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As the Clone Wars rage on, the Confederacy of Independent Systems create several "experimental" units of enhanced droids to better fight against the Republic's clone soldiers. Right before their deployment, a beverage-induced mishap sends one ship full of these droids barreling blindly through hyperspace.

Guess where it ends up...

Star Wars crossover

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I very much like this.
Also, "Daedalus Almighty"
Hrm... wonder what that could mean...

Minor nitpick nobody cares about; If a bunch of quarians had their way with a hyperdrive, wouldn't it work even better than before?
Otherwise, mmmyes, high hopes for this. Truck on.

....i love it
im glad your not like
nice to see your making this funny

Comment posted by avatoa deleted Dec 11th, 2012

General Grievous was going to have to decapitate a bitch or two…

............OH MY GOD!!!!!!!:facehoof::rainbowlaugh:

BEST LINE EVER!!!!:rainbowlaugh:

Ha, this looks interesting. Can't wait to see how this interaction goes. On a positive note, maybe the princess's can hire them and give them a mission/purpose?

Tis' should continue.

'Friendly' Droids in Equestria... *Cue massive Approve Stamp*

"I still can't seem to hit anything."

Famous last words of a B1 Battle droid before being destroyed by General Grievous

A lot of pictures. 4VR bore no complaints about this either. He had always wanted to take up scrapbooking.

Bahahaha, that mental image.

This story is awesome. Please involve an IG-100 Magnaguard
or a B3 Ultra Battle Droid
Those things are massive and Sasse Tinn remarked that he would trade his lightsaber for a Turbolaser to kill that thing

4874028 most if not all Magnaguards are with Grievous so it'd take some explaining for why one would be separate from him

5717753 magna guards where originally intended as assassins until Greivous took a liking to them

Please, for the love of all things living, and non-living, continue this story!:fluttershysad:

Hell, I love this Vulture Droid!:rainbowlaugh:

This is hilarious! xD Why did you stop writing it?

Salutations fellow quadrupeds!)” he greeted them with cheer, trying to establish a commonality of them all walking on four legs.
His greeting was returned with terrified screams.
He recoiled slightly at the high-pitched screams of the three fillies.
’Goodness… Was it something I said?’

Hahahahahahahahahaahhahaha, o mmyyyyyy gggaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwdddd I love this story......ppfffffttthhhahahahahahahhaahhahhahahaahhahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahah

I'm almost dissapointed that Alfalfa isn't a modified Tactical Droid; she's got the overconfidence, and just enough of a condescending attitude to be one...

But then OOM-25 would have been relegated to second in command; also i sense the author specifically wanted an AI enhanced ship in the story, so i can see why things where set up this way.

In other news, those Saboteurs are so very dead when Grievous finds them; and those technicians should just steal an escape pod or shuttle now, and flee while they still can.


Oh wow... those technicians are REALLY dead; i didnt recognize the ship class name until i read the visual description of it in the next chapter... even without the experimental droid contingent, the Lucrehulk class was already a powerful ship during the battle of Naboo, but when the Clone Wars started, the CIS upgraded them into full fledged battleships.

That one ship all on its own, is the equal of nearly a dozen Venator class Star Destroyers; short of the Malevolence itself, where talking about one of the largest, and most powerful types of ships the CIS navy has.

Something else that caught his attention was the directive to be “very thorough” in their reconnaissance, the words having been bolded and further emphasized with a red font color. They were also encouraged to take pictures. A lot of pictures. 4VR bore no complaints about this either. He had always wanted to take up scrapbooking.

*laughing* THAT'D an interesting sight.

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