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Double Rainbow - theworstwriter

Rainbow Dash is behaving strangely, and Applejack is very confused.

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Appendix B

Linear Chronology of Alpha Timeline
First Backward Leap – Paradox Birth

(F) is now the present LATER. Think of it as the future if you want. This portion of the appendix is written with the point where Twilight first successfully casts the time travel spell anchored as the present, so that is where (F) points now. (P), if you like, could stand for past now. It’s the present from before. The presence or absence of an event in these listings is not related to the importance of the event. There is a semi-arbitrary process I am using to decide what goes in and what does not. Like I said before, this is a helpful guide and not a complete cheat sheet. I want you to understand, but I want you to reach that understanding via brainy thinky times.

The previous appendix gave a sense of how events flowed even with ‘multiple’ ponies appearing. This one should start to show how the multiple paths fold across each other, letting you get a feel for how connections are formed… as well as showing you one of the important ways Twilight was wrong.

26) Rainbow Dash (2) switches places with Rainbow Dash (F – now 1) and Applejack (F – now 1) via Twilight (F)’s first time travel spell.

27) Twilight Sparkle (F – now 1) and Rainbow Dash (2 – now 8) switch places with Rainbow Dash (7) to go perform event 24.

28) Rainbow Dash (7) switches with Rainbow Dash (3) (4) and Twilight Sparkle (2).

29) Rainbow Dash (4 – now 5) switches with Rainbow Dash (10) to go to event 15.

30) Rainbow Dash (10) switches with Rainbow Dash (6) Twilight Sparkle (3) and Applejack (2).

31) Rainbow Dash (6) and Twilight Sparkle (3) switch with Rainbow Dash (10) and Twilight Sparkle (4) to go see Princess Celestia in the past.

32) Rainbow Dash (10) switches with Rainbow Dash (7).

33) Rainbow Dash (7), The Wonderbolts, and Twilight Sparkle (4) coordinate their efforts to send the energy and signature back to event 1.

34) Rainbow Dash (7) returns to Sweet Apple Acres to be with Applejack (2).

35) An undisclosed accident causes the death of Applejack (2).

36) Rainbow Dash (7), without the assistance of any Twilight Sparkles, sends HERSELF back and rewrites history to prevent her lover’s death.