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The Goal... 200+ mph in the Standing Mile. To Tartarus with academy records, I want to hold a Land Speed Record.


In the near future, Equestria and the Princesses finds itself under the crosshairs of a terrorist organization with strong religious ties, and a determination to bring about an end to the Celestial Reign over Equestria. With the destruction abilities equal to the Gods itself, they have already made their opening move, and have stated their goals.

Now, Twilight Sparkle, Shining Armor, Spitfire, and a select Black Ops team must track these powerful enemies down before they can accomplish their goals, and bring an end to Equestria.

Can they do this, or will the world come to an end bathed in fire?

This is an Alt Universe view or the FiM world. They will have technology rannging from late 80's to today's stuff. (including vehicles, phones, computers, and weaponry.)

Credit and ownership to the cover art goes to fongsaunder on DA for his incredible artwork. In now way do I claim any ownership of or credit for the image used.

Rated Teen for violence and adult situations. May change if need be.

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I'm interested to see where this goes.
Following and faving.

2023409 Yeah... this one I want to do in a more Tom Clancy style. One of my two Pony Warfare stories.
I really need to work on thinking about exactly how I want to do this though. There will be quite a bit of technical stuff in it, and, as they say, the Devil is in the details.

I think you mean Tartatus, and hoof not hand. But Gods if this does not have my full attention:pinkiehappy: Holy shit, I can't wait to see how this goes, a full blown out religous war between mortal ponies and the Gods of Equestria themselves? Oh yeah, THIS IS GOING TO BE GOOD!!!!!!! Discord is going to have so much fun with this:yay: Gods, I'm excited for this, I can't wait for more:ajsmug: With Chrysalis herself be in this being one of the Gods? MAN I'M EXCITED!!!!!! There was something else I wanted to point out but can't for the life of me remember what it was:derpytongue2: hoping Derpy will be in this if anything, ALL HAIL DERPY HOOVES!!!!!:derpytongue2::derpytongue2::ajsmug: Sorry, I'm leaving now, I need a smoke:facehoof:

2023455 You need any help, ideas or advice, I got your back bro:twilightsmile:

2305812 Just finding the little details I miss is quite helpful, thank you. Also, I shall have to look up the proper spelling for Hell, though, I suspect that there is actually several spellings. Seems that is the case with numerous obscure words

2305851 Never a problem but from what I got from Fim wiki (which I go to for EVERYTHING that has to do with MLP when writing) is that it's spelled Tartarus but it's to each their own:twilightsmile: And true, very, very true:rainbowlaugh: I'm waiting for all the mortals who dared to oppose te Gods themselves to get completely wiped from the world:derpytongue2:

Holy crap... I'm speehless.. :fluttercry:

Anyone else heard the battlefield 3 theme when they saw the picture? :raritywink:

2413237 Battlefield is good... still prefer Halo myself though lol

2413237 For some reason every time I see something battlefield related, I hear the Battlefield 1942 theme song :rainbowderp::twilightoops:. Not sure why.

2413527 Oh my how I miss that game. That made me laugh so hard! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::yay:

Ok nukes shit just got real also get THE MG42 and MG34

OK, this was better than I thought it'd be. You've really blown me away! :twilightblush:



OK, the fact that this is merely the prologue makes me very interested to see where this goes. I'm betting Fluttershy doesn't make it... :fluttercry: And OMG Sweetie Belle, you poor little thing...

Dem terrorists gonna pay! :flutterrage:

Also, just wondered, is this set after Twilight's coronation or before? Is Twilight a princess in this timeline?

2427180 Actually, I am breaking from canon, and setting this after the timeframe where Twilight became a princess, but in this verse, she does not become one. She remains a unicorn. Just a HUGELY powerful unicorn, being close to the Alicorn sisters in power, and potentially a match for Cadance in power. (when it comes to shield spells, Shining Armor is actually more powerful, but only with shield spells and the like.)


Twilight not an alicorn princess? I'm liking this story even more! :yay:

I just decided to read through this again, since last time.. well, it took me by surprise and shook my brain real hard.

Now that I've had time to settle down, I can say that this simple first chapter is by far the best out of everything I've read of you. It's simple yet complex, and the last paragraphs.. I'll admit, it almost made me cry. Almost.

Can't wait for the next chapter :twilightsheepish:

Damn, Tom Clancy writes about ponies is a perfect description of this story.

No grammatical errors and the descriptions are intensely vivid.

27529832433575 After my HiE story gets posted, I shall be finishing up the next chapter of Armageddon

I saw the BF3 cover and squeed. I still never finished the game after I got it for free on Origin, though...

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