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The Smiling Monster of the Everfree - Ghost Alvasa

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Pride gives rise to Gluttony

At the same time as in the
previous chapter

Appearing on the edge of the forest I made wings out of my darkness, while Simon spread wings. Flapping my wings I launch into the air with Simon right behind me. Floating in the air I look back at Simon to see him looking at me with a smile on his face.

"Keep a lookout for a spot to build our new home. Also, you can speak your mind around me. You are my creation so I value your opinion." His smile only grew wider once I said that and nodded in response.

We started to fly over the forest, and I have to say I saw a lot of weird creatures. However when I tried to land to get a closer look they only ran away in fear. I assume we are in the middle of the forest because I can’t see any more trees past a certain point looking forward. However, I do see a castle that looks abandoned but I'm not entirely sure. I raise my hand up to signal Simon to stop so we can look around to see if we can find any sentient life. As we were looking I heard rustling which is nothing new. Probably just an animal running away.

'Wait it just happened again,' in the same spot. Looking down I see a Zebra looking up at us.

"What are you looking at, zebra?" it wasn't meant to be threatening, just a simple question. I don't think the zebra thought of it as just a question... She got her knees and started spouting gibberish. looking at Simon he said, "She is speaking Zebrican."

Letting out a small 'ah' I flew down to the ground to land. Once I land she looks up at me with shock, fear and I think respect. "Why are you on the ground? Get up."

"O powerful God, what have you come here for?" judging by the voice and body structure it's safe to say it's a girl. She spoke in a whisper tone, I heard her perfectly because of my hearing though.

"I want you to tell me if that castle is abandoned." I tried to say this gently but I don't believe I succeeded in doing so.

"YES," she responded in a hurry while yelling. "That is the castle of two sisters, it is no longer inhabited."

"I appreciate your honesty.” With that said I flew to the castle with Simon right behind me.

Once we made it to the castle we flew above to get a better view of it. The throne room was visible from the giant hole on the roof. The castle itself was a mess. You could see holes everywhere you looked, nature ran rampant all over it, the castle looked as if it could have fallen apart at any moment.

“Look around for anything that might be valuable. Once you finish checking around, meet back up here.” I ordered Simon as we flew down from the opening in the roof, into the throne room. Simon took the side that had the symbol of the sun. So I took the side that had the moon.

So far I haven’t found anything that is worth mentioning, except for strawberries. There’s only one room left which I presume is the bedroom. Opening the door I was greeted with a giant bed. It was midnight blue and in the middle of it was a crescent moon. The bed looked brand new unlike the rest of the room which looked like the rest of the castle.

Searching the room I found a pile of gold coins, under the bed, that looks different from the ones I found in the dog cave. Putting it in my inventory I continued to look around.

Across from the bed, there was a small bookshelf. On top of it to the right, there was an old telescope that looked like it belonged on a pirate ship. A globe on the left, and a Scale of justice in the middle. The scale had a metal sun and moon that was in perfect balance.

Picking up a book it fell apart. Trying again I got the same result. Sighing I start to walk to the door only to stop. Turning back to the telescope I use Detect Magic. The magic radiating off of it was faint but I could still feel it. Curious I walked back to the bookshelf and picked up the telescope.

'I am Gar, seek me if you require aid or counsel.'

Tell you what, I was not expecting to hear a voice. Putting the telescope in my inventory I make my way back to the throne room to see Simon waiting for me.

“Did you find anything useful?” I question, hoping for good news.

“I couldn’t find anything of value. Everything in here is over thousands of years old.” He said with a neutral face. But he sounded disappointed going off the tone of his voice.

“It’s fine. I found some gold coins that are different from before and a telescope.” He just raises a brow in confusion as to why I would bring a telescope back. “Stand back in case this ‘Gar’ is foolish enough to attack us.” Warning Simon only confuses him more, which amused me slightly. He revealed his wings and got behind me, doing as I said.

“Gar, come here.”

Suddenly, some form of swirling black vortex opens up and I sense something coming through it. I stare at the portal until I see a figure emerge from it, once it was through the vortex collapsed on itself and I had a pony standing in front of me, another zebra in fact. He was wearing an outfit of what looked like some form of scale leather. It consisted of a buttoned vest, pants, and a wide-brim hat.

“Are you Gar?” I asked not wanting to stall as I kept my hand on my sword.

