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Fluttershy has a secret. A secret she’s carried with her since fillyhood and never told anypony.

Fluttershy likes… mares. She likes mares in the way that mares are supposed to like stallions. None of the other mares like mares!

Is she weird? Is she broken? Is it curable? She’s lived with these feelings for so long, she doesn’t even know if she could live without them.

But maybe Twilight can help her. Or maybe… maybe Twilight can “help” her?

A cometragedy/tragecomedy one shot about the only gay pony that ever there was.

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B-but the overly female population means every pony is gay!
I kid, I kid. Let's see if this is any good...

Edit: I liked it, all except for the ending. That made no sense and felt like it was a generic "oh shit, I have to put in something that would normally end a chapter" type of deal. Kinda disappointed.

my sides.

also poor Fluttershy :fluttershysad:

Well nice going there, Twi. Great job ruining the moment.:twilightblush:

OK that was actually pretty funny, lol.

I'd have gone with having them all turn out to be gay and playing a joke on her, and though I rarely feel the urge to impress my opinions on another person's story choices the lack of an otherwise satisfactory ending means I'm pretty much on the train of agreeing with 2129093 .

Liked nonetheless.

more??? LAWL!!!!!!!!!!!!:moustache::trollestia::trixieshiftright:

Poor Fluttershy. She goes through such embarrasing tests and then, when she finally tells Twilight, that mare does nothing but think of her science.

I'm imagening a freaked out Big Macintosh to run back to the farm and well...have tea-party with Mr. Smarty Pants until he is feeling 'fine' again. Or at least happy and not mentally scarred by Twilight.

outside doors open inward

Good ’ol midnight story releases. Oh fimfiction queue, you so unpredictable. :ajbemused:

2129093 2129220
You were expecting, what, happily ever after? :pinkiehappy:

OK, add this:


“LOL just kidding let’s have crazy sex!”


Et voila, happy ending.

Twilight’s doors are all over the place, even what portion of the door constitutes a door varies from episode to episode. :derpytongue2:

Yeah, this is... It's got a premise that pokes fun at a fandom cliche, which is always nice, and some Twilight silliness, and then it just stops on a dumb punchline. It doesn't go anywhere.

I lost it at the end. :pinkiecrazy:

Love dis! Yus. :rainbowwild:

*facepalms* Totally doesn't need the trag tag tho:P

Oh my god..
You MADE ME LOSE IT! :twilightblush:
Oh and also ignore Lazy Dan.
He hates on everything.
Every comment of him I'v seen he's hating on it. :applecry:
But I feel bad for Fluttershy :fluttershbad:
But I cant help BUT LAUGH MY HEAD OFF! :pinkiehappy:

Awesome fic. This is something I'd love to see tackled more often in fanfiction, but is sadly not. Anyway, great read. I think you've pinned down Twilight really well- insensitive, but not on purpose. I like your characterization of Fluttershy as well, and I can kinda see this happening.

Love the concept. A coming out of the closet story in a world where homosexuality doesn't exist, that's funny. Well written too.

This seems to be a very interesting story. Has no one ever written one like this on here before? I really like the originality, although it takes tome guts to write this, being how the world is. But I guess bronies are okay with the idea. Definitely adding this to my favorites.

I'm curious, did you make Twilight ask if she was a unicorn just because Fluttershy had a crush on Twilight, or was it because the horn could be seen as a phallic symbol and help explain the attraction to another mare?

My Interpretion is Twi and shy are just incredibly sheltered.

Twi studies all sorts of subjects. I'm sure at some point she would have come across something about homosexuality.

2157073 I know, but that was what I thought the author was aiming for.

The latter. My jokes are as subtle as they are crude.

I actually did play with this interpretation, and ultimately tried to make the story at least slightly go both ways (hurr hurr), but my own mental canon of it is that Fluttershy is truly the only gay pony that ever there was…

… and this is why! It’s hard to imagine that Twilight hasn’t stumbled upon the works of Pony Sappho.

2157073>>2158238 See, the author DID think about it. It shows.

Aha! I knew it, I know a phallic joke when I see one!

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:The end was awesome ( just like the rest of the fanfic)

A delightful shaggy horse story.

