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The sensation has plagued her ever since she was a little girl.

It never goes away.

It hurts.

But most of all...

It burns.

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Welp. I've gotta say. I saw the tags on this and clicked on it, expecting yet another piece of cliched "suicide/self-harm"-tagged new-column tripe.

Boy, was I ever wrong. This was very well written and carried a visceral energy. Good job.

Words cannot describe how beautiful and gut-wrenching this piece was. Just take my upvote an dlet my cry in peace, please... :fluttercry:

I deal with my own mental health issues, which made reading this difficult, because I know what this feels like. I know this anxiety, this self-recrimination, this desire for self-harm.

I appreciate a quality story handling the subject well when it appears, because all too often people attempting to write it either have no idea what these feelings are really like, or handle it in a cliched at best manner. This story did neither of those things. This is both plausible and touching. You've done well here. Very well.

At that moment, I would have brutalized whoever did it just to send a message.

Reminded of how in Higurashi the ones that go mad claw they're throats out.

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