“Yes, are you the one who found the telescope?” He said in an emotionless tone.

“Yea, what is that thing?” I asked curiously.

“My token,” He said bluntly. “All Displaced have them. It is how we are summoned to new worlds by others like us. I don’t know more than that as it was only explained briefly to me in a letter from my older brothers.”

“Older brother huh,” I muttered. “So how does one become displaced, and what exactly do we do now?” I ask curiously.

“Brothers, I have two,” Gar kept up his emotionless stare. “And we either buy an item from someone that sends us across the multiverse or are sent by some greatly powerful thing.” He kept staring at me. “As far as what we do I don’t know. This is the first time I’ve been summoned.”

“I also have two brothers, one that is insane. He’s dead luckily.” Noticing I let out a little bloodlust I quickly got it under control. “The other is just like you, emotionless.” Simon stepped forward after I finished talking. I could tell, he was angry.

“You have nerves staring at my father's like that. I’ll give you three seconds to stop, or I will make you. ” He said in a low, threatening tone.

“Hush child,” Gar finally moved his gaze to Simon and I felt him release his own bloodlust, though more controlled and primal. “The adults are speaking.”

Simon didn’t hesitate and shot at Gar but he moved out of the way above and behind Simon. I saw it happen clear as day but to Simon, it was as if Gar vanished. I saw the newcomer’s arm shift revealing muscle fiber and his hand became metal claws.

(Gar's arm looked like this without the eyes)

Gar then slammed his hand into the back of Simon’s head and his face into the stone floor, forming a small indent to form. He easily held Simon while still keeping his emotionless expression.

He then turned to me, “Why must children jump the gun?” He said as he got up and made his way back towards me.

Unknown to Gar, Simon got up dazed. He had blood dripping from his mouth along with small cuts all over his face. He then raised his arm and brought his other hand up to brace it. The air around Simon started to become distorted, he then yelled “Black Lightning!” The lightning struck Gar and her turned around merely as if weren't even a tickle.

Gar looked back to Simon, never showing emotions, and slammed his head back into the ground creating a small spider web crack this time.

“Be quiet,” He demanded, showing a little sign of annoyance. “Now back to you,” He looked at me. “You look like a character from the anime Seven Deadly Sins but different. Are you a side character or a look-alike? Maybe some kind of relation to Melodias? I never actually got past the first arc.”

Walking past him I knelt down to where Simon was and cast 'Heal'. He fluttered awake and we locked eyes. “Never do that again. I can protect myself, but after this is all over we are training.” I say in a soft voice. “Rest now.” He then fell back to sleep.

Looking back to Gar I let my bloodlust run loose mixed with despair aura and looked him in the eyes. “I am Zeldris, Lion Sin of Pride. The one true Overlord,” I could see his mask crack didn't even under my pressure this guy had guts and I liked it. “You will never touch my family again if you do… You die.”

“I will not hesitate to defend myself when threatened,” He said flatly. “So you also have the Overload’s power set and probably a few others. As for me, I can morph my entire body, have strength, speed, and intelligence. I am majorly emotionally inhibited but not immune to them either. I am Gar, The Smiling Monster of the Everfree,” He said as he shifted his entire body to a three-meter tall form with four eyes and a big toothy grin.


(3rd POV)

Breaking their staring contest both the demon and the parasyte amalgamation looked over in the direction of Ponyville. Zeldris was frustrated with himself for not noticing the dark magic in the air sooner. If only he wasn’t preoccupied with Gar, he could have prevented it from happening.

Turning back to Gar he spoke, “It seems that while we were talking, demons showed up. They are currently attacking the town on the edge of the forest, Ponyville I believe it’s called.” Gar’s eyes widened as he heard what Zeldris said.

After Zeldris finished talking Gar ran as fast as he could to Ponyville, surprising Zeldris. As Gar made his way through the forest, Zeldris flew above and saw smoke rising from the town. Gar didn’t merely run through the forest but bulldozed anything in his path with raw strength and speed, cutting a path straight from the ancient castle to the nearby town leaving not even a stump in the ground. Zeldris actually had a bit of a hard time keeping pace, since he was new at flying.

Zeldris was simply fascinated by the amount of pure physical strength that the monster displayed and wondered, exactly what other abilities he had. He never mentioned having magic in their brief introduction but that made him wonder what exactly was he capable of and what kind of magic he did possess if it could be awakened.

