• Published 30th Jun 2020
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The Smiling Monster of the Everfree - Ghost Alvasa

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A Smiling Monster Arrives

Author's Note:

Here he finally is guys the last of the trio of the Ferris siblings. I've been putting off writing for him because sci-fi based stuff isn't my forte and I could never find a fitting character for him. But here is Garret Ferris. aka Gar Ferris. Enjoy and comment and like.
I would like to give a big shout out to King Rose,Deltorix, and DarkSpider for helping get off my ass and finally get started on this story and helping me finalize the details in the character base and story base. You guys are awesome I love your stories and thank you so much for your help and support. Go check them out for some awesome stories guys.

Alvasa Out

On a bright sunny day in the middle of the year a man walked out of a lecture hall on the campus of Northwestern State University, NSU. He is a logical thinker and was studying to be an astronomer. A taller man with a bit more meat on him than most. Not fat but not well built either. He had dark short brunette hair with dark brownie green eyes. He was wearing a pair of old blue jean pants with a dark blue t-shirt with X-MEN across it that was made of the different comic book character renditions making up each letter with a brown leather belt and white tennis shoes.

His last class before lunch had finished early so he decided that he would go and meet up with some of his friends at one of their usual spots and grab a bite to eat. This man was very social and outgoing, studied hard and got good grades. He was the apple of his parents’ eye, their pride and joy.

He was on speaking terms with his older brothers but rarely ever saw them, loved them, but outside of that them coming to see him if they had business nearby never really talked, except for an occasional phone call to check in. Unfortunately, his oldest brother had been ousted from the family nearly twelve to thirteen years prior to the current year for conflicting views with their parents. His second older brother had gone on to be a stuntman slash stand-in actor after he’d spent a few years wandering around the eastern continent of Asia studying and learning multiple masters. His two older brothers were much closer to each other than they were to him but they still shared a few similar interests, like a few tv shows here and there, especially anime and Star Wars. Though he differed from him in most ways he still was inspired by his brothers to go out and do what he wanted to do with his own life.

Due to a series of unknown events both of his older brothers were now missing in a similar fashion.

His oldest brother had disappeared ten years ago and officially been pronounced legally dead on paper. Their family even held a funeral and had a casket field with various items. Their parents did show up and were a little upset with his supposed passing but not all that deeply touched and never shed a tear for their oldest. He however did cry for his oldest brother but was a little upset that his second older brother refused to come to the funeral.

His second oldest was closer to him than his oldest brother as he was the one who spent time with him on many of the same topics and hobbies. He was motivated to leave home due to his older brother doing so, but not for the same reason as him. His second older brother was much more physically adept than one of them, even though he was the one who was mistaken for this ability in the first place.Be it still goes without saying that he could still more than take care of himself health wise and in a fight.

His second brother was on his mind as of late. They didn’t really see eye to eye since their oldest brother’s funeral. News didn’t reach him of his second brother’s disappearance until just a few weeks prior and it was his parents that had informed him of this news. The second brother had always defended their older brother after he’d been kicked out of the house, even after saying that he wasn’t dead just missing. While he couldn’t deny his oldest brother could still be alive, at the same time he still couldn’t completely agree that he hasn't passed away either.

His thoughts soon returned to his second brother and the conversation with his parents on the subject.

A little over a few weeks ago

“Garret, if you hear anything about Joseph you call us right away,” His mother demanded.

The second of the three, even though he refused to speak with their parents outside of checking in on them, was still put on a pedestal of storts due to his accomplishment of being an actor stuntman.

“Yes mom I’ll keep my ear to the ground and I’ll keep trying his cell, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up,” Garret sighed as he looked at a picture of him and Joseph outside the Appalachian Trail start point. “I’m sure he’s fine. Probably met some nerdy check and they went on a bender or something. You know how he gets and just drops off the map at times like this.”

“Alright sugar but keep an ear out and kep on your studies, your dad and I love you and are proud of you goodnight,” Garret;s mother said as she hung up.

“Sheesh, I’m sure he’s fine the dude can split cinder blocks with his hands,” Garret huffed as he hit the end call button then rolled over and went to sleep.


Garret was pulled back to reality by the vibrating of his cellphone in his right front pocket. He pulled out his smartphone from his pocket to read the text he’d just recieved.

‘Hey Gar, sorry gonna have to pass on lunch, got cram for a test in Calc’-Joey.

Garret, or Gar as he preferred his friends to call him rolled his eyes, “Figures, he never studies when he’s supposed too. Let’s see if Taby is free.” Gar sent the text to Taby to see if she was off work yet.

‘Sorry Gar it’s a no go. Sophie called in so it’s just me and Tod until seven,’ Taby

Again and again Gar sent out texts to see if he could get someone to get lunch with but they call came back as busy or working.

He let out a sigh. “Can’t be helped and I can’t fault most of them for it,” he placed the phone back in his pocket. “Guess Ibetter head out. I can get something from that Mcdonalds on the way back to the apartment.”

