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Hello there! · 6:11am Apr 11th, 2014

Not too long after this post goes up (more than a few hours, but less than a few days) there's likely to be some extra traffic to my page. Hello, people who otherwise might not have come here! I figured an influx of people is as good a time/excuse as any to update this thing, like I really should be doing more frequently than I am.

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Out of the cave, and then right back in · 7:11pm Nov 25th, 2013

So... remember this? No? That's alright. I almost didn't either until the second chapter fell on me. You can have it, if you want.

ALSO - still marching toward getting some stuff out this year. Three different things in the works, one should make it, another could and would be nice, all three seems unlikely. But that's not what this post is for. It's for that thing up there.

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Wait, two MONTHS? · 8:53am Aug 9th, 2013

I have nothing of particular importance to report to you all...

that can be given any kind of date.

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You like these monthly nothings? · 4:07pm Jun 12th, 2013

I feel... weird. I was never exactly a permanent fixture around here, swinging in and out as I found the time to be a part of the community, but I always came back.

It just hit me how long I've been on the outside. I've missed quite a lot of developments, and I'm stumbling around questioning who I am in relation to this whole fiction thing. What am I trying to do? What am I actually getting done? What have I written in the last 24 hours? The last week? The last month?

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Another month, another cup of shattered dreams and/or excuses for my inactivity · 7:35am May 15th, 2013

Or something less wangsty, because things are good. They're just busy and full of many fewer words than I'd like. I'm only even doing a blogamajig to remind folks that I still exist and am not dead.

In good news, though, as of today I'm actively working on something at a pace greater than two or even three snails. It's certainly different, but whether it's good or bad it's something, and producing a story is better than not producing a story.

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LOOK A SHINY · 9:24am Apr 20th, 2013

So hey, do any of you folks remember this?


Well, it was a thing. I was a part of it. It was fun. Now it is happening again. The SATGF has once again come together to create some kind of horrible nonsense! Go point your eyefaces at it in this direction.

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There. I did something. · 6:33am Apr 3rd, 2013

So it's not exactly within two weeks (not that I promised that in the first place, plus I was traveling for a good portion of the last week so I have an excuse kinda!) but here's... well, it's something. I think.

It's in the submission queue now, expect it before dawn.

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Never a good idea to go too long without an update · 9:47am Mar 16th, 2013

Horp dorp, I be not dead. I make word with smash elbows into boarded keys.

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Delays? Delays. · 3:53am Feb 12th, 2013

I'm not in the right frame of mind to post calmly and rationally, but that thing that I keep promising will eventually show up?

Yeah. Eventually.

I'm not sure it's wise to say exactly what's happened, but the story is still viable. I still have opportunities and I still intend to pursue this, but there's been another setback. And not a minor one.

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Good to keep folks updated · 9:46am Jan 28th, 2013

Dumb, rambly crap what I dumped out when I should've been sleeping because I need to catch up on sleep AND get up extra early tomorrow, and that nobody asked for, and that effectively says "haw haw still no new content just keep waiting folks"? Sure! I've got some of that!

In the interest of keeping people informed and illustrating that I am still not dead, here's a bit of a status update on what I'm working on:

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