories?:rainbowderp:
If so, then... Hi?

Hey!:pinkiehappy: Didn't expect to see you here, I was watching Chilled Chaos's Trouble in Terrorist Town while working on a new chapter for A Change In Harmony.

2467782 Cool, I was just bumming around on here trying to get inspiration to finally write another chapter for one of my stories. In fact I was thinking about reading Lunar madness again to get an idea how to write Discord better.

2467830 Just make him crazy as hell, but with a conscious and the ability to know not to go overboard. I'd also say he's slightly protective, because without others, who's going to be around for him to play with?

2467856 Mmm. Thanks for the advice.:twilightsmile:

2467908 No problem. Oh, and I'm letting Big Mac be a detective for once. He's very good at it.
P.S. The changeling is going to get messed up.

2467913 Big Mac as a detective, I can totally see that.

2467955 Oh yeah, and Pinkie could be Watson. You know, I'm surprised no one's done a crossover with them as Holmes and Watson. That would be pretty awesome, he'd have brawn and brain. And Watson could defy physics.

2467964 Lol, yeah that would be awesome. There is a really good Sherlock Holmes crossover story on here though: The Secret Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes.

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