Great story! Greenthumbed

Twilight makes the perfect GLaDOS.:twilightblush:
Laughed and laughed all through out. Keep it up! My head canon says Fluttershy is the only member of the Mane 6 that's totally straight, but this is funny as hay.:rainbowlaugh:

Either Pinkie is bi, or she just likes watching Twilight's horrible dancing. Poor Fluttershy, you're attracted to an naive egghead.

Oh Twilight how naive can one pony be :rainbowlaugh:

Great story though it was fun, though I feel sorry for Big Mac.

Why did I put off reading this for so long, that ending was perfect! Also, forced sexy angry Big Mac :eeyup:

Fluttershy got awful excited learning that Pinkie Pie could be a fillyfooler. I smell a future FlutterPie shipping!

2340987 I`m not saying that you`re wrong, but think about Fluttershy for a second. How often does she talk to stallions. Never. How often does she talk to mares? Relatively often. Also, picture Fluttershy with a stallion. I don`t think that she would ever want any gruff, tough or strong mate. I mean, males are typically a bit insensitive,confident, strong and wild. Females tend to be a bit softer, kinder, warmer and more loving. I can easily see her snuggly with a mare. It`s hard to picture her sitting with a stallion, much less being attracted to him. Sometimes she can be shipped with stallions, but it must be a great piece of writing. Basically, it seems as though Fluttershy is the least straight out of the bunch. Rainbow Dash may be a bit less straight though. Still, nothing has been made canon on that yet so unless she begins seeing somepony there is no proof of either. Even if they do give her a mate that doesn`t say that she still isn`t bisexual. Also, they aren`t very many males and they say that there are tons of fish in the sea, but in Equestria finding a guy is tough.

2814832 Since the time I wrote that I came up with gender-bending Fluttershy, Rainbow and Applejack and seeing what happens. Applejack still gets Rarity, Rainbow Blitz argues a lot with Twilight and Butterscotch still wants some-one gentle: enter Cherilee. She could be taken advantage of by an alpha male, so a beta male would suit her better. Maybe Caramel would be gentle with her?
And your basing that assumption on stereotypes. Yes they can fit but Pinkie Pie is pink, meaning she should be the most 'girly' whereas Rarity fits that title.
I'm trying not saying your wrong either but I think about her differently. Out of curiosity what other ships do you do?

Fillyfooler Pairings:
Rarlight, Rarishy, Twiluna, Twilestia, Lyrabon, Octascratch, DerpyTop, Rosegate, ApplePie

Straight Pairings:
RarPants, Rainbowlane, Twimel, DerpyTime

OC + Canon Straight Pairings:
Whisper x Fluttershy, Silver Moonshine x Applejack, Twilight x Cerulean Snowgleam, Storm Blitz x Rainbow

I`m a fan of both straight and gay ships, just more often I read fillyfooler ships. The last groups was Cerulean1313`s pairings that I love more than anything. I`ve written straight and gay romances already. I`m not a fan of the coltcuddler ships though because you can`t really find them and they don`t have as much depth.

P.S. Sorry for this long answer. :heart:

Oh shit, nice end.

That last line does sort of take something from the story. Even so, a quick, fun read, with laughs and a not insubstantial sting here and there as well.

*sees title*:trixieshiftright:
*sees picture*:trixieshiftleft:
*reads description*:trixieshiftright:
*added to read later*
*checks time*
*reads description again*
*checks time again*
"Fuck it, I can't wait until later":rainbowkiss:

Edit:. “Fluttershy, you were more aroused by the tree than by Big Macintosh!”
Oh my god..........

4136670 “I would have used a different stimulus. This invalidates my results!”
I never thought I would ask for a ship like this. :applejackunsure:
I guess I just couldn't help cheering for Fluttershy. She's just too cute in this!:pinkiesad2:

She lured Fluttershy into her secret basement and tied her to a table, probed her monst intimate areas, then proceeded to erotically dance for her, while breathing into her ear that it was all for scientific purposes. I don't think Twilight is the naive one here... :trixieshiftright:

Feels like an odd joke to write in the first place, I guess.

Did not like that ending. Everything else was great tho.

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