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Basically, Generation 4 invites Generation 5 into some sort of talk show. They discuss all kinds of things such as friendships, their own generation, or even their filly hood crushes! Sit down, relax, and enjoy their talks.

Any feedback helps! This story is going to be very dialogue heavy because it's kind of like a talk show. Also keep in mind that this is not canon, as it would not make sense.

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Maybe we can finally talk on where the heck are the rest of the different non-pony species?

And probably talk about all the villains that the mane six faced, and the reformed ones.


Ooo those are some good ideas. I'll be sure to get to them!


Oh yeah? How can they even forget about Celestia and Luna?!

They seem to have forgotten about the Elements of Harmony and the friendship they spread, so I feel like they wouldn't remember Celestia and Luna. This is just my own speculation though :twilightblush:

This is a pretty good start. Can't wait for the next chapter :D

Finally a generation crossover.Can't their interaction.

I got lots of things in store, hope you’ll enjoy it!


It is a wonder on how long in the "future" was Gen. 5 is from the original Gen. 4?

Plus, it doesn't really make sense that the ponies barely forget their own historical past. When WE ( Humanity ) still knew many historical figures, events, etc. from even a thousand years. To even knew a concept from a MILLION Years of our past!!!!! ( Like still remembering the Dinosaurs, our own ancestors of caveman, to the Bible, etc... )

So? Are the ponies have like: Terrible memory or naively forgetful than even us? Or they are just not good at making libraries, museums, schools, OR even make their own internet to document their own damn history on the many IMPORTANT characters, artifacts, and many events from the Gen. 4 series???!!


I’d also like to know how long ago was G4 from G5, but we’ll just have to wait and see if they reveal that. I guess they’re some really forgetful ponies :rainbowlaugh:

As for the information on them, I believe they would still have them but maybe they were made more like tales instead of actual history, as they did with Nightmare Moon in S1. There is the possibility that some information has been hidden/suppressed, but I wouldn’t consider that a high possibility of what happened

If more information comes out I’ll be sure to edit it though!


More of the possibility of childishly forgetful these ponies are!!! But then again, this is a children show. But, I seen other kids shows with the main characters having way better memories and documents of their own historical past than this.

Agreed. They probably are just super forgetful, most likely for the sake of the story/plot.

This story is great so far! How about ya make more?

Already working on a new chapter! :twilightsmile: It’s about halfway done, so stay tuned!!! ^.^

maybe for the next chapter, the new generation could meet celestia, luna and cadence

I for sure wanted to do this for a future chapter. Maybe I will do it for the next, but it'll be in a chapter for sure.

may i suggest the chapter focus on their family members?

If you don’t mind me asking, what do you mean? Like one of the chapters focusing on the family members of each pony and like meeting them? Or just the pony explaining their family and such.

the first option if that's ok.

if not, go with the second option

I can for sure do the first one. Maybe I’ll make them all separate parts and split them into something called “Meeting The Family Part #”

I always loves stories about foal Twilight so why not do it here? Twilight is my favorite pony! :twilightsmile:

Aww, poor Hitch, poor Sunny, being subjected to this

Is it weird that I never considered those two as a couple at first? I thought it would be either Pipp x Hitch or Hitch x Sprout

Haha they both get the short end of the stick sadly :rainbowlaugh:

I enjoy Hitch x Pipp and Hitch x Sunny, but we'll just have to wait and see if they include romance in the series. I just kind of paired Hitch and Sunny because they are close friends, and friendships are usually the best ways to get into relationships.

“Hello there!” Izzy waved frantically.

General Kenobi

“To be honest I thought Pipp and Hitch would make a cute couple,” Pinkie said mindlessly.

I ship it

I'll do a whole chapter with her and Starlight! I kind of want to expand more with Sunset and Starlight as villains.

I feel bad for Hitch at this moment. I imagine it would be like that one guy friend who can't help when you're all complaining about your Period

:rainbowlaugh: That's exactly how I imagined him in the moment. He's gonna have to tough it out next chapter.

this chapter is full of trash
instant loss of fav and like
edit: a response sometime today'd be grand

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