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You're name is Corvo Attano, the ex-body guard of the late Empress Jessamine. Due to a turn of events you were poisoned and sent adrift down the river. Upon seeing this the Outsider decides to take your body to another world, one that needs your help badly.

(If you haven't played the game I might be spoiling the best part)

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 23 )

(Joke) Alt. Title: Leo_Compass's Fate: DisFeatured

Does he still have the awesome/scary mask?

Is she the embodiement of kindness? Mabey but, if this w


**** Maybe *****

Why thankyou Fluttershy

Thank you is two words

Does Corvo still have his powers like BLINK

Oh jeez. If Corvo has that rat summoning and possession abilities, Celestia help who he uses it on.

I am officially interested and first

Well, let's just say that he has his starting powers

I do believe I shall favorite this! Keep the updates comin'!:pinkiehappy:

been some time has it not?

Yeah, so sorry about that. I've been having problems in school and now that I'm injured I started typing again

2324237 well shit, whats with ya?

Shin splints that are borderline stress fractures on both of my shins

2324564 well fuck me, my brother once had a broken spine and he was almost in the hospital for almost a year. never broken anything but that oda hurt eh?

Let's just say that the 600mg painkillers are just barely helping

While playing the game I stopped before taking THE Drink and had one thought.
Is it poisoned?

To be honest I did have that same thought

2615565 jesse cox knew he would be betrayed like 30 eisodes prior

2615565 I was like wait a minuet after getting off the boat betrayal and then getting the drink well then getting a mark for my bed Poison. That was my entire thought process.

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