• Published 30th Jun 2020
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The Smiling Monster of the Everfree - Ghost Alvasa

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Passing the Day at the homestead, Summoned

Gar's POV

It had now been approximately two week since my release from the obsidian curse. Have to say it wasn't that of an unpleasant experience and I found most of to be rather soothing, allowing my to ponder many things. Would I mind staying like that, yes I would for small amounts of time anyway. I still find much enjoyment in being able to move and explore the world around me. I found that I also rather enjoyed have Grubber and Tempest, or as she revealed the next day of my revival Fizzle Pop Berry Twist was her real name. I still call her Tempest as I think it fits her better and Grubber calls her Tempy, it was cute.They didn't sit around my home either and were very dedicated workers.

After I awoke the next morning I was tackled to the ground by Zecora and Twilight in a two -on-one combo as it is called by some knocking a whole in the side of my home with my own head. I used the excuse that I needed to add on to the hut for Tempest and Grubber's rooms as to allow them to feel as little guilt as possible, and it was not a lie either.

It was safe to say I was very missed by many in my short stint I spent under the curse. Not long after we had some food, which I thoroughly massacred to everyone else's dismay, the others came by my home. I should say everyone . We had Celeano and her crew, Capper, the Element Bearers and some of their families. To my shock the little sisters of Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack, and Rarity actually steer at me with big sparkling eyes and asked me all manner of child like questions and I couldn't help but give straight answers outright. They never showed any signs of fear towards me, only wonder and curiosity.

Currently, Grubber and I were outside cutting firewood and splitting logs for Zecora tree and my hut. I would chop and split while Grubber would haul and stack the lumber. I'd place a log in front of me and with a bladed tendril split it into fourths. Grubber would then gather and put them either in Zecora home or on a sled that we'd take to my home.

The little man was a little crossed with me for trying to kill Tempest but was willing to move past it after she explained ho w it was me that save him for the most part and how it was i the restored her horn. Speaking of her horn, Tempest was able to use most basic magics with veritable ease, some better than her teacher who was none other than Twilight. Tempest found that she was particularly skilled with flame based magic, especially colorful pyrotechnics similar to fire work. We found out when she and Twilight were practicing one day and nearly blow us all up.

I was currently waiting for the newest princess to come by with her friends and till me that her mentor, her mentor's sister and the third princesses all wanted to see me. I had full excepted to be left a statue, or be awakened in the castle judged and locked away being deemed a threat to their subjects.

"Gar, Grubber, lunch is just about ready," Tempest called out from Zecora hut, light glinting off her metallic horn, hitting me in one of the eyes.

"Very well," I said shifting my arms back to normal. I have been staying in zebra form while indoor to cut down on taking up so much space. "Hungry Grubber?"

"Yea, stackin wood really burns calories," He remarked. "What did Tempy and Zecora make for lunch? Man that is so weird to say. I feel ,like I should wash my mouth out with soap. Tempy ... make... for.. lunch.. Yep. feels completely wrong."

"I can understand, and I they fixed the usual," I said licking my lips.

"Yea, something to do with hydra," Grubber pouted. "I don't see how you can constantly eat something like that. To much protein man and venom in it, Yuck! I mean I get every now and then because its supposed to be a hard to obtain type of meat."

"How could you constantly eat cupcakes and sweets?" I shot back.

"Whoa, whoa,whoa, not the some. There are many different types of cakes and sub sects of cupcakes and ways to make them for everyone. You can't compare anyone to another especially when one pony uses different recipes to make the same cake or if the same pony use and another use the exactly same recipe to make the same cake at the same time. They'll still come out different."

"Valid and thorough reasoning," I deadpanned.

"What were you two arguing about?" Tempest said with squinted vision as we enter the tree house.

"Valid reasoning behind our preferred diets," I said outright.

"What?" Tempest shook her head.

"They were talking why the like to eat what they eat Tempest," Zecora snickered.

"Why couldn't he just say that?" Tempest huffed annoyed.

"I did," I said bluntly.

"He can't help, Gar is... very forth right with his wording in technical terms," Zecora giggled. 'He has been like this since we found each other in the woods about a two months ago. It's only when he looses control of his emotions that her words is less scientific and more meaningful, Soup?"

"You please," I eagerly took the bowl. And Zecora hit the nail on the head. I couldn't really help the way Spoke to others, even though my way of thinking was more or less the same as it has always been. My words just came out as they did.

"Hydra soup yay," Grubber took a blow as he rolled his eyes.

"Not hydra this time Grubber, fish," Tempest corrected. "Gar mentioned that you were getting a little sick of all the hydra dish so he went out and caught fish a day or so ago while I was practicing with Twilight."

"He may talk odd and look like he'll tear you apart with out second thought but he does have a kind heart," Zecora smiled.

"It should be any day now," I finished my stew.

"What Gar? Going somewhere?" Tempest tilted her head.

"I must go see the princesses," I said straight forward. "It is odd that they have not had Twilight come to me with her friends asking me to come to the castle."

"I to find it odd they haven't summoned you," Zecora pondered.

"We'll go with with you when they do," Tempest said. "I have a lot to answer for to."

"I won't let any harm come to you Tempest," I reassured her. "You are Twilight's student and my friend. You have more than proven that you wish to show you are repentant is genuine."

"Thank you but I can't hide in the Everfree Forrest and have to face the consequences of what I did," Tempest looked down in regret.

"Very well, then we shall go to the palace tomorrow, together," I said with a deep resolve. Lately my emotions to protect and be there for those I call friends have been growing much stronger. Even more so when the Elements brought their little sisters to see me, all I wanted to do was keep them from harm.

"Gar are sure that's wise?" Zecora asked me with a look of deep concern on her face.

"I do not know but nothing can be gained if we continue to wait here," I explained. "The only reason we have had peace is because no one dears set foot in the forest and because no one no town knows who Tempest is outside the Elements, there sister, and Spike."

"But why you wanna take her to see the Princesses?" Grubber threw his arms up in a fit. "You know all they'll do is look her up, me too, and I'll die before I let that happen to her."

"DON'T EVER SAY THAT AGAIN!" Tempest said with tears in her eyes. "I... I can't lose you again Grubber. If the lock me up then they lock me up and I want you to call Capper or Celeano. They'll at least take you some where safe and I'll rest better knowing your alive at least. You'll make sure he calls them won't you, Zecora?" Zecora gave a soft nod. "Thanks."

And then I heard it as did everyone else, "Come here, Gar!"

A large swirling portal opened up in the middle of the room, I honestly never expected this.

"What was that voice and what in the name of Tartarus is that!" Tempest yelled in fear.

"It looks as I have been summoned," I flatly. "I do not know when I shall return but until I do do not go to Canterlot." I looked at Tempest eyes, they were filled with fear and that is something the wrench my very so. I walked over and pulled my visit and pants of the couch and got dressed then grabbed my hat. "I shall return my friends until then be safe." I said as I jumped into the portal.