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This story is a sequel to With The Thought Of Us by wishcometrue.

Time passes, and ponies change. But Twilight Sparkle knows that love persists, even as it changes as well.

Third-place finalist in the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Expanded Universe 2 Contest.

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Oh how cadence swept twilight off her feet made my heart a flutter.
And i really must know what can cost 100 bits

Cadance took a sip from her glass of wine. "Well, the same was true with you and the girls, right?"

"We never really had what you could call a 'first' date," Twilight replied, letting her mind drift back to simpler times. "Our relationship just slowly evolved over time from friendship to romance, so gradually that we never really noticed it until we were all dating without any sudden transition into that state."

God, I'm still so happy that you managed to work omniship into this.

This one was lovely. Both comedy, romance and feel. :twilightsmile:

Such an interesting structure! And I'm left ruminating on the spectrum of Twidance outcomes leading up to Twicord, ...

God, I love this story. And while I acknowledge that I do hold some bias because it's an extension of a story I wrote, I truly do think it is just incredible.

I love your characterizations here. Your Twilight is impeccable, which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who has read your work, but Discord and Cadance are delightful as well. You captured Twilight's dynamics with each of them really well too. I think I love it so much because it feels like a take on them totally unique to you, one that doesn't detract from the original piece, but instead adds so much more depth and nuance to all of their interactions.

You know, when I submitted With the Thought of Us, I was expecting either a prequel with more TwiDance, or a sequel with more TwiCord. To get both in one story is such a treat. And the way you structured this so that the two parts, past and present, intertwine and play off of each other... It's almost like a dance. It's truly beautiful to see.

There's so much more I could say as well. This story is tender in its interactions, and so natural in its conversations. There are so many interesting ideas presented--the whole bit with prophecies, for instance. Just so much fantastic writing here.

This story is everything I could have wanted from an expansion, and then some. A perfect follow-up, and one better than any I could have made thanks to your unique perspective. Thank you for this.

I loved this so much, the parallels between the two first dates so interesting. It truly shows how Twi’s relationship with Cadance has boosted her confidence and made her more relaxed in these types of situations. The characterisation for all three is just so on point and the kiss between Cadance and Twi was extremely heartwarming, considering they had to act almost distant on their first dates.

Great work, really hope we get more of these three

Lingo #8 · May 22nd · · · Choices ·

Absolutely delightful

No fond of over priced food myself.

.great saga of fics, very heartwarming

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