“What is going on here?” Gar said as he looked at the burning town. The buildings were on fire with a purplish-black flame. “Where are all the ponies at?” He looked around. “What do the ponies for this world even look like?” Gar’s attention turned to Zeldris who landed next to him.

“The ponies are anthropomorphic like your zebra form,” Zeldris said, not bothering to look at Gar. Roars could be heard from the other side of the town, catching Gar’s attention. Zeldris turning to Gar spoke, “You fascinate me, Gar. Without me telling you to help the ponies you, you instantly ran out of the castle upon hearing the news of the attack.” Sticking out his hand it engulfed in a green flame. It shocked Zeldris at first but he just guessed it was his original magic. “You seem to be a ‘hero’ type. In my time I have seen many heroes fall. In fact, many of them were slain by my hand.” Pausing Zeldris adorned a wicked smile. ”I would like to offer you a chance to gain power. Do you want to make a deal?

“What does this deal entail for me?” Gar said as he turned to the town. “Because I don’t need anything that well indentures me to your services for an extended period of time.”

“It’s simple really. If you save the town, you’ll have earned my respect. Which then leads to you getting the power. But if you die,” Zeldris’ smile only grew wider. “I get your soul.”

“I think you’ll take my soul even if I die and don’t take your deal,” Gar said, a little annoyed with a raised eyebrow, “Am I right?”

“I may be a demon, and I may be cruel,” The air grew tense as Zeldris increased the magical pressure surrounding them. “But I never break a deal.”

“Very well,” Gar reached out and took Zeldris’s hand.

A dark green magic circle appeared on the ground beneath them and started to glow. “The deal is set,” Zeldris said as the circle disappeared. Spreading his wings he spoke, “Do not expect help if you are being beaten.” He said as he flew into the sky and cast Perfect Unknowable.

Gar made his way through the town and kept on the lookout for any that may need his help or any enemies. “Mmmm… I would’ve expected to see bodies lying around in a few places,” he commented. “Where are all the ponies? Do you have any kind of idea what we’re dealing with?”

Gar waited for Zeldris to answer, but never got a reply. However, Zeldris was focused on who was burning the town. He knew that it wasn’t a lower class demon or else the flames would have been orange. No, it had to be a higher class, he could feel their darkness. Going back to where Gar was he saw him surrounded by one red demon and 3 blue demons.

Gar’s eyes were shifting back and forth between the four beasts that surrounded him. He knew these four wear just small fries and that someone else had to be controlling them. The demons suddenly all pounced but Gar countered by slicing them to shreds by morphing his arms into blades, First a blue went high but didn’t last as Gar extended his arm constricting the demon and then quickly grew blades and whipped it back. The other blues fell the same way. The red demon started to back away and Gar morphed his arm into a clawed hand then shot it at the red grabbing onto its head and applied pressure until it popped. Gar pulled his arm back and held his hand up to his face allowing him to sniff the lump of flesh in his grip. He steadily opened his fang maw and devoured the red demon piece in his grasp before consuming the rest of the body. Gar then turned to the blue demons and ate them as well, this action actually surprised Zeldris a bit.

Zeldris couldn’t believe that Gar would throw his life away like that. In Seven Deadly Sins, just a cup full of red demon blood was enough to either give you a power boost or explode. Zeldris, curious about what was going to happen, flew down and waited.

Gar leaned over and started coughing. His body was morphing on its own to his surprise. All of a sudden smoke burst from his body, enveloping him in a smoke cloud. Once the smoke was settled it revealed that Gar transformed into an even more monstrous creature. Gar now had purple skin covering his whole body. The irises in his eyes went from a pitch-black to bright yellow. The sclera was now pitch black too. On top of his head, he had sprouted two ridged horns that were a deep crimson color and in the back of his head, there was a coxcomb-like feature. Cracks ran all over his body, most prominent under his four eyes. His already sharp and long claws got even sharper, and even longer. He also had webbed hands and feet.

Gar let out a breath and steam came from his mouth, he held up a hand and flex his fingers testing his dexterity. “Not the best-tasting meal I’ve had, but a satisfying one nonetheless,” Gar looked at Zeldris. “Can you explain why my body looks like it does after consuming those demons? I know in the show humans either blew up or got a power-up. So why do I look like this?”

