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"It's Meta. He hates everything. That's just his purpose; in denying it he would deny himself." -Officer Hot-Pants. "MetaKnight145, somewhat friendly misanthrope who lives on pornsites." -Mr. Grimdark

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2430688 Maybe I should stop trying more often.

I tink, tharfer I is :applejackconfused:

2430692 AYE~! :yay:

Also, I must say that, while it wasn't all what I enjoy, it was still fairly well done, and... um... shit, what was I going to say..?

... Oh, but I gave it an upvote, because I think my brain managed to accrue more damage than ever before. Thank you for that. :twilightsmile:

Insert approval here.

2430743 Insert comment talking about me not trying to comment.

2430746 *Inserts his huge comment talking about you talking about you not trying to comment*:moustache:

2430748 Inserts thankful comment that the word comment does not equal phallus.

Inserts goodbye because presentation lazyinezs.

Sleep deprivation can do wonderful things.

2430756 Inserts a joke about the conversation pertaining to these comments.

Insert a gif featuring someone doing something ordinary with a creepy look on their face.

Insert a quip about how you are the person in gif above. :pinkiecrazy:

2430748 Inserts a phallus joke, and compares it to the length of your comment, before pointing out how overcompensation isn't necessary.

Insert a pic of Fluttershy getting a wingboner.

Insert a joke about how Fluttershy's phallic symbol is still bigger than yours.

this get's all of my approval.....

except for.....

if you live in Texas just kill yourself now.

bu-but......achievement hunter:raritydespair:

My boner is ready.

2436465 I shall try not to disappoint.

I usually donut read these types of things.

But that was damn good.

good ole fashioned genuine first rated in the country Texas edumacation.

Texas edumacation.


Finally, someone understands me.
Honestly, you should have picked Ohio.
Take a Vacay here.
We should all kill ourselves.

At least in Texas it's always interesting. :twilightsheepish:

My question is when will the KKK learn how to spell the word CLAN? IT'S NOT SPELLED KLAN GOD DAMMIT!!!

2438887 You answered your own question there. It's the KKK, all of them are inbred.

2438785 Quite.:moustache:

2438941 good point, good point, I will now start a good will mission in the southern US teaching elementary school spelling and tolerance to iggnorant misinformed inbreds and I might not succeed in teaching them tolerance, but at least they might call themselves the KKC from now on, witch is in fact a step (an ant's step) forward!

Needs more gay.
And stereotypes.

Here's a big FUCK YOU from Texas.Now where's my good gun?Oh right, the gun rack.Only thing is, which one?:rainbowhuh:

2549479Maybe, maybe not.
(He ain't.)
(He lies!)
(One of them always tells the truth.The other one can't stop lieing.)

Why was this cancelled?

I just remembered why I followed you.

This is the best story on the site.

I don't know what I expected coming from you Meta, but this was way out there:rainbowlaugh:
Awesome so far, hope to see an update soon:rainbowwild:

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