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A crime against fabulosity has been committed and Rarity seeks justice for this offense and has challenged Luna to a duel.

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:moustache: woo hooo Go Rarity!
:duck: He gets me

Luna sighed. “I could go on, but I feel like it's not something I would guess. Unless it's one of those new fangled pistols I’ve heard so much about?”

“Far too loud, and far too smelly,” Rarity replied in a disgusted tone.

laughs in Pistols at Dawn


We don't have 3 hours for you to get in a game, assuming Luna even has an army assembled and painted.

“That's not fair! I wanted to kill something!” whined the alicorn.

I know! Total ripoff.

“Boo, go back to bashing each other’s heads in!” Shouted a pony, who was quickly smacked upside the head.

See, that one gets it

"I ain't touching that one with a ten-foot pole," Luna remarked before sighing and buried her face in her hooves. “I give up, you win.”

Yeah, better cut and run from that one guy

“Next time I’m reading the fine print,” Luna muttered bitterly.

ALWAYS read the fine print

Well that's a bit different its normally it is the person being challenged who gets to choose the weapons not the challenger.

“Next time I’m reading the fine print,” Luna muttered bitterly.

Somehow, I get the feeling she wrote the fine print.


And what do either of these two know of a proper game of Warhammer? Luna at least I can see getting into the game. Rarity has her head shoved up her flank too much to know a good thing when she sees it.

She mean the weapon not the game.

10584313 I suspect that Shining Armour has played more than a few sessions of BattleAxe or whatever the Equestrian equivalent is to Warhammer. Spike would have undoubtedly been on board, even if he prefers O&O. I could see Twilight being interested in the logistic aspects if nothing else, though I suspect she's more a Settlers of Abyssinia player. I could see Luna finding out about it and getting drawn in, a different version of Gamer Luna.

Calling it Warhammer would still make sense. The models would be different of course. But the name would still fit. That's just me though.

10585297 Equestria tends to use copyright safe names. And considering Games Workshop is so copyright-happy that they tried to copyright both the term 'Space Marine' (which had been used in sicence fiction for decades before) and the chaos symbol (which comes from Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion series) using another name would make sense. Besides it's kind of fun comi9ng up with names that are different but close enough to the originals that people will guess what you're referring to.

Oh I get that if Hasbro had tried to do it in the show. But since this isn't the show, being copyright friendly doesn't apply 😎.

It is fun. But also annoying since not everyone will get what it's based on, and you'll have to do a bit of exposition to make it clear. And people still might not get it 😑.

Yeah, I'm overthinking it. Can't help it.

Not the best Luna dialogue—I don't demand perfect Early Middle English, but my mind refuses to process her saying "ain't"—but an entertaining little excursion nonetheless. Thank you for it.


“Boo, go back to bashing each other’s heads in!” Shouted a pony, who was quickly smacked upside the head.

I was just watching that video yesterday. :rainbowlaugh::derpytongue2:

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