At first, Zeldris had a face of disbelief but quickly regained his composure when Gar faced him. After hearing Gar’s question the only thing Zeldris could think of was Hawk. “It seems that by being in my presence you have obtained your own magic power. Now, I have seen a power like this before. It was called Trasnspork.” Gar just looked at Zeldris like he was stupid. “It is the power to take the abilities and appearance of anything you eat. The way to turn back is by taking a crap. Oh, and I know you love your new power’s name.” Zeldris said as he chuckled.

“Do you think we should head towards town hall?” Gar deadpanned. “It would seem like that would be the most likely place for the town to gather in mass during an assault of this scale?”

“Go and do whatever you want,” Zeldris said as he flew into the air. “I’ll just be up here enjoying my entertainment.”

Gar rolled his eyes and took off toward a cloaked figure that was directing the lower level demons. Suddenly a lanky shadow appeared and sliced Gar in half with a large grey scythe. The monster’s body fell to either side of the street. The shadow landing revealing it to be a grey demon. It looked at Gar’s pieces with a tilled head and scratched the top of its head with a single finger before shrugging and starting to walk off.

Meanwhile, Gar’s halves opened their eyes and they started to shrink and grow back the missing pieces of their bodies. There were now two Gars to Zeldris’s amusement. While the grey demon back was turned both of the Gars pounced at him. They started to consume it while the demon was doing its best to shake them off. Its struggle was in vain as the Gars ate it whole. The two then fused back together and Gar returned to his full height. Many more cracks appeared on Gar. His lower half was now replaced with pitch bitch black skin instead of the purple.

Purple blood dripped from Gar’s teeth as he turned to the cloaked figure once more. “What are your plans?” Gar turned arms into whips and flung them in the direction of the figure but two new demons. A copper and an orange demon sprang up from nowhere and grabbed onto Gar arms then proceeded to rip them off. As the demons chuckled, Gar fell to his knee and looked at the demons with his own chuckle. Suddenly Gar’s arms sprang to life growing a maw of serrated teeth and eyeballs to the demons' shock the limbs tore them apart and consumed them before returning to Gar’s body.

Gar’s body once again burst into a cloud of smoke, changing due to Transpork. Once the smoke settled Gar could be seen, panting with black blood coming out of his mouth. Zeldris wasn’t sure if it was his blood or the demon's blood. Gars’ new appearance consisted of two new cone-shaped horns on both sides of his head at eye level. His muscle mass increased. He also had green spots over his arms.

“No! No! No! No!” The cloaked figure started to scream. “How can my demons have possibly died to you lower-class— whatever you are! I trained them myself! Me, Sith one of the Six Knights of Black.”

Gar started to approach Sith, but Zeldris landed next to him and put a hand on his shoulder. “This one is my problem, she deserves a True Death.Once he said that Sith fell to the ground lifeless.

Gar merely shrugged and looked down at the demon’s corpse. “I’ve already eaten five of the lower class demons, do you mind if I have that one as well?”

“I don’t think that would be wise. But if you want to go ahead. However,” Zeldris said as he walked up and placed a hand on the demon. “The soul is mine.” He said as he pulled the soul out and ate it.

“I am a creature of flesh and don’t possess that skill, yet,” Gar said as he then mercilessly devoured the demon on the ground. Gar licked the blood off his teeth suddenly, darkness crept over his body and then formed into what appeared to be the shape of an egg. Zeldris looked on with a slight smirk at this. Then Gar burst forth forcing the darkness to disperse around him and then came back and formed a swirling vine pattern over most of his body. The most predominant darkness was a pattern of small stars on his upper left pectoral muscles.

“Well, you seem to have become part demon. It is now time for me to fulfill my part of the deal.” Zeldris said as he became more serious. “Search my mind! Choose a worthy weapon for the one I behold! Memory make-magic: Sacred Treasure!”

After Zeldris finished talking a light enveloped both him and Gar searching through their minds. The light shone even brighter before disappearing revealing a floating spear. It was in fact Spirit Spear Basquias. “You have surprised me again and again! Becoming part demon was expected, but becoming the Fairy King, truly entertaining."

"This turn of events has been most fruitful," Gar gave a wicked grin that even creeped Zeldris out just a bit. "Perhaps due to the effects of living in the forest back home has something to do with this Fairy King title."

