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The Smiling Monster of the Everfree - Ghost Alvasa

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Meeting the Royals

Author's Note:

Okay guys, they build up is here!

Alvasa out!

It had been a very informative train ride for Gar and Twilight but very strenuous for the guards and everypony else's nerves with the back and forth questions and answers between the 'two eggheads' as Rainbow Dash put it lightly. Not only did Twilight get the information that she wanted but many more of Gar's questions were answered, most of them concerning the history of the land and any races that Zecora hadn't mentioned. He also asked about demons and fairies specifically given his new nature.

Twilight said that demons aren't uncommon in Equestria but and exactly on every street corner either. There were a few races of ponies that were the descendants of demons there ancestors having demon a full-blooded demon and a ponies. Though there were cases when a demon and pony would have a foal and it would be a full-fledged half bread or one of the races would be more demon than pony. The demon raced ponies consisted of Thestrals, Umbrans, Dark Changelings, and Ruva. Though the dark changelings were considered more dark fairy that demon but the were still the results of mixed lineage nonetheless.

That brought Gar to his next question. What were the fairy ponies? Twilight being all too eager answered. She explained that there were three known types of what are called fairy ponies. Them being, Changelings, Dark Changelings, and Breezies. The first two were the one the were pony-sized. Changelings were originally born from a Breezies and ponies. Dark Changelings were originally born from a Breezie and a Demon. it was difficult to explain because Breezies were the original Fairies of Equestria and said to only be very small, but it was found that the could alter their size, though the true size was that of an incest the was no bigger than one’s palm.

Before anyone else knew it the group arrived in Canterlot. To everypony's relief, the group exited the train but were met with an unexpected welcoming party of fully armed guards. They suddenly separated Tempest and Grubber from the group to, everyone's shock, and placed them in shackles.

"What is the meaning of this?" Twilight demanded.

"Sorry princess but we are under orders from Princess Celestia and Princess Luna to take the unicorn known as Tempest Shadow and her companion who goes by Grubber into immediate custody upon their arrival into Canterlot," One of the guards that was originally part of the unit that escorted Twilight informed. "They are to be taken to the dungeons for interrogations."

"On what charges?" She stomped her hoof.

"War crimes against Equestria and the imprisonment of the governing diearchy of Equestria and as well as the imprisonment of one of the diearchs of the Crystal Empire," Th guards further explained. "TAKE THEM AWAY!" He ordered.

Gar acted before anypony could react he was in front of the guards.

"Sir if you would please move?" One of the other guards asked in an authoritative tone.

"No," Gar said flatly as he crossed his arms. "You will let them go."

"Look, sir, if you are one of the leaders that helped out our city and helped free our princesses we're truly grateful but that doesn't mean you have the authority to overstep a royal decree that was issued by the princesses themselves," The guard pointed. "Now you should move out of the way before we're forced to move you and arrest you for aiding and abiding a war criminal."

"Ah fellas, you really shouldn't miss with him," Grubber advised.

Gar's vision started to narrow and Basquias start to grow but Tempest stepped in not wanting to cause a scene. "It's okay Gar we'll go with them willingly, won't We Grubber," the little man nodded vigorously. "See no need to fuss. Shall we."

"STOP!" Twilight yelled. She stepped in between the guards and Gar. "Let's not cause a scene," She looked over her shoulder at the mock zebra then turned to the guards. "And on my authority, you will at least place Tempest Shadow and Grubber under watch. Gar is more than enough to keep them in line."

The guards looked at one another then to Gar and finally back to Twilight. "Sorry Ma'am but you may be a princess we will listen to the sister first and... fore... most..." The guard was saying as he started to trail off as Gar shifted to his true three-meter tall darkness covered fairy winged true form. Basquias shifted to its first form and hovered behind Gar.

"I tried to warn ya," Grubber shuddered.

Many of the guards were undeterred and pointed their spears at gear. Gar reached out and took a helmet off the head guard and then crumpled it into a tiny little ball as if were made of tin foil.

