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Cold blooded is the artist I belive.
And some of that steamy futa x femboy stuff

yup its in the source

Damn that was really sexy...slutty spike is my jam hahaha

I wish I could upvote but it's on 69 so....

Gotta push it up and help go for the next milestone, 699

Goddddd, I love this shit so much. Fuckin put me up for auction, sell me to a hung as fuck futa and wreck my shit

I kinda hoped for Octi to get him... How sad.

Or we got a sequel where Dash passed Spike to Octi like he's now the village bicycle.

Dash finds she miscalculated her funds and tries to get $ from Octi... at a discount (Octi is not amused^^

This was a awesomely interesting beginning , I hope there's a sequel where Octavia and Rainbow share Spike.

This was a epically spicy and wild story with a sweet ending.

Yeah, there's a reason you're my favorite futa pony writer.

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