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Equestria stands ready to defend itself with the help of specially trained squads of ponies. Ponies who receive lessons on Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, Loyalty, and Magic. Ponies who learn... to be friends.

Scootaloo is ready to become such a pony.

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One day, Rarity does something incredible.

A collaboration between the members of the Spanish Announce Table Goes First.

Cover art provided by darkflame.

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When you lose a tooth, you put it under your pillow. Then, in the dead of night while you slumber, the Tooth Fairy comes to take your tooth and gives you some money in exchange. This is a simple and harmless procedure.

...Or at least it's supposed to be. The Cutie Mark Crusaders don't know the meaning of "simple and harmless."

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History doesn't record everything, and explorers have not charted the entirety of the globe. There is always more, waiting to be told.

Ponies once suffered through hard lives in a world that was not for them, until a path to freedom presented itself. On the way to salvation, the hidden burdens of changing the world began to surface and one pony struck out on her own to shoulder them all.

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The big camping trip is coming up fast, but Scootaloo's grades might leave her behind. Panic mounts, an opportunity arises, and Scootaloo makes an agreement she really shouldn't have.


This was written in an evening as an entry into one of /fic/'s writeoffs. It is presented as it was there, unaltered and thoroughly unpolished. Though it does have a description and an image, now, both whipped up in less than thirty seconds.

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True, heart-stopping terror takes many forms:

Foul beasts roaming the dark who consume their victims, flesh and soul.
The object of one's affections finding a diary they weren't meant to.
Being tardy.

But until now, Equestria has not known the meaning of fear. The past's petty concerns and phobias mean nothing this day, for today, Equestria shall experience unimaginable horror. Today, Pinkie Pie becomes a unicorn.

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This is the story of two ponies who happen to be in love saving Equestria. That's a fairly generic premise, but more specificity will only make it sound worse. Let's go down the list.

First-person? Check.
Chapters are way too short? Check.
Chapters are published out of order? Double check.
OC as the narrator? Check.
OC shipped with Trixie? Check.
Details on the shipping kept light enough to not satisfy people looking for a shipfic or apply the romance tag, but heavy enough to bother those against the ship? Check.
Poorly written? Triple check.
Time travel? Oh you best believe that's checked.
Peppered with references nobody's gonna get? Check.

There's no way this could possibly succeed. Let's do this.

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This was written for a contest and authors had to stay anonymous. Now that it's over I can post my contribution. I haven't gone back to change anything. This is as it was for the contest, with ONE fix. I screwed up an italic tag in the original and the bottom half was ALL italicized. I corrected that here. Otherwise, this is as I entered it.

The prompt to follow was One-Way Ticket. So, uh, there's your description.

May eventually revisit and flesh out, but definitely not any time soon.

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