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First time of writing my own stories on here since the first episode of my little pony friendship is magic.


There's an old saying; "Words can create love or hate, tears or smiles, harmony or chaos, peace or war. Choose your words in care." For some however, words can also cause you great deal of pain and those who say the pain of bad words or feelings, they can't take it back until it's too late. Leading to a dark route ahead or perhaps a chance to redemption. In the Equestrian world, this will be the tale of how a once peaceful kingdom has turned into a downfall ruin in it's place a new kingdom. Before we get started, let's dive into the origin of how this all happen. Starting with the two students of the sun goddess mentor.

Requested idea; Chazkopa.

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This is a pretty cool idea, hope you continue it.

Nice for this chapter. But who's this fellow talking to Twilight?.

Also in your Author's note, you spelled my name wrong, it's chazkopa, not chazpoka.

It's a mystery for everyone. Also yeah, I fixed the name. Don't know why I spelled yours wrong.

I like the setup can't wait to see what else you do

Twilight got pissed, it reminds me of my sister when I look at her the “wrong way”

Oh No, twilight and cadence would have me all the way f*cked up.

I like the twist you have going on here and asked you the picture I say that would have been Twilight when she was nice

If there ment to be two pictures only one shows up

Upon turning to the right corner, Moondancer spots a pony in an old guard orange armor sitting on a big rock, watching a hologram green image. Suspiciously curious on who's the guard, she slowly walks over.

Who’s that?

"As for you five specifically, I'm very disappointed in all of you. The five of you mares represent the Elements of Harmony bearers, yet neither one of you knows on how to be a true bearer. Sure the elements have chosen each of you along with Twilight, but it's also that when there's possible danger in any place, you have to train very well and become smart so that you work as a great team together."

B*tch, you want my element?

"Then again, your time of relaxing in Ponyville seems to make you lose IQ skills and lack poorly training."

At that moment I wouldn’t give a f*ck if she was a princess.

"If you lay one hit on me, I will call the guards and have you arrested. I suggest you think wiser, dishonest Applejack."

B*tch, arrest me, because I’m about to commit murder.

"Now then, I'm having this wedding delayed and all of you need to interview an important announcement to every pony in Canterlot on why all of you screwed up big time and let a bug shapeshifting queen & her subjects fool you all."

B*tch, you’re the one that got kidnapped.

"When this news is over, you five element bearers and my aunty are not welcome at our wedding."

Fine with me, I don’t give a f*ck about weddings.

Comment posted by Jasper1745 deleted Nov 27th, 2020


Why are you defending the Main Five? Cadence rightfully Scold them for betraying Twilight.

1. I’m not defending nobody, I judge equally.
2. It’s one thing to scold someone, but to say all that extra sh*t? F*ck no, we would either have to have an argument or fight. And they just letting twilight and cadence talk to them any kind of way.

I do agree they should have said something in their defense and not let Twilight and Cadance take the whole floor but, they should not go to such extremes like that. Seriously, Applejack was about to attack Cadance. And if Equestria wasn't a completely friendly-based country that doesn't have many violence in it's history (a.k.a. more realistic in terms of politics), I'm pretty sure that attempting assault on a royal would be an act of Treason which is; and I can't believe I have to a borrow a quote from this movie, "a serious offense, punishable by death".

I’m not saying attack her immediately, like I said, we would either have to have an argument OR fight. Like, at least throw a few curse words at the b*tch.

OK, that's fine. But, tell that to Applejack. And to some extent, Rainbow Dash as well. Cause, let's be honest. Sometimes, they both can be truly full of themselves and stubborn as mules.

Uh, no offense:
"None taken"

I wouldn’t say stubborn, but even if they were could you blame them?

Not really. Look, as long as they don’t get too caught up in their egos in the story, I'll be fine with them.

Ohh, that was a little confusing to read.

"I'm not going to hear more of your lame ass excuses Shining Armor. You and I are going to have a private discussion later on how much you done bucked up as a big brother to your own flesh & blood sibling little sister."

He was mind controlled though, how was that his fault ?

Love the chapter and like what you did with cadence


( I know that this is two weeks ago. But I want to finally say something about this.)

