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I'm still here and I still like it!

I've missed your work, and glad to see you still have a talent for taking such a balanced tone to compellingly twisted subjects.

I'm curious on how meta the story will actually get with the Isekai elements, but in any case even a simple perspective shift to a character who narratively simply always gets their way and nothing goes wrong for is exciting and really cool to see.

also it is hot thank you

Lol. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Don't worry, this story dissapoints. I tried to write it as a horror story, actually, but I'm not sure it came through so I didn't tag it as such.

As is tradition. As it should be.

Well that's certainly a mouthful title.
Wonder if anyone can repeat it 10 times without skipping a beat. :twilightsheepish:

Ah, welcome back! Great to see more work from you.

Oh, god. I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing I laughed out loud in several parts. :D

That title got a laugh out of me

Is it though?

I never left. Been writing a shit ton. Just never finish anything, like normal. So instead of 10 or so unfinished stories on FIMFiction, I have ten or so unfinished stories on my HDD. Some are quite long, much longer than this... But not done, so I don't want to post them. This one is as done as I plan on making it! And laughing is fine. Some of this is going to be awkward, so laughing is probably the best way to handle it. I can't do humor, specifically, but I try to have funny things in my stuff here and there.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed some part of this... thing...

I appreciate the comments, everybody!

I think your title is a liiiiittle too long.

I would have made it longer, but I could not fit anymore characters. You might not like it, but that's what 100% peak performance looks like.

Look, if you were going for the Japanese light novel approach of having an incredibly wordy title, I'd get it, but you've got well past that point. That shit is a goddamn semi-paragraph, and it feels like it should belong in the synopsis.

If? If? I guess I didn't make it long enough. Hmm... give me a moment to google how to engorge my titles. Grow? Erect? Embiggen? None of these are helping. Google keeps auto-correcting titles to... Oh I see...

I suppose it is 60% longer than the longest published light novel title, if we count by characters. Then again, most of my things are 60% longer than other peoples'.

Like my willingness to take a joke too far. And my fingernails.

I apologize if this absurdly long title has harmed you. Sometimes it gets out of hand. 60% out of hand.

It hasn't harmed me, per se, it's just a humongous mouthful to say. Not very memorable.

Comment posted by Green223 deleted Aug 9th, 2021

I just haven't gotten around to reading this yet.

Shining leaned back, shifting his butt in the seat. “Nothing is wrong with me, exactly. It’s just that, well, my secret agenda is that I’m a complete and utter hentai. It’s total cringe. I’m completely hopeless.”

Alright that's it, favorited and followed. I didn't understand or appreciate this story properly until this moment. This isn't a weird fapfic or fetish fic per se, its the ultimate weeb-jank crackfic and its truly funny to boot. Interested in seeing the rest of the story as you parse it all out to us. Thank you in advance for having the entire story pre-written, I'm not sure I could spiritually handle if this was the part where it tapered off unceremoniously.


This fic is one continuous sequence of “what the fuck am I reading” and I’m loving it. Completely ridiculous and fully self-aware about it, yet also manages to have genuinely interesting and erotic moments and concepts.

Damn, it’s good to have you back (to publishing, that is). Now to Google what half the weeb words in this chapter meant …

Loving the fic so far! Can't wait to see where the story goes.

That horror tag is well deserved, because when you look past the comedy the overall implications in this story are chilling. A remorseless sexual deviant rewrites all of reality to fulfill his selfish desires, and the only one remotely aware of what he is and might be doing is eventually twisted into accepting becoming a part of his power fantasy while being fully aware of it happening to her.

It certainly gives you perspective regarding all the darker aspects of mediocre self-insert stories.

Hey! How do you know the ending? I'm not sure this deserves a spoiler tag...


I definitely had a strong case of "wtf am I writing". Thanks!

It is a weeb crackfic, but told from the perspective of one of the... uhh... casualties... in the story. So it's mostly just surreal, I suppose. Its heavily, heavily inspired from some very specific light novels where I was reading them and I was all like "What the ever loving flying fuck is this..."

I honestly dont know if you should read it or not. That's up to you!

Yeah, maybe a little too big. Next time I'll ask you to re-read my title for me. My one pre-reader dropped off. I can only assume they were bored to death by the story and I didnt get an invite to the funeral. Thanks for the late advice anyways!

