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Twilight came across an Equstria shattering, world destroying, universe ending discovery...

She has yet to find her special somepony yet!

After visiting her mom and dad, it dawned upon Twilight that she is getting older, and she has yet to find love! She was just too busy to consider dating anypony. From studying for tests to saving the world, she didn't seem to ever catch a break. But now that she has a bit more free time? Maybe it's time to put herself out there.

Profanity tag for obvious reason. Sex tag for raunchy/steamy innuendos

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She's doomed. Because it's never that easy 🙃.

This has potential to be highly amusing. Have an upvote and some tracking.

Oh Twilight... If only you knew how eligible you are on our side of the fence

“You’re telling me you found all these creatures somewhat attractive?” Sunset asked.

Starlight asked.*

I'll stick around to see where this story goes since it's a fun premise. Look forward to seeing our adorkable Twilight's adventure of awkward, hilarious, and cute dates.

Thanks :pinkiehappy:

I’ll try my best to keep it that way!

Whoops! Must’ve slipped by me :twilightsheepish:

I started writing this after finishing up with my other story so Sunset was still fresh in my mind.

And I’m looking forward to writing about adorkable Twilight :twilightsmile:

Very sweet chapter. I was as surprised as Twilight at how well Fluttershy took the date.

Looking forward to the next one!

Now fluttershy and treehugger can get together. Looking forward to seeing who Twilight asks out next. Maybe roseluck, lightning dust or Moondancer

Deleted scene:
THe waiter comes with the receipt" Enjoy your evening" and leaves the two alone. Twilight takes a look at it first then pales" Oh no", Rarity hmms" What is it Darling?" Twilight then shows her the amount" Hmm that does appear to be more that what your purse looks like it can hold" Rarity then thinks a bit" No matter I know what to do" she smiles slyly. "Rarity, we can't dine and dash" Twilight says hushed as Rarity ushers the waiter over. Rarity ignores her however, then levitates out a small coin purse" Sorry for not saying this at the start but please do send the receipt to the palace finance office, si vous plait?" Rarity asks then puts the coin purse into the waiters hoof" pour vous" she smiles. The waiter nods and walks away. Twilight looks at Rarity both incredulous and scandalized" Did you really just?" Rarity then shushes" I'm sure the Princess is expecting this anyway" Rarity winks.

Such a cute fic! I can't wait for the next date. Honestly? I really hope Twilight's special somepony is Sunset Shimmer.

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