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Hi, everpony. I'm a dutch brony who tries his best to write good stories just for fun


It's time for Misty to get that dragon for Opaline again, but a change in weather is going to make things more difficult. How is Misty ever going to succeed?

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''I don't care!'' Opaline said before Misty could finish, ''You are NOT coming back until I see that dragon in your hooves! Now go!''

''B-But I'm so cold. I c-c-can't feel my hooves anymore.'' Misty replied. She sat down and kept rubbing her hooves against each other to keep them warm.

Yeah come on crazy lady they never experience winter before which that means the windigos was not around

''Take it.'' Opaline said as she used her magic to levitate the winter clothes to Misty.

At least that's one thing she's nice to Misty

The scarf, gloves and the winter hat didn't help as much against the cold as she had hoped, but it still was better than having to go through all the cold white stuff without anything at all. Misty couldn't help but wonder what all that white stuff even was. She had never seen anything like it before. Whatever it was, she knew that she had to continue. It could still be a very tough journey.

According to the ponies in this generation they never seen snow before I wonder why

I think it's only Misty who doesn't know what snow is, since she's been raised by Opaline most of her life.

''Oh, y-yeah of course I do,'' Misty quickly explained in a nervous manner, ''Sorry. Hehehe, I uh....thought you said Window Washday! Uhehehe, silly me.''

''Window Washday?'' Jazz repeated before she started laughing, ''Oh, that's a good one.''

And there it is that's how she gets away without any suspicious

''Hmmm, I don't know yet. But I'm sure he'll love it, as long as the gift comes from me.'' Jazz explained with a happy smile.

Awww I always thought that these two always like each other when they first worked together and yeah I kind of shipped them as well

Added it to my read later and will probably read it later today.

Wanted to ask real quick: is the title intended to be referencing the Crash 4 level of the same name, or is that just a funny coincidence on your part?

''I promised you a cutie mark, I raised you since you were just a filly,'' Opaline said before she ripped the necklace from Misty's neck with her magic, ''And THIS is how you decide to repay me?!''

What do you mean by insulting humiliating Misty this is supposed to be a thanks with friends like that who needs enemies

Misty entered her room and shut the door behind her. She walked to her bed, layed her body on the blankets and her head on the pillow as she thought about everything she's been through. All of it was for nothing. Deep down, she did enjoy meeting that kind pony Jazz. And seeing the beautiful snowy sights of Maretime Bay was a truly magical experience. But what did it matter? Opaline still hasn't got her dragon. And without the dragon, she also won't ever get her cutie mark from Opaline. So all she can do is just try harder, no matter how difficult things will be. Misty hugged her pillow tighter than she's ever done as more tears started rolling down her cheeks. A few seconds later, she cried.

Again I really hope someday sunny and her friends can save Misty and stop Opaline because she doesn't deserve this kind of punishment and abuse

That was just a funny coincidence. Didn't even know that Crash 4 had a level with that name XD

Dang that's so sad man so Opaline is getting more impatient because they need to get the dragon Sparky and order Misty to go over there but she never experienced snow before so Opaline gave her some winter material even though it's not even enough so she was on her way and when she got there she never seen so many Ponies are celebrating the holiday but when she got to the lighthouse sunny and the others are not there and it turns out when she bumped into jazz she told Misty that sunny and her friends are on the trip and there was no way Misty could not catch up but she did have a pretty friendly conversation with jazz which it was nice and just gave her some presents to Misty which she never thought that anybody will give it to her even the necklace which that was nice but when she got to the castle Opaline got really mad and basically burn the stuff that Misty has and blaming Misty even threatening not getting her cutie mark and basically Misty just laid there crying in her room for the holidays dang that is very sad but a pretty good story I really hope they do save Misty well I guess that's another story this was pretty good keep up the good work

''Window Washday?'' Jazz repeated before she started laughing, ''Oh, that's a good one.''

I wouldn't be surprised if that would be an actual holiday.
(If this were G4 I would even be sure such a day exists..)

Once she was gone, Misty looked back at the necklace around her neck. All she could think about was how delighted Opaline would be if she showed this to her. A necklace that brings good luck. It could make getting Sparky much easier if she gave that necklace to Opaline. Misty eagerly made her way out of Maretime Bay, all while she was humming along with the other singing ponies she passed by without even realizing it.

I hope I'm wrong, but I suspect Opaline won't react the way Misty is expecting...

''And you just believed this pony?'' Opaline asked Misty in a cold manner, ''There is no such thing as a necklace that brings good luck!

Certainly not to someone with you attitude.

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Hopefully Misty will soon get her Cutie Mark so she can move out of that castle.
Living there is not good for her mental health.

It might have been easier if you would have put all your comments into a single post...
(If you don't know what I mean look at my comment for reference.)

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it

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