All of a sudden the duo were hit with a massive black fireball causing an explosion that sent them rocketing in opposite directions. Gar was flung up against a purple dome. His face was mangled with two eyes missing, another hanging on by a thread of flesh, several teeth missing, and a rather sizable hole in his neck.

He looked around with his only remaining eye to see what he hit and came to see a very frightened purple pony unicorn. The little one was shaking with fear as he turned to look at her as his face and neck regenerated.

"Fear not little one, I am here to help stop this. Is there anypony missing Twilight?" Gar calmly as to not rouse any more suspicion.

Twilight was scared when the demon first started to talk, but it seemed like he wanted to help. “U-um Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Applebloom aren’t in here. We’ve been calling out to them but they haven’t answered yet! Please go and save them!” She pleaded with the monster.

Gar nodded before speaking. “I will. I’ll bring them back to you unharmed.” He said before jumping up into the air to look around. Much to his surprise, Basquias floated beneath him so he was now hovering. Searching the area he came upon something truly horrifying. Sweetie Belle and Applebloom were lying in the ground unconscious. While Scootaloo was pinned to the ground by a blue demon with his foot on her back. The blue demon grabbed her wings and pulled. He pulled until they came out of the socket. Gar seemingly snapped.

A dark aura surrounded gar as he flew to the blue demon on Basquias. The blue demon seemed to have recognized Gar to be the monster from earlier so he started to run away. In the blink of the eye Gar appeared and cut the legs off of the demon. The demon screened only to have it beak slammed shut by Gar. With the same hand, Gar ripped the beak off of the demon. Gar was about to pierce the demon's heart with Basquias but then the demon tried to save himself by shooting hellfire from its mouth burning Gar.

Or so he thought.

Gar then brought Basquias down into the demon's head and twisted. In a blind rage, Gar looked around and lashed out at the first demon he saw. Gar tried to spit the demon in half. Keyword on tried. The demon raised his armored hand and stopped his attack with its pinky. Gar then went for an uppercut but his hand never connected. The demon pulled out his sword and cut Gar’s arm off, then threw it away from the fight. Having enough of this pointless fight the demon backhanded Gar so hard he snapped out of his trance.

“I’ll let you off this time. Though, next time” Zeldris said as he adorned a wicked smirk. "I won’t hesitate to kill you.” After he said that Zeldris vanished from Gar’s vision only to reappear in a couple of seconds with the CMC in his arms. “This is the perfect time to test out Basquias’s seventh form.”

Gar shook his head as he got to his feet and looked around as Basquias appeared next to him then to his missing limb. “Where is my arm?” He looked around and then a snake similar to the form he took in his homeworld came out of the grass and latched on to Gar’s shoulder then shifted into his arm once more. Gar was amazed at the thing his body was doing and wondered if he could activate it willingly. But that would have to wait as he walked over to the little pegasus.

“Poor little one,” Gar looked at the filly with sadness. “Why do I feel so strongly about these ponies? First in my world and now, here.” Gar held up his hand to the spear. “So strange that I know what I must do, Basquias: Seventh Configuration Moon Rose,” The spear changed into a giant white rose and leaned over Scootaloo. “Droplet of Life.” A drop of liquid hit the little filly and as she began to glow all her wounds began to heal until she was completely restored.

“Hmm… interesting,” Gar looked to Zeldris. “What all can this spear do?” he said as he picked Scootaloo up.

Zeldris quickly cast heal on the other two ponies before speaking. “So far only six configurations were shown to my knowledge. You have already used the Seventh moon rose, it allows you to heal any wound. You can only use it a certain number of times in a row before you need to collect more mana, or since you're now part demon, soul.” When Zeldris said that Gar slightly smiled before going to a neutral expression. “The first configuration is the original form of Basquias. Its second configuration is Guardian which takes the form of a gigantic hornet-like incest with tremendous speed. Configurations three and four, I don’t know. You’ll have to find out. The fifth configuration is Yggdra Armor, which is a suit of armor that is golden and has large claws. The ninth configuration is death thorn. Basquias turns into a myriad of vines, which will kill anything that it cuts. The last form I know of is the tenth configuration Emerald Octo, which the previous owner usually used. Basquias turns into green vines or as some people say, tentacles, that can wrap around the owner to protect them. Or it can attack.” Zeldris said to his surprise. He didn’t think he knew that much about it. It must have all come back when the magic searched his mind.