**Edited to fix the bizarro spacing my phone added...

That's not all that was nailed in there.

Oh, this is brilliant! I'm sorry, Tails, but you're actually a damned good writer and holy shit I'm loving this.

I like this at any chapter you could simply just end the story yet it’s so easy to continue and not make it feel like as if though it’s rushed or out of place

Ehh, I'll take that with a grain of salt. I have lots of complaints about this, in particular. Thanks though!

See, I have this pacing issue with everything I write. It's especially true in this story, as it was semi-intentionally written with "Awful" pacing. This story is like a weird fever dream of things...

I need more 1-2 chapters a day is not enough :rainbowlaugh:

People who downvoted this and moved on are missing out, holy shit! This is turning into a legit...... something. I'm not quite sure what genre of storytelling this belongs to but it's something!

I almost just skipped over it thinking it was just some low quality meme material, but this is a tailsopony story! I don't regret reading this at all so far. The story is marked as Complete yet you keep adding chapters, is that intended?

These are related! The story is finished at just under 30k words. I'm just posting it 1 or two chapters a day till we are there. When I post things all at once, people skip it because it's too much to read. So I've been metering things out to 4-7k words posted a day or so.

I've mostly stopped posting partial stories, with a few exceptions. Now they sit on my HDD till I actually finish them, or they never see the light of day. I probably have a comfortable 500k words worth of incomplete stories in lots of various folders across my computers... I haven't ever really stopped writing. I just dont finish much, so I dont post much. Even this was a case of "I'm as done with this as its getting". I have a half complete Luna companion reader with this, that I wont finish, and a really fucked up chapter from Twilight Velvet's perspective that will never be finished. But Celestia's POV (or is it PIV now?) Is done.

I... I just blazed through this.

I was, 97% sure that this was gonna be a shitpost, but, no. This is honestly really good. A bit dark and fucked up, but that's part of it, and honestly, is handled at least decently.

Don't worry, it's still a shitpost. I just haven't had the brainspace to do anything serious in a hot minute. COVID has kept me ridiculously busy, and burnt my usual supply of "good attitude". So instead of somewhat coherent fucked up porn, you get meandering... things... like this. And I'm not going to apologize for it. Again. If I haven't already. Maybe I have. Okay, I'm sorry I lied. I am going to apologize.

Comment posted by RandomCommentor deleted Aug 11th, 2021

Ooh, excellent. I love their back and forth, and Shining letting some of his 'insider knowledge' slip through.

Shining has to talk about his... things... because the reader only has Celestia's perspective at this juncture, but it still needs to be an isekai. I figured this is at least three years later, so he's potentially less cringey, but he's still a terrible person. I hate how in light novels, the MC has "pretend" character growth, where they say and act all mature, reflecting on their horrible mistakes, and then just roll back into being a shitbag, or everyone just magically forgives them for really terrible things because they're special.

So Shining gets both of those a lot here. Since this is his Isekai adventure.

Oh yeah, I definitely saw the mangled remains of prereader in there. Probably around when Shining started pulling out the weeb lingo. I nearly died of acute cringe poisoning myself.

Sorry, I didn't clean them up. I just assumed it was part of the scenery, but now that you mention it... it does look a little like a pre-reader graveyard around that bit. Oh well. Too late for that one.

Don't apologize for this! It's brilliant!

Luna is a funny character for this sort of thing. You write her as a bit of old school goddess, where she's kind of amoral and unconcerned with the stuff that makes the Isekai elements awful. It's a cool way to approach her character... I'm slightly annoyed you trapped her in this story!

The two Sisters and Twilight all bounce off the evil omnipotent god in different ways. Luna treats him like just another interesting divinity to play with/against and pursues her own pleasure. Celestia is appalled but doesn't know how to respond. Twilight you get these glimpses of who she was meant to be, but she's also deeply damaged; Shining even implies that she's changed him off screen, even though that's probably mostly fake Isekai "development". Friendship and Magic are clearly still her talent.

I'm too tired but let it be known I wanted to work in a "the real harem was the friends we made along the way" joke in my post somewhere.


Tbh this one mostly made me frustrated at Luna and Twilight. I empathized way too much with Celestia and kinda just wanted her to put her hoof down, physically rip her sister’s restraints off and make her actually do her job with a few pointed words about how diplomatic responsibilities come before personal gratification. I know it’s necessary for things to happen this way for the plot, but the fact that it’s all told from Celly’s POV makes it hard not to root for her here rather than the other two delinquents.

