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Dragon Shimmer

Just someone who really like dragons. Especially mage dragons and rare dragons.


This story is a sequel to The Adventure Continues

Sunset had gone to a long journey in another world. Now she manages to come back to Equestria. Times for her to take a rest (if she can)

Warning: Sunset is a dragon along the story, maybe OOC

I don't want this dragon influence many episodes of the show so mostly this is not so related to the show

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Ahhhh the next part 🥳😍

Thank you for the chapter😘 though there is quite a bit of misspelled words there I think but I can replace it in my mind so it doesn't bother me at all👍

I wondered whether Fluttershy would be the one to befriend Sunset because Pinkie ain't in Ponyville but I guess not. I guess Pinkie would be her best friend then like in Equestria Girls🤔Oh well that's all speculation.

Thank you for the chapter😘👍 I can't wait to see Pinkies' reaction to her🤣

Thank you for the chapter 😘

Ohhh I'm excited how the heck would the meeting between two well kind of old friends meet🤭

And hey less misspellings and a bit longer chapter that's good anyway Thank you for another chappie😘

Ohh i love it 🥰
Thank you for the chapter

Ahhhhh when things are getting good there is bound to be a cliff hanger somewhere🤣

Thank you for the fast updates😘🥰

why did sunset need money win you showed that gems work for cash she could have bought golden oak with the gems that she had?

Maybe add sunset try to pay with gems but she didn't have enough or that you can't buy property with gems so that there is a great reason she needs bits

That because she need that gems to buy some furnitures.You know, replace kitchen tools, buying stuff to make bed, etc... and... She don't have much gems.

P/S: that a good idea though. Maybe I miss some detail like how many gems she have, or gems won't work in some place. Thanks for pointing me out.( I know how to fix this)

Np just something to think about win you have someone buy things I did not know how gems in your story work so I just wanted to point out that sunset didn't say why she didn't use gems to buy golden oak library

maybe have sunset say something like some of the gems are not worth much here do to how a lot of the gems she has are so common but some of them are higher rarity so there wreath more

Hop that helps

😭Cliff hanger, my old nemesis I HATE YOU😡

Thank you for the chapter😘i need this because things are soo stressed at my house my fathers' swab test results came out today and came out positive for covid hopefully none of us got it as well🙏

Sorry to hear that hop he makes a full recovery

Whoop🥳 Thank you for the chapter😘

Lol I get the feeling that Mark is like win sunset join Matt in the first story and it would be something sunset would do

And I am glad you are taking your own spin on things and I can't wait to see how you deal with some of the episode

Nicely done :twilightsmile:

Good chapter and I can see sunset studying the spell that Celestia put on that ticket

Love how Celestia and Luna are already having fun and bonding with each other I hope we see more of that

Thank you for the update 😘


sunset studying the spell that Celestia put on that ticket

Nah, she already know when she get electrocuted
Who don't know that simple enchantment spell? :rainbowlaugh:

I'm loving this fast updates Wooohooo👐🥳🥰

Thank you for the chapters😘

You know I am surprised sunset didn't ask spike about that message spell that he has I can see her having a lot of fun with it like sending scroll with spell on them at her enemy or something like pranking. There a lot of uses for that spell if she mods it

That's a good idea. I like that when you mention this.

I see you use what I said about the gems and message spell and that got to hurt to know that gem was hers I like how if sunset not there you steel let use know what going on can't wait for sunset meets zecora

Thank you for the chapter😘

The crowd is shocked and amazed, especially a filly duo named Snip and Snail as Sunset only rolls her eyes with that. Trixie says that she has vanished the Ursa Major back to Everfree. Snip and Snail are too exciting.

