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A college student who has everything go right in his life going for him. Sure the past few years have been hard with dealing with the disappearance of his oldest brother, later pronounced dead. Then a few months ago his other older brother up and vanished as well. With no current leads, he decides to continue looking for his brother in his spare time while also continuing on the path to becoming an astronomer. On his way home stop at his local comic shop and after buying a set of anime DVDs his oldest brother had recommended he is thrust into an all-new world of magical technicolor anthro ponies.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 8 )

I would love to see where this story goes

This story is amazing keep up the good work

Can he shapeshift into a male zebra I love how the story is going And Zecora seems like a perfect partner for him

Needs a little cleaning up but amazing so far and I am looking forward to the family reunion :scootangel:

Yes Gar has all of the physical attributes of Gotuo and any normal parasyte. Just like Gotuo and Migi he does require sleep due to the immense amount of strain his large body and physical capabilities put on his mind and the amount of energy he uses.

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