“Hmm..” Gar sprouted two tendrils and used them to grab the other to fillies and placed them on his back and he did the same with Scootaloo. “Thank you for beating some sense into me. I don’t understand why I’ve been getting so emotional. I barely have them but when I do especially when I get angry I lash out violently.” Suddenly a huge set of butterfly wings with a rainbow color of lights toward the end shot from Gar back on either side of the fillies. “Was not expecting that,” Gar said in shock as he started to float effortlessly off the ground. “Or this.”

Laughter filled the air when Gar sprouted wings. “I don’t even know what you are anymore!” Zeldris said between laughs. Gar just looked at him with an emotionless stare. “Oh, what was that thing again? A token? How do I make one?” Zeldris said as Gar floated down to the down to the ground slowly.”

“A token is an object that you choose to represent yourself along with a phrase. You put your energy in it and toss it.” He explained as they started to walk to the townhall. “I don’t really know much more.”

Zeldris then had a great idea. Sticking out his hand he looked at his palm. “Create Greater Item.” With that said a small object appeared in his hand. It was an earring that resembled an eye.

Pushing his magic power into the magic eye he spoke,”I am the Lion sin of Pride. Call upon me and I will respond if I feel like it. If you seek power, we can make a deal!” Zeldris tossed the token into the air and a portal opened up. Sucking in the eye Zeldris could see it split over and over again until the portal closed. The original eye appeared back in Zeldris's hand. Turning to Gar, Zeldris smiles. “You amuse me. If you wish to, you can call upon me any time my dear, whatever you are.” Zeldris said as he looked Gar up and down tossing him the Token

“I am Gar nothing more nothing less,” He said in a simple tone. “How about we take these three back to the others?” Gar looked over his shoulder to the sleeping fillies. “Their older sisters are probably very worried about them?”

Continuing their walk they made it to the town hall in no time.

“Twilight,” Gar yelled to the purple pony. “We have Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo!” Twilight peeked her head out of town hall to see the demon she talked to and Zeldris. A shiver went down her spine as she saw him. Walking out slowly she avoided eye contact with Zeldris and made her way over to Gar.

“Thank you, Thank you, thank you so much!” Twilight screamed as she burst into a crying mess along with three other ponies. Zeldris, not one for anything having to do with family, tapped Gar’s shoulder and pointed back to the old castle. Nodding they both flew off.

On their flight back, Zeldris remembered something important he forgot to tell Gar. “Gar, as the fairy king you will now also have the magical ability called Disaster. It is capable of exercising complete control over life and death, by which the user can elevate or diminish the natural state of something.”

“Hmm… interesting,” Gar rubbed his chin and then stopped abruptly, as did Zeldris. There, in front of the two was a tall blonde haired man in a black and silver suit wearing a red hooded coat. He had golden amber eyes and he was just standing there in mid-air. “Who are you?”

“Just a passerby,” The man looked at the duo and started to clap his hands. “Good job stopping the demons by the way.”

“Just a passerby, don’t make me laugh.” Zeldris spat. He was on high alert. He hasn’t had his guard up since his brother was still alive. “Your power is almost comparable to mine. You may survive if I get serious. So, who are you.” Zeldris said as he started emitting bloodlust.

“Boy, you best calm down before I get serious,” the man placed his hands in his pockets. “Like I said I was passing by. I never said I was in this world while doing so,” His eyes locked on Zeldris. “You’ve got a lot of never releasing your blood lust at me like that. A whelp of only a few thousand years and you think you’re a big shot,” the man said a quick chant and pulled out a dual handled key looking sword and pointed at Zeldris. “But if you want to fight me then I won’t stop you. It’s rare that I ever get a challenge these days. But know that you’ll die without even seeing my true power.”

“Who are you?” Gar asked.

Ignoring Gar’s question, the man and Zeldris continued to look at each other. Zeldris then started laughing before speaking. “You took the words right out of my mouth,” Zeldris said as he dismissed his bloodlust. “But I cannot reveal my true power just yet. The supreme being and Demon king would now my location. And I can’t have that now can I? However, once my situation is sorted out. I will crush you.”

“You can crush me,” the man said in Zeldris’s ear but he was still standing in front of him. “I’ve been around the block and through the Void kid and you would never stand a chance in all of the omniverse against me. But I’m a sporting guy. I 'm doing something for you, Wanna make a deal?

