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Fluttershy has a secret. A secret she’s carried with her since fillyhood and never told anypony.

Fluttershy likes… mares. She likes mares in the way that mares are supposed to like stallions. None of the other mares like mares!

Is she weird? Is she broken? Is it curable? She’s lived with these feelings for so long, she doesn’t even know if she could live without them.

But maybe Twilight can help her. Or maybe… maybe Twilight can “help” her?

A cometragedy/tragecomedy one shot about the only gay pony that ever there was.

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She’s the loyalest of friends and most dependable of ponies; how could anypony not fall in love with Applejack? In fact, so much of the town has found themselves under her seductive spell, they’ve formed a secret society to help each other cope with their unbridled lust. Operating in seclusion, this group has been an unseen staple of Ponyville. Surely, though, nothing good can come of the mare herself discovering the existence of Applejack Anonymous.

Cover pic by the inimitable Mr. Snowpony.

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Rainbow Dash comes up with a new pick-up line, but it doesn't seem to be landing.

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“What a foolish way to die.” Perhaps sometimes opportunity is truly the guise of tragedy. Or perhaps there is no such order, and tragedy is merely the progeny of carelessness. When a hero is lost unexpectedly, her friends must deal with the consequences of their negligence.

Cover image by mysticalpha, used with permission. Thanks to Gold for pre-reading and all my loyal and semi-loyal readers of other stories for keeping me writing.

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I have amalgamated all possible clichés in ponydom (ponidom?) into one (one-shot) story. Or at least, a lot of them. By my understanding, that means that this should be the single greatest fanfic ever written. That's how clichés work, isn't it?

This story has oblique references to gore and sexual themes, but nothing really explicit. I have tried to keep them well short of actually requiring mature classification. It's all in good fun.

(In case it's unclear, this story is a parody of everything)

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Rainbow finds herself in love with another mare, but is unable to confess her feelings. When, prodded on by a certain impetuous pink pony, she reveals them accidentally, she's sure she's lost both friendship and love. Circumstances conspire to keep the two going, until ... well, I guess we'll just have to find out!

Yup, it's another Appledash shipping. 'cuz Appledash shippings are the best. Clop-free, gore-free (yes, I have both a clopfic and a gorefic in my story list as well).

As an added quirk to keep things interesting, every chapter will start with this trite, hackneyed phrase: "She was lost again. Lost in those deep, green eyes." As is true with everyone, I've stolen lots of ideas from here and there and hopefully formed them, along with the stray original thought or two, into a story as I'd like to tell it.

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