Gar went on his way and started his track but to his shared apartment. He and his friends Joey and Keef all pooled their money to do a three way split for a three bedroom apartment when they all moved up to the city from down south. The split duties like cooking and cleaning but most importantly transportation. Today was Joey’s day to be chauffeur and he was stuck in class with Keef meaning that Gar would have to take the bus, and that meant a crowd of people at this time of day.

*Hmf* Gar shrugged. “I’m in a pretty decent mood so I tough it out.” He made his way to the bus stop. It didn’t take long before the bus showed up and Gar was on his way to lunch.

About thirty minutes later got off the bus about three blocks from his apartment and about one from the Mcdonalds in the opposite direction, but he was too hungry to care about distance. Gar entered the restaurant about fifteen minutes later order his food from his friend Jason then walked out and ate as he walked back to his place.Along the way he stopped outside an electronics store and looked at then new TV’s and then a news feed came up and it was about none other than his missing older brother.

‘Still no leads have been found in the investigation in the disappearance of martial arts stuntman Joseph Ferris. Mr. Ferris is said to be the foremost practitioner in his field of stunt work and has taken roles in movies such as Assassins Creed, Thor The Darkworld, and several other well known movies. Thank you and back to you Mark …”

“Haa… Still nothing,” Gar looked at the picture of his older brother,” Long dark sandy blonde hair and dark green eyes and a scraggly beard. “Why’d they use that picture?”

Gar wnt on his way and decided to stop in a little well-known comic shop called Excalibur’s to see if there was anything good, and to check out Cindy the cashier. After a while Gar found a series called Parazyte the Maxim, a series his oldest brother Allen had recommended he watch a few times before. He brought his dvd set up to the counter and patiently waited for Cindy to come ring him up, but who met him was an older man dressed as Kisuke Urahara. The shop owner was known for being extravagant and dressed as many different character that varied across media.

“Hey where’s Cindy?” Gar asked, disappointed.

“Sorry Garret but Cindy is off today,” Urahara snickered. “Let’s see what ya got here,” Urahara picked up the dvd. “Though you would stream this, why the dvd?”

“My older brother recommended it years ago and we can I just prefer to have my own copy,” Gar waved his hand.

“And you wanted to see Cindy,” Urahara teased as he placed a fan to hide his smirk. “Hey I saw that they still haven’t found any leads on your older brother, how ya taking it?”

“Fine, I am starting to get a little worried as he usually sends me something saying he’s okay whenever he goes off on his little excursion,” Garret pulled out his wallet. “How much do I owe?’

“Let’s see, an entire series set is sixty, but with your membership it comes to forty,” Urahara closed his fan. “Ya know I did hear a rumor from my friends in the merchants guild that Joseph and Allen are both very happy in their lives.”

“How the hell do you know about my oldest brother,” Garret slammed his hands on the counter. “He’s been missing for ten years and now you also have info on Joe, your some kind of sick fuck shopkeep.”

“Indeed I am,” Urahara gave him a snide smirk. “But one thing you should know is that they are happy and the no longer go by the names that your parents gave them.”

“Oh yeah asshole, then what do they go by these days?” Garret crossed his arms getting even more pissed off.

“Allen goes by Edward Elric and has quite enjoys spending time with his women and children,” Urahara hid his face with his fan again. “And Joseph calls himself Asat Ferris and has started to become a seeker of justice and helper of the weak.”

“Yea right,” Garret scoffed. “Here’s your damn money,” He threw the bills down and grabbed his dvd set. “See you around you sick asshole.” Garret heads towards the door.

“Thank You for your purchase and we hope you enjoy your trip,” Urahara called out as Garret headed out the door.

“Fuck You… “ Was all Garret got to say as his vision faded to black.

Deep in a clearing in a dark forest

A groggy form began to move under the night sky.

“Oh my head, what the hell happened and where’s the truck that hit me,” the dark figure mumbled as he looked up to the sky. “How long was I knocked out,” he rubbed his head. “Feels like hours. Has to be if it’s already dark.”

The figured steadily rose to his feet but quickly found himself on his butt once more.

“Christ, I must have had quite a bit to drink,” He huffed, as he ran his fingers through his hair before he looked to the stars. “Let’s see who's in the sky tonight. What the hell?” He shot to his feet and started up in shock, “I don’t know any of these stars.”

That’s when he noticed that he was in a forest and that many of the lower branches on the trees were at his midsection or lower. He was now three meters tall. He decided to go over his body and noticed that he wasn’t wearing any clothes but his body was much more muscular and was seriously lacking in the skin department. He felt his face and found his teeth were razor sharp interlocking daggers much like that of a shark or tyrannosaurus rex. He had two sets of eyes.

“I need a mirror or water,” Garret ran frightened through the trees until his came to a small pool. “God what the hell happened to me?” he leaned over the stream until he saw his reflection in the stream.

“Raaaaahh!!!!” Garret recollide back as he screamed in horror at what he saw.

He then heard a nearby twig snap and looked over to see a strange sight. I woman in a leather top and lyoncloth frozen knelt over next to the stream with a pot in her hand. She was definitely a looker and her body was a mix of black and white stripes with a strange symbol on her thye. She had equine features in the face like a short muzzle and twitching along with a tail.

