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Twidash is Love. Twidash is Life


Shining has grown old and his time has come. Now on his deathbed, he shares his last moments with his sister.

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odd that the others didn't want to stay with him but still this is powerful stuff

Damn it, my heart hurts. This is really powerful stuff. Take my upvote.

Thank you
Thank you

I am happy that you liked it

That hit harder than I expected tbh


You broke my feels, well done.

this story speaks to me on a personal level because I lost my uncle!:fluttershysad:

As Luna keeps watch tonight,

Small problem, Luna wasn't there during their foalhood ('Celly' might work, but ...)

I loss my grandma a few months ago,

My deepest condolences to you.

Comment posted by kalash93 deleted May 4th, 2023

The foals they bred together will live on.

I thought about explaining it, but thought it would break the flow of the story, so I'll say it here. But lullabies can be very old, so to me it wouldn't be surprising that an old lullaby has Luna's name in it, even if the current ponies singing it don't know who she is

"Tragedy" isn't really an appropriate tag here; there's nothing tragic going on. It is a shot right to the feels, though. :raritycry:

Well then. That was sad. Slowly but readily wearing my composure down.
Well done.

Well done. VERY well done.

Thank you, I'm glad you think so

Point, this is subtle worldbuilding at its best, implying that 'House Sparkle' existed after Luna got the 'Princess of Dreams' moniker (probably after Discord's 'reign' at that) ...

Typically the kind of story not to read when you are not in good mood and even less when listening to music like Trisha's Lullaby... 😿

Anyway, it was well written, I shed my tear too...

Usually hate those stories, because reading them makes me too sad, and I don't know why I hurt myself to write this:twilightsheepish:

If you want something done right, come do it yourself.


Despite my silly comments elsewhere in this thread, I actually understand what you mean. When I first came onto the site and wrote my first stories. I was in a very rough patch of my life. I had a lot to do with ongoing trauma plus losses of people close to me. Reading and writing facts about death and loss help me cope at a time when basically death and loss were all around me constantly. I cried a lot while writing and reading those early stories.

I was 19 and getting fully brutally, confronted by the reality of mortality. Strictly speaking, I had even been dead briefly at 18, but the full psychological impact was only starting to manifest close to a year later. I went through a prolonged emotional breakdown through Fall that only culminated in my first stories starting in December. My very first story was about Twilight Sparkle dying of old age and entailed how her friends died, some right in front of her.

An ancient story I still remember by name is “Centerpiece of my Collection”. Another feels punch is “Circle of Friends.”

I understand, I've lost a couple of people, too. It was a long time ago, but not sure if I've completely moved on yet. Although, I can't say for sure they are what influenced me to write this, but I do know I thought about them as I wrote it

The fact MOST people don't understand that immortality or REALLY long life is NOT a blessing or something to want
Death no matter what your religion says your G(g)od(s) are, is humanities TRUE friend and ally


Insert this on the story:fluttershysad:

Stories like this really suck the fun out of the ending of the series because we know this is probably what is gonna happen. Twilight, Cadence and Flurry are all Alicorns, meaning they don't age past a certain point while everyone else they know and love does and eventually dies.

If I was Twilight I'd be PISSED at Celestia for condemning me to this. Spending all that time learning to make friends, forming unbreakable bonds with so many people, only to be forced to watch them grow old and die, while I'm stuck remaining and have to rule over a whole kingdom by myself.

Feels more like a punishment than anything else.

immortality is a curse as sure as any.

I do dislike it, too (immortality), but if it makes you feel any better, I implied in the story that even Alicorns will die of old age eventually. She's just gonna live very very very long

Might I counterpoint to all of this.
Hob Gadling
He's a minor character in Sandman(both the comic and Netflix) who loves life so much that when Dream(Morpheus version) makes him immortal so they can meet at the same bar in the 80s of every century thereafter, he always shows up, and while his life is sometimes terrible, sometimes incredible, it is, at the end of the day, Life, and he wouldn't trade it for anything, even knowing there is something beyond it, given he's in the DC Universe.

He even later mentions other immortals like himself, both good and bad, and they actually comment on how each one adapted to it, and more importantly why he was made immortal by Dream, who had no reason to do it, other than curiosity...save perhaps to make a friend he could always talk to.

This made me cry. What is wrong with you?! *crying noises*

Thanks for sharing

my not very successful translation of the lullaby:

В стране той Эвестрии
Где небо без тучь
Волшебство есть осбое
В ночи там витает

Тише, мой малыш
Глазки закрывай, отдыхай
Засыпай под морем звезд
В гнёздышке моём

Под высокой Луной
Наша Принцесса сны сторожит
И нежный бриз на лугу
На колыбельню пригласит

Тише, мой малыш
Глазки закрывай, отдыхай
Засыпай под морем звезд
В гнёздышке моём

Уже пони в полях уснули
В обнимку и тепле
А небосвод ночной сверкает
И так мы в любой буре выстоим

Тише, мой малыш
Глазки закрывай, отдыхай
Засыпай под морем звезд
В гнёздышке моём

Малыш мой глазки закрывай
Спокоиной ночи сладких снов
Ведь солнышко взайдет, и встанешь ты
От света, что новый день несёт

Maybe I should do that for the audio version? Depends on how copyrighted it is.

Anyway, I have recorded this for the Audiobook version and that guy you recommended has sung the song, so I'll be putting it all together soon :)

Ouch D:

Beautifully written, tho ^^

A very well done story. I have read many similar stories. They never stop hitting me right in the FEELS !!!!!

Very rarely have I read a story that gives me the slight urge to let a tear slip from the feels. You've managed such a feat and kudos to you. This was beautifully written.

Though I gotta say I do have a slight issue with the lullaby including Luna given the timeframe of when this lullaby would be sung to the 2. But on the other hand the lullaby is well written so eh it all good.

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