"I will not say it again," Gar dropped the helmet ball onto the ground with a thud as he released his bloodlust directed solely at the platoon. "You... will... re... lease... my... friends." He bent down over the shaking commander.

"R-r-r-r-right A-a-a-a-away s-s-s-sir," He said as he cowered and released the duo to Gar.

Rainbow came over and then sniffed the air and grabbed her nose."Urah, what's that smell? It smells like shi-" Suddenly marched off very quickly weirdly, as if they all had to use the bathroom.

"Dude," She flew up to Gar's height. "You literally scared the crap out of a whole platoon."

"I told them once, the did not listen so I used nonlethal force," Gar said flatly as his bloodlust subsided.

"Yes but I think we should have done what they said dear," Rarity objected and looked at the duo in question. "I think you two should answer for what you did. I know you are changed but that doesn't excuse you from being punished." Tempest and Grubber looked at the ground in shame.

"Will seeing as we need to get up to the place before this gets worse," Gar looked at everyone. "Basquias, form ten: Emerald Octo." The spear shifted to a myriad of thick tentacle-like vines and wrapped around the group and then shot through the air and landed outside the castle draw bridge. Gar let the others down first while he hovered just above the ground and shifted back to zebra form while Basquias returned to necklace mood. "Shallow we go," he held out a hand while everypony else was still trying to process what just happened.

Philomena then came down and perched on Gar's shoulder. She immediately began to excitedly squawk and motion to the palace awhile tugging at Gar.

"Very well," He said to her in a soft tone.

As soon as the others had regained their composer the group was off to see the Princesses. A guard saw them and noticed the phoenix raising an eyebrow then turned to the other guard who shrugged and went back to attention. The was an announcement for Princess Twilight Sparkle and company as the group walked into the throne room. Sitting atop a golden throne, a dark blue throne, and a light blue throne were Princesses Celestia, Luna, and Cadance in that order.

"Princesses. Cadance," Twilight ran up and got a hug from Celestia, a nod from Luna and a weird little rhyme with Cadance. Twilight cleared her throat and motioned to Gar. "Princesses, may I formally introduce you to my good friend Gar. If it hadn't been for him all of us wouldn't be here at all. "

"Yea, the big fellow saved quite a few times," Aj patted his back.

Celestia then noticed her pet phoenix. "Philomena? Where have you been you, naughty girl," She playfully scolded the bird, "You went to visit Fluttershy didn't you?" The bird shook its head 'no' and hopped over slightly then started to nuzzle Gar's head again. "My she must really like you," The princess looked at the mock zebra in shock along with the other two princesses.

"You must forgive my rudeness but I must inquire as to Why you are all shocked by this animal's actions," Gar said in his emotionless tone.

"Philomena doesn't usually take to anypony she doesn't know without pulling a little prank to test them. As she did with poor Fluttershy," Princess Luna gestures kindly the animal caretaker.

"I am curious as to what she did to you my dear," Princess Celestia gave a little mocking grin.

"I was sleeping in a tree and she awoke me from my slumber as the sun rose this morning," Gar said nonchalantly to the princesses' shock.

"Yes, well, ah, Mr. Gar-" Princess Cadance started to say but was cut off with a raised hand.

"I am simply Gar, nothing more nothing less," He said still emotionless.

"Well, we all know you’re a lot more than you are as you appear to for us now," Princess Luna stepped in.

"May we please see your true form?" Princess Celestia asked. "I know it may be a little forward but we would all like to address the real you."

Philomena flapped and flew over to her owner and perched in a stand next to the throne. Princess Celestia stroked the bird while simultaneously checking her over. Gar in the meantime shifted to his true form.

"My, you are rather imposing," Luna looked him over from her chair. "I must thank you for trying to keep the peace amongst our subjects. Though from what I remember when we brought you to Ponyville as a statue, you didn't have wings."

"From what Twilight told us, you can do many things with your body's unique physiology," Princess Celestia commented. "Including growing wings but from what she described you never displayed these before."

"Yes they're so beautiful," Princess Cadance complimented. "I sense great magic power from you as well, but much of you seem cold. Like you don't feel at all."

