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Bright Mac held himself as the cornerstone of his family: husband to his beautiful Pear Butter, father to a colt and stallion who he both adores and cherishes dearly. He works hard in the fields to make the best living he can for his family, to give them the opportunity to live a life without worry of work or success or lost dreams. Of course, he imagined Applejack would someday discover the world beyond the apple fields.

One night, as he tucks AJ into bed, the little filly asks if she can come with him to the fields. He sees no reason to deny her, and welcomes the idea of giving her a peek into the work of his own two hooves' making. It'll be hers someday, so it's best that she take the chance to learn while she's got the time.

He just didn't expect to go learning with her too.

Artwork by TJPones, from Derpibooru. Pre-read by Raleigh and Sockpuppet! Featured the same day? Thank you so much!

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Lots of cuteness. Glad to have pre-read!

Thanks again! You were a big help!

This was an absolute pleasure to pre-read. A very heart-warming little story.

This was a very sweet, heart-to-heart story between father and daughter. It did a lot to contrast the nature behind the business and the father's concerns, with the innocence of a child. This was a very wonderfully written piece, and did its part to really show the caring nature of the Apple family, especially for how good a father Bright Mac must've been.

Great job with the comparison (I can't think of the word at this time) behind why apple bucking is the way of the job was wonderfully illustrated.

Well done! I'd like to see more pieces like this.

You seem to have a knack for this sort of thing. Kudos!

That cover is diabetes inducing. The story is just the whipped cream on top of the apple sundae!

Thank you again for taking the time!
I wanted to try and give this proper glimpse into the window of time when AJ's parents were alive and around in her life. This story and the previous both help to do that. Plus, it feels nice just to try and put some positive vibes out there. No better way than cute filly AJ!
Thank you very much!

This is a really lovely story and deserves to go in my ‘Mist Wonderful Stories’ collection. Hats off and here’s an upvote!

Just a small question, though: in canon, the Apples live with Granny Smith at the Sweet Apple Acres. The farm is home. It’s where Bright and Pear got married and it’s where their kids were born. How come that’s not the case here? Nothing against it, don't you, just curious.

I felt that to better capture the perspective of Pear and Bright Mac's new life together as a married couple, they'd first try to have a home all their own. Apart and away from Granny Smith and everypony else, if still close enough nearby to obviously be in walking distance. There's a lot more realism in the stress and work of making a new home your own than just being idly cozy in a home you've been in all one's life, in the case of Bright Mac.

Well, that's just precious!


*falls over*

Da feels~!

I wonder what this oneshot would be like if the earth ponies had lorax powers, like in some stories, and could legit talk to trees.

Lovely i say just downright fantasic. So cute n so deep just talkin to a tree at the end .

Whoever disliked this can go eat a pear.

You mean a pickle? Pears are good fruit

“Some tiny ropes the size a’ apples?”

I think my heart just... died of cuteness right there.

Ah, I knew as soon as AJ wanted to name the Apple tree that she would be upset at it being kicked. I love how Bright MAc convinced her it was a good thing. Its almost interesting to see certain concepts explained to children.

The way you 'characterized' the tree was quite entertaining, perhaps a bit amusing (in a good way) too. I'm guessing that one wee apple was from Applejack's wee kick.

I love father-daughter bonding stories in general, so naturally I liked this one.

i'm a simple man. i read a story about wholesome Apple family business, i cry my heart out thinking about little Applejack naming all of her favorite apple trees when she grows up and works on the farm

10/10 would :raritycry::pinkiesad2: again

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