Both of you "might" have some good points. But, I'm on Cadence's side. They screwed up terribly, and nearly lost their ENTIRE Kingdom by Chrysalis if Twilight haven't intervene. And Rainbow and Apple Jack should deserve the insults, because Cadence is in the right side of the argument. And the Fight option is highly stupid, and they can't do SHIT against her anyway.

Because One: She is a Alicorn, what does their weak punches do anything against her? And she can rightfully defend herself, to even blast those two arrogant idiots to a coma, and then a prison cell for attempting assault a Royal.

Two: She is a Princess. And like what JCY2k16 said. An act of treason, and punished to imprisonment, to even death in a serious and realistic setting.

Three: Celestia and Shining Armor ( and later Luna) will defend her. I know that Celestia and especially Shining Armor have also get Cadence's ire. But, I don't think they will let those two dummies ( Apple Jack, and Rainbow Dash) to try to assault And hurt Cadence like that.

I understand that, but I don’t care how powerful she is, there is a difference between scolding someone and saying extra sh*t. On top of that didn’t she insult their home? As for celestia and shining, if they had a problem with me swearing or fighting cadence they could get it, too. Because, I honestly lost respect for them.

Then later came an outrage and riot as the guards try to calm every pony down with little effect.

Seriously? It’s that easy to start a riot?

He sees the figure walk towards him, revealing a blue armor pony holding a bag and halberd.

Who’s that?

"Enjoy your victory foolish ponies, for this is just the beginning end of Equestria and the rise of a treacherous force."

Forget about who is he, what is he is a better question.

I got a strong feeling Twilight’s not gonna respond to Celestia when she tries to contact her

She probably will when she finds out cadence is there. And then that when sh*t will probably hit the fan.

Well we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next

Great chapter, what's MoonDancer doing in Ourtown?.

Keep up the great work I love every chapter you've released

Are the armor guards apart of some sort of cult or something?

Honestly, I don’t know how the laws in equestria work. Especially since these fools get away with anything. Even if you could go to prison for being in a cult that won’t stop them.

The wait between chapters is killing me. I'm excited to see where all this is going.

He wasn't being mind controlled throughout the whole thing. Him kicking Twilight out was all Shining Armor. Chrysalis didn't make him.

Sweet. Sombra is defeated and Discord is freed.

And I'm also a male.

Needless to say, Princess Celestia ended the speech and goes to her castle alone. Twilight's friends were escorted back to Ponyville while Cadence gave Shining some harsh lessons and punishments in her private room.

Wtf did shining do? He was being mind controlled the whole time its counterproductive to be angry at him.

Elsewhere up in Cloudsdale, the green armor pony is walking around as the other ponies were staying away.

Who are these armored ponies?

'Jeez, they never seen seen any armored warriors more terrifying up close? Typical of them.' His mind said.

What the hell did he expect?

"You are correct, I'll inform the others as well and see if there's one nearby to assist Sombra."

Assist sombra?

"Hmph. I thought the last you didn't learn back then. Why side with her?"


Despite having trouble to get out of the strange hallucination, Twilight snaps out of it and uses her magic to shoot the crystal. When it glowed, the color changed and the door opens up in a clear white stairs going up.

What was the illusion?

Meanwhile in the Cantelot garden, a brown armor pony is walking toward a chaotic statue.

Are all the armored ponies meant to represent the villains in some way?

Chanting in a different ritual language, the powder brightens up and a Draconequus appears.

I remember saying this before, but I’ll say it again. This might be a cult.

I agree with Pete100. Who the HECK are these "Armor Ponies"? Can we really know their True Names already?

Are they a part of this "Demon Empire/Kingdom" that Twilight and Sunset might rule in the future???

To be fair twilight did just come in with no evidence apart from cadence acting different. It could've been that cadence was just stressed from the wedding even.


Patience grasshoppers, there's going to be a couple of hints before the 1st Arc ends.


Okay. It's just annoying that we are keep identifying these "mysterious" Ponies, as "Armor Ponies"? Is their some sort of secret conspiracy, or a secret internal war that Equestria doesn't know about? Well, we will find out eventually, like you said.

The conspiracy part would probably be cool, but the part about a secret war may be true.


This "Secret War" reminds me of the League Of Shadows/Assassins or the Court of Owls in the DC Comics Batman Universe and the Arkham Games.

The part I’m curious about is who’s going to be in the war.

Knowing sunset and twilight they’re probably gonna be on a different team than everypony else.

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