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Though the events of Discord are behind them, Twilight still thinks about the spirit of disharmony. Thoughts kept to herself, she realizes that some of the things she does remind her of him...and how she DOES miss him. Thoughts kept to herself, hiding it from her friends and even the princess, Twilight wonders what could have been if they never had turned Discord into stone. Would he still have been trouble? Would he have been someone able to be compatible with in time? Even Twilight wonders if his cotton candy clouds were actually as delicious as they seemed! Here's a story from the unicorn's perspective during many scenes from "Return of Harmony" as well as her opinions after the events.

*Okay, if anyone's wondering why Mordecai, or should we say BLONDECAI, from Regular Show is in the picture, it's because this is one of the pictures I made and posted on my Deviantart page cartuneslover16. I love doing crossovers, and for you to TRULY understand me in this thing I like to call the CARTUNE UNIVERSE, you're going to have to go to my gallery. :D

*My crossover story on DA, "Chaotic Order", is connected with this story. ;)

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We'll call this one fascinating and give ya a 4.5 :)

The third italicized paragraph shouldn't be, so you know.

That aside, this is good, very good. I don't really have any idea at this point where it might go...but I want to know.

Will be interesting how it develops from here on. I thought the re-cap of the Discord episodes was unnecessary, and so I skipped over it.

I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Tracking. Keep it up!:twilightsmile:

I'm wondering... Never mind.:twilightblush:

I'm quite curious, also if any of the others have guilty feelings.

This is pretty good! I think you should continue this!

Why is there Mordicai in the picture

Well, looks like you've got the hang of things here more or less. Remember, you have any problems, just message me. :raritywink:

69401Sorry, see, I thought people had seen my bio, and the links to my DA page. :derpyderp1:

I like making crossovers. :twilightsheepish:

And my best crossovers are Regular Show and My Little Pony. And this was the ONLY picture that could fit for the story, because I got a crossover story on DA that I'm currently working on that's connected with this. :twilightblush:

Interesting. I'll be tracking. :raritystarry:

Very interesting, keep it up. :twilightsmile:

Oh I LOVE it! I almost cried!:fluttercry:

yea IKR! the story's tone is a little on the sad side.

I think there is room for improvement though. Theres a lot of telling and recall in the story. You need to SHOW whats happening to your readers, not TELL them. I also suspect that quite a number of readers would have skipped the lengthy paragraphs of journal writing.

There are so many things wrong with that picture of yours.

69898I love crossovers and that was the only picture that could work for this. I put more explanation in the summary. :unsuresweetie:

69898My avatar or my drawing for the story? Because my avatar is from one of my comics, the drawing...more explanation on Deviantart. :coolphoto:

This story is already on Fanfiction right? all the way up to chapter 14 if I remember correctly

70106Well, a friend encouraged me to post it here. So, because many prefer this site to Fanfiction.net, I did it. :pinkiehappy:

If this is the I'm pretty sure it is, then it's all well written, but too long winded. Almost nothing happens until chapter 14.

Oh I'm SO gonna track this one. I've always wondered why people don't write stories where the bad guy is redeemed in the end.

70209Yeah, I understand. I didn't really think I was going to go anywhere when I first started this a few months back. I assumed I would just keep writing about Twilight's thoughts to no end. But I think I've done better, and I hope my new viewers can bare with me. :fluttershysad:

70209Because people think that he's way better as a bad guy. :twilightblush:

I just beg of you, I BEG of you, please don't make this a ship.

Ah, I see you finally came around to posting this on here besides Fan-Fiction.com, eh? Good to see! This place is infinitely more popular than the other place...at least with pony fics.

I'm generally adverse to shipping, it's slightly overused.
But this is well written and I haven't seen many discord shipfics.


I don't get it. You get a three for effort, but this whole Twilight misses Discord thing doesn't make any sense.

Why dont you learn to read the description?
I swear its just like fucking Youtube.


I'm curious if this story was based on mine at all.

Wow, this is definitely an interesting premise. And I wouldn't mind a shipfic in the least, given how much potential is there :twilightblush:
You keep up the good work, cartuneslover19! I'm definitely watching where this goes! ^^

Cool you posted your story on here now :pinkiehappy:
I'm so definitely tracking :heart:

I read the chapters that are in fanfiction.net...
I really liked them, but when the plot finally twists... Surprise! no more chapters avaliable!

why would you do that? :fluttercry:

so are you going to post here the rest of the chapters?

Huh... Whats the point of this chapter? Dosen't really explain anything or move tho story forward....
Was it just to strengthen twilights guilt or something?]

Explain it to me please. :rainbowhuh:


Please continue this. I'm not a one to like O.O.C Twilight, but I still like this story! You're a good artist and a even better writer! :pinkiehappy:

I thought of the same thing when they engulfed Discord in rainbow-friendship-power but to my surprise he turned back to stone and made me feel sad about the ending.

I would feel remorse as well if I was the logical Twilight Sparkle whose whole life began with friendship.
I wouldn't say she's OOC.

82977 I thought of the same, sadly I already read this on fanfiction.com so I have to wait a handful of chapters until reading something new u.u

82903 the plot will be static for a few chapters, so be patient...

82903 Look, I'm sorry if this isn't what you expected. I was basically trying to show everything from "Return of Harmony" in Twilight's POV.

And yes, to strengthen the guilt. :twilightsheepish:

If Discord is somehow freed from his stone prison, will it turn into Dislight or Twicord or will they just become B.F.Fs?
Also, will Discord try to communicate to Twilight if he's encased stone for the whole story or for the first few chapters as he might try manipulate Twilight into freeing him and after he's freed what will he do?
This story gives me so many questions to ask!

Yeah, this could have stood to move the story further, but I see where you were going with this. Don't be afraid to post longer chapters, most people prefer 5-7k word chapters. :raritywink:
All in all, nice characterization on Twilight's part, and you have a nice, solid vision of Cloudsdale. (even if you don't think so.)

84740You'll see! Thanks for looking at my art! You have an account?

Oh, and Happy Hearth Warming's Eve! :twilightsmile:

Damn. Twilight has a serious case of guilt.:pinkiesad2:

I like tthis fic :) just add chapters more often please :D

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