“Ah…” Garret gurgled out. “Please, can you tail me where I am?”

“What manner of new predator are you?” The strange woman said as she pulled her water pot to the bank. “To speak so fluent and to arrive out of the blue?”

‘Did she just rhyme?’ Garret just questioned himself. “Ah, I’m a human, or I used to be. Can you tell me where I am exactly? None of the stars look familiar.”

“Why you are in the land of Equestria,” the strange equine woman explained. “You seem to be new to more than just this area.”

“Can you please not rhyme?” Garret shifts to get a little closer only for her to back up more. “I’m having a hard enough time processing this as is without word play.

“I am sorry but it is my nature,” She placed a hand over her chest. “But I will do to accommodate you predator.”

“Let’s start over, my name is Garret Ferris but you can call me Gar,” Garret placed a hand on his chest. “What’s you name?”

“Most call me Zecora,” The woman smiled. “It is nice to meet you Gar.”

Gar nodded and looked at her with a serious look, “I know we just met but could you let me stay the night or do you know somewhere I could hold up for a while?”

“I would offer my couch but you are simply too big for even my house,” Zercoa explained.

For some reason she knew she could trust this predator human named Gar. He might look like a flesh eater, and by alright was but he was by the indication of his teeth, but from the look of fright in all four of his eyes he displayed he was just another scared individual looking for help.

“I will show you the ways through the Everfree forest and you may come and stay,” Zercora came closer. “But we will have to build you a home for min is too small, unless you can shrink your mass at all.”

That triggered a memory from Gar's oldest brother.

Memory from years ago

‘The parasytes are carnivores and the eat the kind of whatever they bond with , humans based parasytes eat Humans and dogs eat other dogs.’ Allen explained.

‘So how can that guy stop a car with the hand parayztes and he doesn't eat humans either?’

“They’re mainly just lumps of sentient flesh that can rapidly adapt. They are much stronger than normal humans but they can shift their bodys to mimice just about anything. Must things in the human body are much stronger than modern materials but break because they can only do so much in the small quantities we produce,” Allen explained. “That’s how he can make blades and stop cares. That and essentially tightening or loosening the muscle fibers in the arm.”

“So what doesn’t he eat people?” Gar asked bored but still intrigued.

‘Parasyte didn’t eat the brain and thus didn’t get any blood lust or negative emotions transferred from the host,” His older brother explained. “And Migi gets the nutrient from his host bloodstream


“Hello, Gar,” Zercora’s voice bleed in through the memories as he was pulled back to the current reality he saw the buxom equin woman waving her hand in front of his face.

“Aaaa… Sorry I was just remembering something from long ago,” Gar said with a distance in his voice. Could what shopkeep said be true and my brothers be enjoying new lives.”

“Enjoying memories is nice,” Zecora smiled. “But leanger to long and pay the price. Will you help carry my water pot? It would make things go much swifter would it not?”

“No problem,” Gar got up and suddenly a small wooden box fell to the ground from a tree branch that brushed his head. Gar picked up the box and looked at Zecora who was just as puzzled. “Let's see what's in it.”

Gar lifted the led of the box and found two strange Items in it. An alchemist pocket watch from FMAB and a headband with a red four pointed star on it. He picked them up and felt a surge run through his whole body and then heard voices.

I am the one who constructs and deconstructs, the partner and protector of the moon and sun, I aid the Innocent and protect the children, If you require aid, Call my name and I will come forth, The Crimson Sage

If you seek truth and aid in helping the weak and in need, call forth the Anti-Magic Knight

“What the fuck was that shit,” Gar shook his head as he steadied himself.

“There appears to be a note in the as well,” Zecore picked up a piece of paper that had fallen out of the bao as Gar picked up the items.

“Let’s see,” Gar said as a tentacled hand formed from his body and pulled the not to his face surprising Zecora.

Dear little brother,

It’s nice to speak with you in some form after all these years. Though it’s been teen or so for you it’s been far longer for me. The watch you found is my token and you can use it to summon me or just call and talk. Just say ‘call…’ Congrats on being Displaced, short for Dimensionally Misplaced, we refer our collective numbers out in the Multiverse as Displaced and we send tokens out to meet with others of our kind. I no longer do by Allen either but Edward Elric as that is who I was Displaced as. Can’t wait to see you again.

Love Allen/Edward

Hello Gar,

It’s Asta, don’t remember the first name anymore, Good to see you get a new life and like Ed said above we’re Displaced and my token is the head band, but I have a watch too so call me. As displaced we are sent to different realities involving the world of My little pony in some way or form. We can also trade power and become stronger eventually leaving the world we’re sent to. Good luck and have, whatever path you choose you’re still our baby brother.

Love Asta Ferris.

Tears ran down Gars face from all four eyes. “Allen’s alive and Joseph is good and they met each other a few times.” Gar sniffled as he wiped his face. “There’s no mistaking their handwriting,.” He looked at Zecora who gave a soft warm smile. “Come lets get that water to your house.”

Off the strange duo went into the forest.