"Your body," Princess Luna leaned in and squinted. "I know that power very well. You wield pure darkness like demons."

"And yet you radiate life and destruction, like a force of nature," Princess Celestia added.

"Forgive me again fro my rudeness your highnesses, but I didn't have these wings or my magic last time you saw me, and my emotions are still there but very stunted," Gar explained. "I got them from a world I was summoned to not long ago."

"You can travel to other worlds?" Princess Celestia's eyes got wide.

"Let me explain," Gar placed a hand on his chest. "I belong to a group of interdimensional beings scattered throughout the omniverse called Dimensionally Misplaced, or Displaced as we call ourselves. We create items that are called tokens that we send out with an attached saying briefly describing ourselves. When another Displaced finds the token we can then be summoned to that Displaced's world, with it usually being another Equestria."

"So you acquired these wings and you magic from this other Equestria?" Princess Luna tilted her head.

"I got them from the Displaced that summoned me, my friend Lion sin of Pride Zeldris," Gar kept up his cold tone. "There he gifted me by awakening my Personal magic 'Transpork'," All a eyebrows went up at this name. "A magic that allows met o gain the skills and abilities and form of whatever I eat with magic power, though only temporarily. I then began to feast on demons of low level and then high-level demon and my body permanently adapted to the power and I ascended to become part-demon," The princesses were taken aback. "After this, I was gifted the Basquias," He motioned to his thorn necklace that transformed into its spear from. "And help the ponies of this world. Finally, before I left I gained my wings fully earning the title of Fairy King."

The princesses all looked at the smiling monster in front of them with mouths agape. Then they turned to each other and then looked back to Gar.

"How can you claim a title like that? There hasn't been a fairy king in a very long time here," Princess Luna scoffed a little annoyed with the self-proclaimed king. "Not since before my birth at least."

"I do not claim to be a king at all," Gar shook his head. "I am merely Gar and was granted the Title by my friend who gifted my the King's Spear and the magical Power of 'Disaster'."

"Can you prove this title?" Princess Celestia crossed her arms.

"I can only do so by saying the forest in which I reside seems to be very accepting of my presence, as if I were one with nature itself," Gar said in a slightly warm voice. "Animals do not fear me upon approach and actually come to me. The and the plants and fauna speak with me in subtle ways in which I fully understand."

Princess Celestia looked at her beloved Philomena. "It would explain why Philomena was so attached to you. We will have to further discuss this at a later date with you in order to further test and verify what you say is true. I'm sure you understand."

"As long as it doesn't involve the unnecessary harm or others or wrongdoings to nature," Gar nodded.

"Yes, well, we must properly thank you for what you've done for us and our ponies," Princess Cadance put the conversation back on its proper course.

"Yes, we have all discussed this at length with each other and we would like to make you an offer," Princess Luna backed her niece. "We wish to make you a lord and Knight of both the Crystal Empire and Equestria."

"Do you object?" Princess Celestia looked to Gar.

Gar summoned his spear to his hand and canceled his hovering knelt on the ground slightly embedding his spear's tip in the floor. "I find this to be an acceptable form of compensation but before I accept I must ask what does this entail?"

"As a knight, you while automatically become an Equestrian and be granted the title of Sir and lord. You will gain access to certain things like your access to your own land to do with what you will. You will be a noble and aloud here anytime you wish and may see us whenever you feel it necessary," Princess Celestia explained. "You will also be called to defend either the Empire or Equestria on certain matters, being diplomatic or facing an enemy or to fight in times of war."

"Will you accept?" They awaited with bated breath.

Just as Gar was about to answer when a pony, a unicorn stallion, stomped into the throne room. He was tallish, roughly around Princess Cadance's height perhaps a tad short. His mane and tail were a golden blonde with his mane being pulled into a ponytail, He had royal blue eyes and was wearing a white military-style uniform with gold trim and ornamentations with a blue and gold trim oriented coat that he wore draped from his left shoulder. On the coat was a compass with two crossed sabers above it on the back and on his hip was a heavy saber.