Not a knock on the story by any means, and I certainly plan to read the rest. Just how I felt about it.


I saw the Complete tag and was worried that the ending might be rushed, but your A/N indicates more is to come, so perhaps you should set the status back to Incomplete for the time being? :raritywink:

After all these years, your writing is unlike anything on this site. This is delightfully refreshing.

ROFL this chapter though short was amazing :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for the compliment. That's what I've been told I need to say.

Yeah, I really wanted to do more with Luna's character. She actually has a half written "companion reader" that is supposed to go with this, but I never finished it. One of the initial concepts was a POV story about this from Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and lastly Twilight. In increasing orders of "Shining has altered you. Pray he does not do so further..." But it was too grand a plan for my meager attention span. Then I was going to do it by bouncing between characters, including the mane 6. Then I was going to have three seperate stories, this one, Luna's, and Twilight Velvet's. That's where I started writing. I made the most progress with Celestia, and she was the most "aware" and appalled about it, so I stuck with her. Velvet's was just fucked up, tbh. Was gonna be her dealing with a foal that was waay to sexually aggressive, and culminate in him blackmailing her into leaving him in charge of the newly born Twilight. Then I realized I did not want to write that out, so if I did it would be lots of cut-aways and fade to blacks. Then I wasn't super interested, and Celestia's just sort of stuck... The more you know.

Celestia has an unfortunate reason she cannot put her foot down. She has made a correct observation. It is a terrible, terrible thing, but it is. Yeah, Twilight and Luna were being butts. I wanted to convey that Twilight was having a full blown "Twily-nanas" situation in the scene, but that Celestia didn't know her well enough to identify it. Up until this point, she has been spending her time with Twilight teaching Twilight and not properly observing her. Celestia legit does not understand Twilight, and this particular Twilight is very alien to her. I wanted to spend several chapters with her, past this point, exploring and discovering that Twilight is actually "worth her time" and then some. Before then, she's lying to Twilight about not feeling disgust, and says as much to the reader as I try to make her a somewhat reliable narrator. Luna is just being an ass.

I dunno. Maybe I should set the status to incomplete. The story is complete. It's just not posted. Hmm...

Thanks for the comment! If anything, this proves that I haven't gotten any better at writing. In a lot of ways, I feel worse. I go back and read some of my older bits, and I actually like them (I love the end to my weird starbound story), but I can't really abide my "modern" stuff. Even more so, I go back to the same themes. I'm writing a story about dragons (heavily D&D inspired) and the main character was too much like "this" Celestia. All my fetish stories involve some type of captivity situation, (Not always MF, but always got a F in there) and the plot lines are very similar. In short, my writing is stale...I need to write something very different again. Hmm...

I should do a series of short vignettes between characters. Limit it to 500 words or so. Not a hard limit, but a limit. There needs to be context and characterization though... Hmm... Thanks for the comment!


I think the status tag really applies to the fic as it exists on the site, rather than whether it’s already typed out and awaiting publication. I previously saw the Complete tag and for a minute thought that was it, before I read your earlier comment about upcoming chapters. The tag’s really for letting readers know whether or not to await future chapters. So I definitely advise changing it to Incomplete until all chapters have been posted.

Also, this meta question occurred to me earlier: Is Celestia actively (or passively) prevented from doing anything that would interfere with Shining’s plan, like with the fates conspiring to make sure she stays in her lane, perhaps by tweaking her thoughts or sapping her willpower? Or is her inaction all her, and she could indeed fry him into a crisp if only she decided to?

I don't quite get the "she's not doing anything" angle because it's kind of like that in the show and she still gets celebrated as the friendship pony. The only way Twilight is allowed to solve problems personally is if it's a friendship laser.

This chapter is when I started wondering why Celestia doesn't roast him. Because he finally is getting in Celestia's face about corrupting her specifically. Obviously she explicitly considers it, but something about appealing directly to her selfish desire strikes me as what would cause Celestia to reflexively fight back.

It's not stale, it's consistently good. If anything, it's more refined and polished than your earlier works.

I approve of a few Omake if you think there is room for them. Its on theme in my eyes, and a little more perspective in a tight story like this could be nice, even if only a handful of paragraphs each.

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