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Questionmark x3

Hey, I am Questionmark x3, but call me Qx3 or just Questionmark. I love to write stories including the princesses.

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Just a heads-up there should be more chapters following them on their way home.

Really hope this story ends up including forced bestiality on at least of the sisters, preferably both at the same time.

Who knows, maybe in one of the later chapters i go there. Just know that i will make some optional chapters that people can skip if they don't feel comfortable reading it.

Also love how you get down voted for suggesting something, as if that would make the idea worse.

Don't know why you are so offended by a mere suggestion from the guy.

It's fiction duh

that your name sounds almost like anal when spelled backward?

huh... how have i never noticed

It took me a while as well to come up with this cheap word play 🙂

ha41 #8 · May 3rd · · 1 · ...and bumpy ·

Good start to the story. I'm excited to see where this is going :trollestia:

Glad you enjoyed it this far. I am aiming to write at least one chapter (mabye a optional one too) with celestia being more of a focus but will see what my sick mind comes up with.


What's the source for the cover image? Asking for a friend @><@

Click on it and it takes you there :)

Here another link https://derpibooru.org/images/2644084

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