The stallion came up and eyed Gar's friends and gave Gar a slight sneer upon his approach to the throne. He then kneeled in front of the princesses. "My dear Aunts and Dear cousin," He addresses the royalty with respect.

"Prince Blueblood," Princess acknowledged the stallion. "What brings you to us today?"

"The guard regiment you sent out to retrieve the prisoners with this... creature have returned and reported the were met with hostilities from him," Prince Blueblood explained.

Princess Cadance looked from Gar to her cousin. "Are they alright?"

"Other than smelling like the just came from a literal shit-filled barrel the appeared unharmed," Prince Blueblood explained in disgust. "One of them... came in without this helmet."

"What happened to him and it?" Princess Celestia said in a stern tone.

"He was fine upon a scan spell," Prince Blue blood went on. "And as for his helmet, it was crushed into a ball by this creature," he pointed at Gar in irritation. "I have all of the others to back up this statement. And you can ask the Element Bearers and the zebra."

"Gar is this true?" Princess Luna looked at the smiling monster.

"They were informed to back off and even ordered to do by Princess Twilight," Gar explained in his flat tone. "They were informed that I would be more than enough to keep Tempest 'inline' as it were. They then kindly disobeyed her for you two and went about trying to arrest my friends, to which I STEPPED in and proceeded to make an explanation of the aforementioned helmet."

"No pony was... was physically hurt, other than their pride of course," Twilight stepped up.

"I consider being forced to march all the way back to the barracks here form the train station in their own filth more than just hurt pride princess," Prince Blueblood shot back.

"Please elaborate," Luna raised an eyebrow.

"Gar literally scared them so bad the shit their pants," Rainbow came right out with a laugh. "OW! What was that for?"

She glared at Applejack who had cold-cocked the prismatic pegasus. "For not knowin how to be a little more 'delicate' with your words."

"We can't let this creature just insult the guard and you two like this," Prince Blueblood shot to his hooves and walked over to Gar who was still knelt down but was eye level with the unicorn. "He must be punished for his crime."

"Other than a single damaged helmet, there doesn't seem to be anything we can charge him with," Princess Cadance interrupted. "The guards were ordered to stand down and didn't Twilight hold just as much authority as we do and yet the guards disobeyed her."

"Be that as it may he has still been harboring war criminals," Blueblood looked to Tempest and Grubber with a scowl. "I demand he been arrested on charges for harboring fugitives."

"Then you must arrest me too, as I welcomed them into my home too," Zecora stepped forward.

"That will not be necessary," Princess Celestia cut in. "We knew they were with you two the time."

"We were there when Gar was unloaded still a statue if you will recall," Luna reminded everypony.

"As for the guards, they were doing as ordered but then disobeyed those orders,"Princess Celestia sighed and looked at Grubber and Tempest. Her eyes grew wide as she noticed the metallic horn on Tempest's forehead. "We simply wished to speak with the two of you. As for the guards,” The princesses’ attention was back on Prince Blueblood. "I believe they have had enough punishment for disobeying a princess. As for Gar, we can overlook a crushed helmet. You were merely protecting your friends as you saw fit, and at the end of the day no pony was hurt beyond their pride." She looked to her sister and nieces who nodded in agreement and looked at Gar with a warming smile to everypony's delight and relief, but Blueblood's disgust and outrage.

"Thank you your highnesses," Gar bowed his head. "Now I will depart." He rose to his feet and Blueblood looked on in awe as Gar now towered over the stallion, he even taller than Princess Celestia in his true form.

"Wait," Princess Luna stopped the demonic Fairy King. "We still haven't heard your response to our offer."

"I do what I do because it is what I want to do and because it is was I think is right your highnesses," Gar kept up his monotone. "I am sorry but I must decline as I will not be at your beck and call to save this land. I merely do what I do because it is my choice. I saved Twilight and her friends originally because they were Zecora's friends and not mine as I had only just met them moments before the attack on your city." the other looked down a little disheartened. "But I also thought they were these lands only hope. As we traveled I still considered them little more than acquaintances until Twilight and everypony called me their friend."

