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Are you the one who had the cover art commissioned?

Don't you typically upload an entire story all at once?

Liking this so far! Keep it up, this is looking like it'll be a good one. :pinkiehappy:

I'm trying a slightly different way of doing things. I have the entire story, I'm just uploading it in chunks to see how it works out...

what a cute and imaginitve story please continue

I have to say, seeing Rainbow Dash devolve into Rainbrawk Dash has been very interesting. It's always interesting to see a character gain bad character traits like a heightened sense of fear and becoming more awkward over time.

Seriously how do you come up with this? Its amazing! I cant wait for the next chapter

Shouldn't be long before you see it!

As for where the idea came from, well, a long silly conversation...

It. Was great also are there going more paddded pony with plush suits. Also. More. Of. Occamommy. Or others. Of it. Also this was an cool and cute story you made I'm wih there was more of this. Or even other stories

That was great! Ton of fun reading about all the silly challenges with Twilight slipping further and further into her new role. Not to mention how you managed to tie it all back to the rest of the Mane Six's experiences. Very well done, Arbanis.

Are there going to be more stories of. Ponies in padded and in plush suits. And. More Occamommy. Or. Bagpiperix also. Im loved the challenges. That twilight. Is doing. T th at trixie. Want to have. Also. I loved. Occamommy.

Im want see more of it. With ll or an lot of challenges. That the mane six or othe ponies. Or. Somepony else too as well too

so, Im betting occtamommy is going to pad up everypony in Ponyville.

A fun read & excellent told story, I hope we get to see more from occamommy in future.

Well, I do have another Occamommy story which I haven't posted here yet... I'm going to do my best to catch up to my backlog on here.

Well, that was something

“Sssh!” Discord admonished her, waving his conducting stick at her. “I'm just visiting, and I'm in disguise anyway – don't you see my disguise?”

For discord this is making more sense than it should which makes no sense which makes sense........ damn you discord and you chaotic paradoxes:applecry:

Kind of wish there was a sequel. This is still one of my favorites from your stories.

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