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Twilight lives her day to day life, all while sending short letters to her teacher, Princess Celestia.

So, what happens when her greatest secret, that she and Rainbow are dating, is leaked?

A slice of life story containing personal letter to, and sometimes from, our favorite sun goddess.

A challenge story, each chapter is written within 2 hours. Have fun!

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This must be continued!!! :flutterrage:

The ending was a little short, but otherwise, I quite liked it. I'm assuming you will continue this plot further in the next chapter. Which, by all means, is perfectly fine.

It does somewhat annoy me how concise the ending was, but you did say you wrote it within an hour, which amazes me since how well the body was written.

Favourited. :yay:

1554573 Thank you. :twilightblush:

I actually timed myself for writing the story, and when the clock was getting close to a full hour, I had to rush the rest. Oh well. :facehoof:

But thank you very much. :twilightsmile:

Good TwiDash fic, instant favourite kind sir.


I was all like "this is great!" and then BAM! Typo in the very last sentence. Normally I wouldn't mind too much, but it really kind of threw me for a loop. Would you kindly fix that? Otherwise, excellent, looking forward to more.

1555141 Thank you. That typo made me cringe. Thanks a ton!

You're right, it is a little dry. I've written a couple dozen stories for TMP, so I know exactly what a time crunch can do. Not necessarily a bad thing, depending on future chapters. Maybe Celestia knows these letters can be too dry and clinical and instead calls Twi in for a personal meeting, where she can open up and be herself. Or maybe once it's out in the open Twilight can gush more about Dash, or perhaps Dash could send the next letter. In any event, TU and tracked for potential, and because I'm a sucker for good TwiDash.

Overall I liked it. I feel the ending was a bit rushed as well, though.

Also, the title of the story should be A Letter to Celestia, not A letter to Celestia.

1556314 Thank you.

And yes, it was rushed. But now that I am finished with my medical terminology quiz, I shall work on this story. :twilightsmile:

Nice story! The grammar could use some fixing, but it was pretty decent.
Edit: Well I'm an idiot. I thought it had the 'Complete' tag. Well that eases me now XD.

I have a hard time believing Spike, even if not exactly subtle about his interest in Rarity, would go and do the thing he got mad at Twilight for doing to him. He's the one, beside Pinkie, who would never go blabbing about people's love lives. Beside that, it was amusing and a very good letter.

The worry at Celly being mad is so in character, this is freakily well written.
Princess is probably sipping her darjeeling by the fire amd dawing right now.

That said, darjeeling is so cliche, she should try Lady Grey.
Mmmmmmm.....tea.... *puts kettle on with the force of a thousand sons*

1557539 Thanks for liking it!:twilightsmile:

1558314 And more shall come, my friend.

1559302 Spike can blurt things out too. Hey, even Pinkie Pie probably could. But she'd freak out about it.

1561093 *Get's up, makes cup of tea*

*Checks story, finds your comment*

*Realizes my selection of ginger tea is very, very boring*

*Decides to go buy fancier tea, for SCIENCE*

No, sit back down and down that bad boy.
I. NEED. GINGER. TEA! I have an addiction to that root. Every cuppa is accompanied by 2 ginger snaps.
Ha! Funny thing, I also have dandelion tea. Seriously. Kinda bitter stuff, but it wakes you up.

1561696 It was rather good. :twilightblush:

And Dandelion tea? Sounds like a interesting tea. Although it must be hard to acquire this time of the year.

No matter what I tried, I couldn't get this to come out right within the two hour limit. Sorry for the (Lack of) Quality. :fluttershysad:

The last bit at the end was what got me giggling!

Dialogue wise... it kinda choked at the beginning there. Almost strayed into metaforgotten territory.

Good update though!

Also, Celestial Drench! Someone should draw that. :trollestia:

*Hysterical laughter, foaming at the mouth, and death by split sides*
As well as spleen slashingly good, that was also really in character too.
Loved the last line.

Smack Applejack for me. She spammed me with several more “I didn’t learn nuthin!” and “I was right all along.” Letters again.

Harharharharharharhar, Trolljack success again and learned nuthin' at all! :ajsmug: :rainbowlaugh:

Why can I not fave again?

Lol, loved the ending.
The letter about why Twilight loves Rainbow should be interesting.

The middle section went on and on and on for far too long. Twilight spent too much time describing friendship, and a few lines on what she'd actually intended to write about.

Good otherwise. It feels a little rushed, but I'm about to read the second chapter, so maybe it'll improve?

I feel guilty for posting this. :twilightoops:

I derived a large amount of guilty pleasure from writing this, then consequently calling myself a idiot.

Don't ask me how it works, because I don't know either. The only logical answer I can think of is that I'm a masochist.

EDIT: I was recently informed that there is a alternative definition for the word Masochist. The one I am using is not the sexual definition.

1565750 Thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed it.

1566335 Thanks!

1566973 I love your choice of adjectives. Your comment made me laugh.

1567108 :rainbowlaugh:

1567139 I don't know. but thank you for liking my story so much that you wish to do so!

1569510 It shall be. Well, it is strange, at least.

1572195 Thanks for the honesty. In reality, it was rushed. That chapter was supposed to be written within a hour. So.... my bad.:facehoof:

1577321 Spike "The Dragon" Sparkle, I loled at that.
needless to say, nice chapter as always

1577416 As always? Awww... Thanks! :twilightblush:

1578544 :rainbowlaugh:

1578734 Thank you. I had fun writing this, to be honest.

1579775 That is my one true ship, after all. So, yes! :twilightsmile:

1581634 Yesh. But this is where our story truly begins. So.... :eeyup:

1581634 I'm sorry, but I love your Icon. For some reason, when I look at it, then your comment, it makes me think of Twilight gently smiling whilst telling him that.

A very adorable and sweet story. Not my usual preferred shipping, but very beautifully written.
The letter format works quite well. When can I expect to see more?


Sometime. XD

I shall try to write a chapter Today/tomorrow.

Writing on chapter started on: 3:05

Writing on chapter ended on: 3:41

What, only 680 words ? But I feel like I read something more longer.:applejackconfused:

What it is this insanity ?:rainbowlaugh:

Just to say I enjoy this chapter very much and if I could have another like this one ?



You shall have another chap!

Tomorrow. :trollestia:

Wow...okay, so...if I'm not mistaken, Scootaloo just admitted to having a crush on Spike, and the other CMC were playing matchmaker...
Either that or this whole thing is going to turn out to be a very poorly thought out attempt at getting their Cutie Marks...
Either way, nice chapter, if a bit short. More please!


The second guess was right, and it was kinda short. The only reason I didn't expand was that I didn't want to get bogged down with this chap. Besides, spike probably wouldn't write long chapters. :twilightsheepish:

I really don't like Scootaloo x Spike, but good writing.

1872816 I'm sorry. It just happened to be a little offshoot of the regular story. But thanks. :twilightsheepish:

1872915 Now, if it was Spike jealous of ScootaBelle, ScootaBloom, or ScootaWeight(Scoots and Featherweight) then I'd be like: :yay:
Either way, I look forward to more xD.

You know, I could really imagine Scootaloo writing this. XD

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