"Is that why you continue to risk your life for them time and again. Even go so far as to look after them and spur them on even when Twilight thought there was nothing for them?" Princess Celestia asked looked sternly at him.

"I thought it was the duty of friends to stand and protect each other in if they had the power to do so and to stand by each other and support when times are hard," Gar explained as he looked at the rulers.

Even though his voice wasn't emotional she saw it in his eyes, he was being sincere, "You may not be of Equestria but you have had many friendships and experienced a great loss in your life haven't you?" Princess Celestia looked to Princess Luna.

"Before I become what I AM now, that is all very true," Gar continued. "I had many friends and was very outgoing in life. I studied the stars and hope to one day become an astronomer. " This caught Luna's attention. "Though my body has changed my aspiration has not. I have been up many nights here studying the night sky of this land and find it much more appealing to watch than the constellation of my homeworld."

"You studied the stars, that is most surprising," Princess Celestia said in shock. "I am sorry to press but you agreed with me when I mentioned you've known loss?"

"In a sense very similar to your situation princesses," Gar began to enlighten them while Blueblood seethed with anger. "I lost my oldest brother nearly ten years ago. He was ousted from our family by our parents and disappeared. He was pronounced dead though his body was never found and my second brother always said our older brother was still alive. I made peace with his supposed death."

"Supposed?" Twilight looked on in confusion.

"Yes, some months before my own appearance here my second older brother went missing too." Gar confirmed. "My first brother went missing in the early days of the Displaced so it was written of bey me as nothing. Then my second brother went missing in a similar manner to others. Had I BEEN MORE involved with their lifestyles I WOULD'VE put it together long ago. Upon my arrival I the land I received a letter from my brothers explaining a bit of what the Displaced are and what we do."

"I'm sorry that you were forced here," Twilight came up and placed a hand on Gar's back. "Sorry you can't see your family either," she looked at Cadence.

Gar placed a large hand on her head and patted it to everyone's surprise. "It's okay. From what they've told me in the letter they're both very happy in their new lives. I can guess my oldest brother at least has a family by now. I didn't think to ask him when I met him in the other world."

"Ya met up with him?" Applejack asked. "But Ah thought ya were the one who was summoned away? How'd ya see him?"

"He simply showed up and had a spat with the Displaced that summoned me then left on his own," Gar said with a bit of confusion in his voice.

"If he has been gone ten years then it would’ve allowed him to amass some powers in a similar manner to the way you have," Princess Celestia rubbed her chin.

"The flow of time may be different in the other worlds too," Twilight added curiously looking at Gar who shrugged.

"So there's no telling how powerful he is, or how powerful you could become," Blueblood cut in and pulled out his blade and pointed it at Gar, who reflexively guarded Twilight with his arm as the blade dug into his thick arm. A trickle of blood ran down and dripped onto the floor. "You're a threat and a disaster waiting to happen! Step away from her, now!"

"Captain of the guard stand down now!" Princess Luna shot to her feet.

"We can't take any chances, look how he took Princess Twilight hostage," Blueblood glared at Gar.

"Hostage," Princess Cadance said in disbelief as she was too on her feet, along with Princess Celestia. With her wings flared she continued, "You and I have must very different definitions as to what a hostage is, dear cousin. That is not a hostage stance he's taken but a protective one. Had he not thrown up his arm you would've hit Twilight in the shoulder with your sword."

"Blue," Celestia called out calmly. "Take a look in front of you."

Blueblood looked to see the first sign of emotion that Gar had ever shown him and it was one of anger. Gar's brow line was bent down and twitched ever so slightly. The jaws on the monster's face were ever so slightly open as it glared at him, Blueblood could hear a slight hissing noise coming from Gar. He then looked to his sword and it would have indeed pierced Twilight's shoulder had Gar not stopped the sword or thrown her from harm’s way, but rather than risk any injury to her at all he took the blade and used both his arms to shield the youngest Princess.

"If you had escalated he wouldn't have hesitated to end your life dear nephew," Princess Luna walked and motioned upward with her head. Blueblood looked to see two bladed tendrils coming from Gar's back aimed straight at him and the Prince took a hard gulp.

