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Dragon Shimmer

Just someone who really like dragons. Especially mage dragons and rare dragons.


This story is a sequel to The Adventures Begin

After slaying the world-destroyer demon, the Team has separated to training and promise to see each other again seven years later. Five years later, Sunset lives peacefully in the villages until a new adventure guild builds up, and she sees a familiar face in there. Now, the time to enjoy peace for her is over.

Crossover with Epic Battle Fantasy, owned by Matt Roszak.

Warning: Sunset is a dragon throughout the story. And maybe OOC.
For EBF fans, this fic is not related much to the EBF universe.

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Well this is quick i thought i might have to wait a month or so to see the sequel of this but welp this is better than waiting 🤣🥳

Oh, don't worry. I already have a script for this series so you don't have to wait too long,

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