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I am just a person who writes stuff in her spare time C:


During Wheatley's time in charge of Aperture Laboratories, he manages to dispose of a Turret who was bothering him. What he didn't know is that he sent the turret into another dimension. The shaken turret awakes as a pony in Ponyville, with no clue with what she is or how to survive.

Warning: Some Portal 2 Spoilers. Read at your own risk.
A Portal, MLP Crossover.

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 127 )

I'm interested to see where this is going, has potential.

1876142 Thank you so much >w< I'll try and update frequently

"For god's sake, you're BOXES with LEGS! It is literally your only purpose! Walking onto buttons! How can you not do the one thing you were designed for?"

OMG yes! please tell me he gets the guns, or redo it as a unicorn to get the magic bolts and targeting dot instead!

1877141 Sorry, forgot that all robots in the Portal games has a USB port.

1877151 and it says "During Wheatley's time in charge of Aperture Laboratories, he manages to dispose of a Turret who was bothering him. What he didn't know is that he sent the turret into another dimension. The shaken turret awakes as a pony in Ponyville, with no clue with what 'she' is or how to survive."

1877191 It also says it in the story on multiple times and uses the word mare. It is only a blank when I called her a him. Does it really matter?

nice story, chapters are too short though. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!:flutterrage: sorry... really.:fluttershbad:

1882242 I tried

I'll try and make them longer, although I find some parts good for cliffhangers and chapter endings and others not so much.

I write as I much, when I can when I do have motivation.

I'll try harder

1882252 it is okay, really, sorry for sounding upset:fluttercry:

1882274 Nah, it's okay >w< It's better than a hate comment and I appreciate you even taking the time to comment!

Hmmm, glowing eyes? Intriguing!

Woo! Turrets NEVER get any love, so this is a nice change!

Another wonderful chapter. A simply wonderful job you are doing with this story.

1882364 Indeed, pretty much all Portal x MLP fics involve either GLaDOS or Wheatley.

1882583 That's what I've seen too.
GLaDOS, Wheatley, Chell and Space core are the main crossover victims.

I like being different

I remember in Portal 2 I saved a turret from being incinerated. Then I accidentally killed it when I carried it through a material emancipation grid without thinking. :fluttercry: I cried for about 20 minutes. It was almost as bad as when I had to kill the Aperture Science Weighted Companion Cube in the first one, but that ended up being okay because GLaDOS gave it back at the end of the second one.

1882841 Just think of all the others that died when you replaced the template...

Thats new! Turrents, why didn't anyone think of this earlier ?
Great story so far , the only downside is the chapters lengths.
But thats up to you

Finally some one uses the turrets!:pinkiehappy:

I guess no one thought of turrets earlier because normally turrets are little more than automatons with pre programmed lines and don't posses any form of advanced AI programming like the cores. But this Turret is different!

>> Cadmium Different is great!

well, it could use a little more meat on the bones, but i love the idea KEEP WRITING :pinkiehappy:

Oracle turret is best pony!
But can she do anything other than sing and think for itself?

Apostraphe. It's next to backslash on a standard keyboard. Your use of it is admirable, however you seem to forget that it does more than denote possession. For example, when you wrote shes you should've wrote she's. It's little things like this that turn otherwise good writing into eye poison.

1886032 I fixed the errors I could find, Thank you for the feedback c:

(Sees one dislike) Target locked.(Can't seem to find the offender)Target Lost. Shutting down.

Awww you could tell her to say before she goes to sleep " Shutting down"

*Sees one Dislike*

Yay update :yay:

Continue my dear sir and have a nice week

Ninja Vinyl has perfect camo with her white coat blue mane and those fancy purple glasses.

1986795 The perfect camo. All she needs is her very quiet Bass Cannon and shes ready for an attack.

love it:pinkiehappy: keep up the good work!.... or else:twilightangry2:

1990433 What a nice little duckling.

I better continue.

Oooh, Black Mesa incident!:pinkiecrazy: Now we need Song Serenade (Oracle Turret?) To find Lamarr among Fluttershy's animals. :pinkiehappy: :rainbowkiss:
Lamarr, in case you didn't know:
The debeaked, tame headcrab that dissapeared in HL2, possibly to Equestria. :twilightsmile:


Or maybe Crikey should be in it

1991114 Hmmm, Crikey has more swag but Lamarr is an actual character from the game.

Hah. Is it that hard to explain? I'm pretty sure Vinyl could just say that she lost a piece of dubstep she was coming up with and had written down, and that it blew near Fluttershy's house, and she stepped on some Poison Joke. Yet, I guess Vinyl isn't a good liar like I am :ajsmug:. Unless I'm an idiot and you can't write down dubstep. :derpyderp1:
Well, pretty good. I love the turrets, never tricked them into shooting each-other. I kept that turret that was going to be destroyed with me until the Emancipation grid, then I left it there to keep it from dying.

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