Colts snip and snail are young male that makes them colts. Sweetie ball is a young female so filly would work :twilightsmile:

Twilight answers delightfully, "Honestly, it is a baby Ursa Major." Everyone grasps when they hear that. Twilight wonders, "Does anypony know this?" all of the ponies around shake their heads. Twilight continues, "I won't wake up unless somepony mess it," All of the town looks at Snip and Snail as they smile nervously

Ursa miner in the show twilight says (that was not a Ursa major that was a ursa miner a baby)

This was a nice chapter :twilightsmile:

:facehoof::twilightsheepish:silly me l. Thanks for pointing out

Hmmm few typos and grammar error but hey you're still better at it than me🤣 Anywho thanks for another great chapter😘

True Snip and Snails are colts but I think the dialogue of "Honestly, it is a baby Ursa Major." is correct since the bear IS a baby Ursa Major. I guess in the show the technical term of the baby Ursa Major is Ursa Minor, like with dogs and puppies they are technically still the same species just that baby dogs are called puppies 🤔


Twilight answers delightfully, "Honestly, it is a baby Ursa Major. The Ursa Miner"

that's a lot better

Trixie's mouth hangs there then closes it. She steps closer to the purple unicorn with an arrogant face, "You don't have to know you may have vanished the Ursa Major


That's true but twilight is one that likes to get all her fact right

Umm sorry about this even though you just fixed that its "MINOR" not "MINER"

To be fair. Trixie doesn't know that is a baby or an adult.

Sorry spelling is something that I have trouble with

Trixie stampers, "How, how could you defeat the Ursa Major?"

Trixie ask twilight and she told her it was a minor not a major

20 7 5 / 7 1 18 2 15 18 / 15 6 / 13 1 14 5 8 1 14 20 20 1 14 / 12 21 14 1 1

Tge garbor of Manehanttan lunaa

Some of the number code is wrong
7=g => 8=h
Manehattan not Manehanttan

Oh hush, you read it XD. Okay let me fix the code

Mail mare huh🤭 Ditzy/Derpy eyyy whats this homage to the Seven Saviors? Anyway thanks for the update 😘

Thank you for the update🙏

These updates always makes my day better🥰

I have never like this episode with how Celestia send Twilight and her friend to deal with that dragon there was so much that could have gone wrong and ended up with them all dead that why I think Celestia should have sent her guards to deal with that dragon

Nice job looking forward to the next one

Ohhh looks like Celestia is finally catching up to her. Also how in the world did Fluttershy not faint while being dragged by Sunset back to the group.

Thanks for the chapter🙏😘


how in the world did Fluttershy not faint while being dragged by Sunset back to the group.

If she faints, it means she is mentally broken, and then when she wakes up she will be obsessed with dragons.

Coral smiles as she is thinking what she will do with this dragon. For her, she is the dragon who is very good at hiding information so she has to think of a trap to make her spill the beans.

I'm laughing at this so much🤣 Coral not knowing that if she just ask Sunset she would just tell her that its all true or if she just look at the paperwork that is in Mayor Mares hands all her hard work was for nothing🤭 thanks for the chapter

Sunset: I'm not Sunset Shimmer, I'm Sunny.:rainbowderp:

Honestly, if she can break Sunset's lie, she will know that is Sunset Shimmer.

Mayor Mare takes the paper and puts it in the drawer. The paper is shining as the name changes into Sunset Shimmer. The old mare smiles and keeps going back to work.

OF COURSE SHE DID SOMETHING TO IT! Man I didn't think of that🤭 i love getting surprised like this once in a while 🥰 Thanks for the chapter awesome chapter as always

Wait how did she transform back from pony to dragon i thought you had to take a medicinal bath to get rid of the poison jokes effect?🤔 Thanks for the chaps🙏😘

Hahaha the spontaneous ninja scene made me laugh I ask for a reason and I received one that I can agree with🤣. Thanks for the chapter and clarification even though that also made question where in the world did that ninja came from😘🤣

NInja = secret so it will be hard to see the source (That if Sunset want to find out )

Thanks for the chaps😘

Hahhh thanks for the chaps I'm going simple for now because my teeth hurts and we are under quarantine so I can't go to the dentist 😔

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