"Let this be a lesson to you Prince Blood," Came the voice of Tempest. "He doesn't hesitate to kill, at all. I would be dead if not save from him by Grubber here," She placed a hand on the little man's shoulder.

"Yea, same here kinda," Grubber lifted his shirt to reveal a massive spiral over most of the left half of his body. "I owe the big guy quite a bit. He was such a bad guy he wouldn't have felt bad for Tempy and saved me."

"The point is if he wanted you dead you be dead," Tempest warned.

"Thanks for saving me again," Twilight looked up to him slightly.

"Gar," one of Gar's eyes shifted to Princess Celestia who'd come down from her throne and had her hands up. "He won't do anything else okay," she looked to her nephew who released his grip on the sword still embedded in Gar's arms while he kept hissing at the Prince. Blueblood slowly backed away with the tendrils still pointed at him.

Gar released Twilight from his hold and let her go to her friends while Zecora, Tempest, and Grubber rushed to Gar's side to look over his wound. Gar pulled the sword arm himself with the wound healing instantly to the princesses’ shock. He walked over to Blueblood who was sitting on the steps of the thrones.

"I am sorry but I acted on instinct," Gar gave the sword back to its owner. "I am not without emotion, they are there but severely suppressed. I have recently begun to get the urge to protect, especially my friends and children to the point I go into a berserk state if I see them severely harmed. I do understand your worry to protect this land but know that I WILL NOT HARM ITS PEOPLE."

"Will you at least consider accepting the Knight title?" Luna looked at Gar. "You would be a great asset in helping protect the land."

"I will as long as I am not put out in battle as a first resort," Gar looked at the princesses and the nodded. "It is mostly for the reason to prevent of unnecessary deaths."

"We understand," Princess Celestia nodded.

"Gar, when you protected Twilight just now," Princess Cadance looked to her sister-in-law. "Why didn't you just push her out of the way?"

"Because I am much stronger than any pony and would have seriously hurt the young princess in doing so when acting on instinct," Gar looked at Twilight. "I took the most logical choice in order to make sure she remained safe."

"Mhmm..." Princess Cadance smirked. The royal pony sisters knew the look on the third princess's face and giggle while Gar merely raised an eyebrow.

"There are a few more details to iron out in your new title but they can wait," Princess Celestia said with a warm tone. "You'll have to remain in Canterlot for a few days while they're addressed and then we can get to you knight."

"Yes, is there anything we can do while we wait in that time?" Luna asked.

"Yes, I am not one for fighting. I rely on instinct on plans made in the heat of battle," Gar looked at the royals. " I am also inexperienced in the use of my magic powers and the use of my spear. If you would be willing to teach me I would be most grateful."

"I do't see why we can't," Celestia giggled.

"Perhaps you best stick with more powerful opponents anyhow," Luna looked to Blueblood.

"If you allow me to monitor you I WILL TRAIN YOU," Blueblood got to his feet. "It will allow both of us to get some semblance of each others'... mindset. But I still don't like the fact something like you with your type of destructive potential and ability to grow even stronger is wandering around this world."

"I agree," Gar nodded in approval.

"This will also allow you to wander the city and get to know a few of its in inhabitants," Princess Celestia added. "So lunch?"

Everypony sat at the dining hall table as the watched Gar easily polish off a ten coarse meal that could've fed ten large stallions, tops. All but Zecora, Tempest, and Grubber sat with the mouths on the table while Pinkie cheered him on in a cheerleader outfit. Gar soon let out a very satisfied sigh of relief.

"I swear I never saw him eat that much when we traveled," Twilight whispered to the other princesses.

"I don't what's more shocking," Luna said for all to hear. "The fact that he easily ate three times a ponies weight in food or the fact that he did so with ease, finis, and most of all manners. All with a party planner cheerleader. Where'd she even get that outfit?" She looked around but no one answered.

"Gar requires a proper meal to maintain his body," Zecora explained. "Due to his quick-shifting his body metabolizes a lot of energy very fast and he requires him to eat a large meal preferably mainly red meats, especially if it has been a while and due to his large size he requires a bit of sleep as well.

