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When Pinkie Pie discovers she's pregnant with her firstborn child of her and Cheese Sandwich, she runs into a cascade of emotions. Elation. Delight. The occasional upset stomach one runs into with such a development. But when the reality of things sinks in, Pinkie comes to realize there's no amount of party planning that prepares you for this. What do you do when you've been handed a newborn life to care for? How do you handle this change?

Written as an entry into the My Little Pony Renaissance Contest. Pre-read by Speculore! Cover art by SambaNeko

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Loved it! Derpy being the one to help Pinkie was so wholesome and pure! The emotions here were well written, and her worries were very believable. Great job.

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I just wanted to write something that was positive-minded in the end when it comes to change. So this is what I went with.

Well you did it very well. :twilightsmile:

:fluttercry: Discord, What are you doing? That smirk tells me you're up to no good!
:moustache: !!!!!??👼??!!!!!:raritywink:
:derpytongue2: Pinkie you're not alone
:facehoof: I'm too young for this
:rainbowlaugh: A future Taco Bell moment with a diaper?

TCC56 #5 · 1 week ago · · ·

Pinkie picked stumbled into the right pony to talk to. Wonderfully sweet.

I do have one nitpick, though.

The next, you’re fleeing town to avoid a monster-sized centaur who wants to devour all magic.

Derpy didn't flee.


She took him head on.

Comment posted by Steel Quill deleted July 19th

Oh! I didn't think to double check that. That one's on me. :twilightsheepish: Something something, minor AU?

This was so sweet :heart:
They’re both great moms.
But that comment by TCC56 made me drip a little “liquid pride”.
A mom will do anything for her baby.
And you’re always your mom’s baby.

Daw, this was adorable.
Loved every second of reading it. A really bind and pretty realistic vision of what I’d expect pinkie would be like when she first finds out. Really liked the little bit with Mr Cake especially.

A sweet story with some solid life advice throughout. Nicely done!

I saw the short description and the tags and first thought,
"Damn Pinkie has Derpy's child?"

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