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Rainbow Dash seems to be losing her mind, forgetting entire encounters and continually saying things that don't make any sense. Scootaloo gets to see Dash twice as much as she'd ever expected. Twilight Sparkle slips into full on-hermit mode. Applejack just wants answers... and to be with Rainbow Dash.

There's a double rainbow. What does it mean? It's so bright, so vivid....

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I so called it from the crash landing. Maybe I just watch too much Doctor Who. Whatever, BRING IT ON! :rainbowdetermined2:

Time Shenanigans. My one weakness.

Just remember, keep the loops stable. Otherwise dead Dashes start piling up. Dead Dashes are the enemy.

YAY APPLEDASH! Wait, so Rainbow would have never confessed if she hadn't have known AJ felt the same way, which she never would have known had she never confessed...got to love time travel.

I am suddenly reminded of both Doctor Who and Homestuck.

Time Travel Shenanigans!

Chapter length is fine. The longer chapter stories also take longer to come out.

It's got more of a "Back to the Future" vibe going for it.. and maybe that Pandorica episode of the Doctor where he went nuts with Jack's wrist timepiece. Celestia help us if Pinkie ever got her hooves on that...:pinkiehappy:

This is getting to be almost as bad as Primer!

....this is why i hate time travel i have no idea what the hell is going on! lol good story

Dash, you have to go back to the future!

So, does Ponyville have its own version of the Untempered Schism? Because, at this point, I think that's the only valid explanation for all these time paradoxes/shenanigans.

:ajbemused: I need Twilight's charts.

Maybe after the story is finished. Wouldn't want to spoil anything.

Oh god. My body is ready, but I don't think my mind is.

Celestia help us all

and that, children, is why time travel will be outlawed less than a second after the first successful demonstration.

also, I hope we will have some Time Travel Tense Trouble soon ("we will meet five minutes ago" "actually, no. we already have been met in ten minutes").

finaly, I agree with 5406 . Sun and Moon help us all indeed.

I just... yeah, I've completely given up any hope of following all the loops. Please do provide charts at some point.

Where's the Doctor when ya need him?

Given the way this is going, I'm pretty sure he'd be the only one able to figure out this temporal causality/casualty loop/paradox/whatever... since we've got at least three of half the mane cast, plus another dozen Dashes, then Scoot's come back as well... this thing is a completely paradoxical quantum mess.

Good god my brain.
How you managed to keep track of all this in order to write boggles the mind.

:applejackconfused: ow, my brain

SO many Ponies!

I don't understand all the loops and which Dash is going back half the time but I like it still, it's somehow making a strange amount of sense

Ooh my BRAIN.

I wish there were more like this. I think it'd be good for my brain to stretch it every once in a while. It would SUCK to be out of shape brain-wise.

The Autor is evil and keeps the notes to him/herself and will propably only post them at the end. I love how confusing Time Travel can be.

:rainbowhuh: Wow, suddenly, "Primer" is a lot less confusing... But that was awesome! I can't wait to read the rest.

good lord above this is brilliant! you were not fuckin with us when you said convoluted story was ahead! how did you keep track of all this in your head? I can barely keep track of it! Oh man, I just can NOT wait for the next chapter. and the bit where three of each of them were all standing around the chalk board? AJ snuck off with AJ into a corner? all the twi's freak... oh heavens I just can't stop smiling!

I applaud your obvious skill, because this is a truly impressive story to even attempt, let alone actually be pulling off to such an amazing extent. seriously. I wish i had a medal for you.

keep up the great work, as I eagerly await more

Ugh, Timey Wimey.

My brain... what have you done to my brain...

This is far more intriguing than a convoluted mess of a timeline reasonable ought to be... of course there is always that simple solution in the background. Twilight... have you thought about simply not f*ing inventing time travel? Hunh?! (course... where would the fun in that be...)

Wait if Rainbow Dash is over there and that's Rainbow Dash over there who am I? Who's making this post?

Oh, Celestia DAMNIT, Scootaloo.

I am on Chapter 10. I have no idea what is going on or where this is going. I am a damned man if I can concoct an explanation for why Scoots is now time-traveling too. That scene with the three Twi's is giving me a headache. How could all the Rainbow Dashes have timelines that flow continuously? I am afraid that there is no explanation, but I bet the author's notes explain it pretty well if they actually exist.

This comment is coming from somepony who understands the plot of Inception, and can explain it to other people.

Scratch that.

This comment is coming from somepony who understands the plot of Donny Darko and is able to explain it to other people.

No, scratch that too.

This comment is coming from somepony who understands the plot of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and is able to explain it to other people. Not only that, but synchronize it with all the movies and the mangas that I have read of it.

Dear god, what have you done?! I am so confused?!?

I'll admit, I think I know what that thing in the back of Twilight's mind is. She is approaching the revelation that if she doesn't invent time travel, she won't, and then everything will return to normal. Unless, it doesn't. In which case, I'm scared.

Can't wait for Chapter 11!

Good gravy.... my brain just craped itself :facehoof:

This is like the time travel of TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, but taken to stratosphere levels of complexity :rainbowderp:
Well, no. Exosphere level :derpyderp2:
Nah. Further than that. To the heliopause :derpytongue2:
Deneb's heliopause :applejackconfused:


It's too late: Not inventing time travel would mean she never gets the information that leads her to not invent time travel.

That's the problem with non-causal events and objects. Once they show up you are committed to performing the actions required for them.

6235 But what if her time traveling caused her to invent time travel in the first place. Depends on what sort of contortions the fabric of space time is willing and able to perform... maybe... I really don't know jack when it comes to this... so, alas, my brain shall remain so full of f***.

Well... didn't see that one coming...

The plot thickens... making it about an extra 5 feet over my head. This is getting confusing, but somehow makes a LOT of sense. I think...

Whatever, want more all the same...

Wait, what? I'm confused on a number of levels now. So, there was a Rainbow Dash, and another Rainbow Dash, and a third one to make sure that... huh? There may or may not have been a fourth one. I think?:applejackconfused: <-- applejack is confused

I would type a witty comment, but right now my brain is dribbling out of my ears. So Dash, Dash and Dash watched Dash, I got that part figured out. But then one went into the future from the past, and talked of something that hadn't happened yet?

Buh... You know, it would be easier if the first RBD was Rainbow Dash 1, the second was Rainbow Dash 2, so on and so forth.

You sir, must be either a genius or a Time Lord (being a Time Lord pretty much makes you a genius anyway, I suppose).

Same here.
I can't resist them either.

Ch 11. she's closing up the loop by ending everyponys life :D YAAAY

I love stories like this where anything inconsistent can be explained with "paradox. Prove that it wasn't." You can never fully make sense of them; you just have to accept them for what they are. Then you can lean back and enjoy the show; it's always a good one.

I assure you there are - and will be - no inconsistencies to be explained here. The timeline is being lovingly scrambled in my personal kitchen, and no loose thread shall escape. Full sense CAN be made once I give you all the scenes.

Try to put all the events in plain linear order (What, you thought I was giving you things in the order they happened? Where's the fun in that?) and see if that helps!


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