"But we hardly saw you eat when we were traveling," Twilight contradicted the shaman.

"Because I did not really need to at the time as sleeping and my small zebra from kept my metabolism down enough to where I could rely on smaller meals that were available to me at the time," Gar explained.

"So that's why you stuffed your face whenever we had food," Rainbow grinned at her 'ah-ha' moment.

"Yes," Gar reply. "It is also why Captain Celeano's ship no longer had any rats," everyone gagged at that comment. "Now," he looked at Prince Blueblood. “Is there somewhere we can go for sparring? And I do not intend and 'pulling any punches' as it were. I have a few things I need to confirm I can do."

"Why not the underground arena?" Princess Luna suggested. "It is out of sight of the public, much sturdier than the colosseum, and has better reinforcement wards and spells"

"I agree," Princess Celestia nodded, "for many of the same reasons. No offense Gar but we don't exactly know how much magical power you have access too and your physical strength is already far above that of any known earth pony, guard, or other whys."

"No offense was taken Princess," Gar said monotonously. "You were merely stating facts as not even I know how much magical power I have. The things I can do with my fairy magic are very wide from what knowledge I have of them and the same can be said for my demon magic. More still are my own biology. I found that I have certain powers that manifested under certain conditions."

"And in order to know what triggers these abilities you need to recreate those conditions," Twilight placed her thumb and pointer finger under her chain.

"Yes but to do say I need to fight somepony that won't hesitate to fight me," Gar turned to Princes Blueblood. "Some who views me as a potential threat, and would stop at nothing to bring my down should I EVER turn on the ponies."

"I understand why you chose me," Prince Blueblood set his wine glass down and the group left the dining hall. "Know that you're line of thinking about me is spot on. I know you protect Twilight but in my eyes, you are an even bigger threat to this land than the Storm King was. I'm grateful to you for what you did but I will kill you and I THOROUGHLY intend on trying my hard even if its just a sparring match too help you learn control."

"My older brother once told me 'you should go into any fight with the intent to kill your opponent, as if you know you won't walk away alive'.' Gar looked at everyone.

"He sounds like he was well versed in the art of fighting one on one matches," Princess Cadance tilted her head.

Gar nodded. "He does."

"The older brothers you mentioned. Which one is is this time?" Princess Celestia looked on curiously.

"My second brother." Gar shed some light on the details. "He studied many forms of martial arts and techniques while wondering a continent for a few years before our eldest disappearance and some time after. It was all to further his career but I think he took more from his masters than he realized."

"Was he strong for you whatever you are?" Rainbow asked with baited breathe.

"They're called humans, we are closely related to apes but with smaller facial features and much less hair," Gar explained. "And yes Rainbow, he was incredibly strong for one of our race, though he never admitted it and he always thought hoers were stronger. He mastered several basic martial arts to the point he perfected them, but never went above the rank of black belt in many that had a class system."

"Ah wonder what he's like?" Applejack ponder and comes up with a muscle-bound meathead. "Ah, never mind."

"Contrary to whatever image you have in your head right now, Joseph was a very honorable and kind man," Gar said as the group walked through the halls. "Taller then Allen but still shorter than me. He did have a bit of a build but nothing beyond average. He was a great actor though he never pursued more than secondary roles or stunt positions. He had numerous skills he picked up to allow him to become a better actor. He also likes wood crafts, which was what made him stand out amongst the three of us."

"Sound s lame," Rainbow Dash cut in. "I'd rather taken him on in a fight."

"He would finish you in a few minutes," Gar said abruptly.

"No way he's that good?" Rainbow shrugged.

"He was, and like I said Rainbow, he took every fight as if his life was on the line," Gar said as the Princesses lead them to a large set of doors.

"This is your entrance, Blue's is on the other side," Princess Celestia said. No pony had noticed the Prince slip away.

"Shall we?" Princess Luna gestured to another door for the others. "Give us a show will you?"

"Yes," Gar said as he turned towards his doors, as he felt a slight twinge of excitement. "Let's go." He pushed open the doors and walked in.