Zeldris stuck out his hand waiting to accept. The man reached down to shake it. In a split second, Zeldris had his hand on the man's throat. Going wide-eyed the man went to grab Zeldris’S hand but Zeldris choked him. Looking him in the eye he spoke. “That is my line.” Zeldris said angrily. “I would never stand a chance? Who decided that?” Zeldris said as he crushed the man's throat.

Suddenly the man was gone and Zeldris was holding nothing in his hand. He looked over and saw the man’s eyes were crimson with a six-pointed black sun pattern on them.

“I decided,” The man said with nothing but snark. Zeldris had never encountered this before. “Like I said kid you don’t know my power.”

Zeldris internally was extremely confused but he kept his composure. “I suspected as much,” Zeldris said as he wiped some dust off his clothes. “A being with your power killed by me in my first, weakest form? Laughable.” After saying that Zeldris stuck out his hand which ignited with green fire. “Back to what you were saying before, Do you wanna make a deal?

“If you can guess my name I will give one power but you will not know its name?” The man said as he held out his left hand as it blackens into an all-consuming black. “Are these terms acceptable?”

Grabbing his hand a dark green magic circle appeared under them. “The deal is set.” Zeldris then started to fly circles around the man looking for clues. “Blonde hair… amber eyes… and a red coat.” Zeldris had an idea of who he is. Just need to confirm one last thing. A glint of light from his right arm hit Zeldris's eye confirming it was metal! Zeldris was about to speak but-

“Your Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood,” Gar said with a bored tone. Zeldris just looked back at him and mouthed ‘Your a bitch’ before turning back to Edward.

Pointing back to Gar, Zeldris had a slight smirk. “What he said.”

“Wait a moment you can’t be. Edward Elric?,” Gar looked at Edward in shock, who was smirking.

“Been a long time hasn’t it baby brother,” Edward said to Gar. Zeldris looked from Gar to Edward with just as much shock before turning to Edward one final time. “You win dick head.” Edward held up a hand and shot crimson lighting at Zeldris who started to struggle as he felt his body being remade until the pain suddenly stopped. “There, you have your power. I must go now. I just wanted to say congratulations on your first summons Gar. To end the contract simply say ‘our business is done’ Zeldris. One last thing,” Edward tossed a silver alchemist pocket watch to the Lion Sin of Pride. “My token doubles as a communicator for any who have one and it can send small items across the void, do use it wisely.” A swirling portal opens behind Edward. “Good luck both of you.” He said as he disappeared into the portal.

“How the hell,” Gar asked in shock.

“I didn’t get to give him my token,” Zeldris stated matter of factly.

"I don't think he needs it," Gar stated.

Looking at Gar Zeldris continued. “It’s been fun, Gar. I hope you call upon me when something interesting is going on. Or if there is a foe you can’t beat I’ll help you out, and just for you, I’ll do it for free! ‘Our business is done.’” After saying that a portal opened up similar to Ed’s.

“It would seem so, Zeldris I must warn you my brother is the same man he was back home, but he is also changed. He was not afraid to act on things,” Gar looked at him in the eyes and Zeldris knew he was telling the truth. “If you fight him, you will die over and over again,” Gar looked at his portal. “Do call me again. Demons are quite tasty and I’d love to be a part of the sins,” Gar chuckled. “Goodbye my Friend” he held up his hand.

“If you like demons, just wait until the angels show up! I could eat their souls, and you could also eat their bodies!” Zeldris and Gar both laughed. “Well my friend, I’ll see you later,” Zeldris said as he shook Gar’s hand.

Gar nodded and leapt into the portal. It then closed and Zeldris looked down at the pocket watch. “A whole new world of possibilities!” He then looked back to where the portal had opened and he thought he saw the symbol of the crimson boar.

Author's Note:

Hey guys Gar's first crossover with Zeldris Lion Sin of Pride from HydeYmir's The Deadliest Sin. For those that didn't guess Gar will be a member of Zeldris's team in an on/ off way. This story is a joint story now, that will take place in both worlds but the character will still flow differing storylines and villains but help each other in regular crossovers. I look forward to working with HydeYmir this chapter took us only a few days to work out and I'm sure there are still things that could be improved on but the Guy is awesome and has talent. Check out his story

Alvasa out!