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Now I’ve awoken, and I’m taking back control.


It may take a while for them to grow, but it only takes a instant to fall in love.

(Cover art by the amazing Kerui8D !)

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I got scared when the nurse said 2 months early, 9/11 months would be like 8/9 months +- 34-36 weeks human gestation. Premature but not extreme premature (<32 weeks/ <1.500g).

Glad to see all is fine.

Great fic, good concept and well writen.

Oh my God this was SO FREAKING CUTE!!! :rainbowkiss:

Wells, Twins are often premature by standard terms normally. And, if I am remember properly, 33-36 weeks is actually only considered late premature for Twins.

*Secretly used google when writing story *

Thanks for the Diabeetus

Please expect a medical bill for the Diabeetus you gave me in the mail very shortly

Oh wait! Don’t use the mail system! It’s highly inefficient!

Nay, instead, use the Storylover Vodhr *(trademarked) Complaint tube! All the complaint, none of the tube!

*Please note, Complaint tube is not suited for positive comments. The loss of legs, hands, or the sense of smell are common side effects of the complaint tube. Please do not use the complaint tube for gerbils, hamsters, or fathers that smell of elderberries. If one is injured using the complaint tube, please use the complaint tube to send your complaints. One should not use the complaint tube if one is sober, intoxicated, pregnant, or covered in bees. All user rights are lost upon using the complaint tube. User may experience vertigo, loss of balance, uncontrollable vomiting, controllable vomiting, explosive and implosive diarrhea, and occasional combustion after using the complaint tube. All rights reserved.

(A old call back joke, I mean absolutely no insults by it. XD)

Actually, the cutpoint is 35 weeks by the WHO.

I am a neonatologist ;)



Very cute, love it. :twilightsmile::rainbowkiss:

This was amazing. The best in-character story about Dash having foals ever. Thank you so very, very much for writing and sharing it. It made me tear up.

Healthy normal horse foals have been delivered in 305 days. :)

That goes beyond my field :rainbowlaugh:

Geart story,keep up the good work :twilightsmile:


if i was in rainbows shoes i would of fallen asleep with new new born kids right then and their i mena doing 3 rainbooms in a day wuld bound to make her sleepy

Um, wow. I know a manager who's gonna get fired.

Or maybe just get Rainbow's hoof so far up his plot she finds the horseshoe left up there when Spitfire got done with him for screwing around with team morale like that.

D'awww!!! :rainbowkiss:

The guard pony looked her over for a moment, before nodding and stepping aside, and Dash took a final breath to calm herself. This was it.

Curse you random guards, oh how I hate them.

No...wait I like random guards, I just don't like Twilight Sparkle friendship guards.

Not bad, it maybe even nearly got me, I think if they would have grapped her face this would have been what I needed to "get the feels".
That or the guards where just a step back for me.


My heart! I’M S O F T.

This was SO well written! I loved it, it made my heart feel so warm lol Great fic!

Aww that was adorable! :yay:

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