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The Smiling Monster of the Everfree - Ghost Alvasa

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Secrets Under the Ocean, the Siege of Canterlot

Author's Note:

Probably could've done this in two small chapters and I've had it finished since Sunday but had a bit of other stuff going on. I know there are a ton of spelling errors in and I don't care, but I DO HOPE everyone enjoys the latest chapter for Gar. Idea's to add into the story are welcome just PM me with. Gar will be more of a challenge to write for due to being introduced so late in the timeline and due to that in his Character's anime he was the bad guy. Like I said give me ideas guys. Its not commission but for fun and if you up for I would love to write but know that you will be referred to for the idea unless asked not to be.
Please enjoy and comment!

Alvasa Out!

Gar was the first to wake once again. He looked around to see nothing but snoring ponies plus one dragon. He walked out of the house they'd spent the night in and looked up to the sky only to see overcast grey clouds. His attention turned back to the remains of the campfire still smoldering in the makeshift fire pit that he'd built from a few loose stones that had been lying around the city.

"Mmm..." Gar looked to the house where everyone. "I can at least make them some morning tea to help wake them up." He went to a few of the houses once again and gathered some of the leaves of the plants he needed to make a certain brew that would work similarly to coffee. "I just hope I can get Allen's recipe right or this stuff will give them a big kick in the pants for about an hour and then a major crash for the three after it," Gar said as he started a new fire and started to boil some water while crashing the plants he picked and then added them to the water. "Now I wait for the others to get up. I sure hope we can find something here."

It didn't take long, maybe another hour, before the others started to stir from their sleep.

"Not the best sleep I've ever had but at I was able to do it easily," Rarity yawns.

"We did go through quite a bit of a few hassles yesterday," Applejack stretched. "Ah can't say Ah'm not surprised that we were pretty worn out."

"I would say it was just a dream I we weren't waking up in an abandoned town," Rainbow popped her wings.

"I just hope we can find something that can help us or either lead us to the hippogriffs," Spike yawned as he scratched his head.

"I agree with you Spike," Twilight looked at her little brother a bit unnerved

"Um... everypony, where's Gar?" Fluttershy looked around.

"Now that ya mention it," Apple jack looked around the house. "No, and Pinkie is gone to."

"You don't think he took her do you?" Spike question, still not completely convinced of Gar's motives.

"Does anypony else small that wonderful aroma?" Rarity sniffed the air.

"I'm pretty sure I KNOW where our Pinkie Pie went now," Rainbow rolled her eyes with a smirk. "Let's go see what she's cooking.'

They all excited the house expecting to the party planner working on something for breakfast but were stumped to find her sitting quieting sipping on a cup of hot tea.

"Morning Girls and Spike," Pinkie giggled. "You six sure took your time to wake up."

"Can ya blames us sugarcube?" Applejack put her hand on her hips. "Especially after the day we had yesterday?"

They all looked to in front of Pinkie to see a domed mound of rock around the fire pit of last night.

"Neato sin't it." Pinkie chirped.

"What is that thing dear?" Rarity looked at her friend pondering.

"It's a rocket stove and rock oven made from rocks," Pinkie said as she sat back down and sip on her tea. ""We used to use them all the time in the fields back on the rock farm."

"You certainly went through some trouble to build this didn't you Pinkie," Twilight looked over the construct and smelled something delightful from the oven. She looked in it to see a loaf of bread baking.

"Oh, I didn't build this," Pinkie interrupted. "Gar built it. He put the bread in some time ago, said he wanted us to have something for breakfast to go with the tea he made."

"I just don't understand that guy," Spike crossed his arms. "I can get protecting Twi and us the first times cause we're Zecora's friends but then he goes and almost kills himself to fight Tempest and her crew off. Now he's making us breakfast? With rocks?"

"It's not unheard of to use rock in this way Spike," Twilight explained. "These are very primitive but effective means of survival. But where did he got the stuff he needed for the bread?"

"I found the necessary plant around the town," Gar said as he came out and with some wood and stoke the fire. "And the reason I helped you little one is because you're Zecora's friends and the hope of your country. I made you breakfast because you need food and I wanted to say thank you for helping heal me."

"Don't forget you're our friend to," Twilight smiled.

"Mhmm..." Gar gave a solemn nod. "Now, all off you must eat." he pulled the bread from the oven and sliced it into individual pieces and let them cool before giving them to everypony and dragon. " The tea is a blend of of lavender, ginger root, and spearmint. It will help energize your bodies, but do be careful and not have to much."

"What'll happen?" Twilight winced from her cup.

"You will get something similar to a sugar rush for around an hour, followed by a hard crash for the next three where all you want to do is sleep," Gar said bluntly. "The bread was wheat with blackberries in it. I'm sorry but there wasn't much else in the local area to work with and I didn't think it was the best judge of character to wonder to for from all of you encase the enemy appeared."

"Why? you trashed Tempest, didn't you?" Rainbow said nervously.

"That I did but she is not dead," Gar stoked the fire.

"Why didn't ya finish her off?" Applejack said in horror.

"Believe me when I say I most definitely tried and had the chance to but I could not bring myself to do so in the end," Gar said with a weak voice, "The little man that is always with her saved her the first time and took the fatal bullet for her the first time. I would have killed her had he not saved her for sure. The second time my blade was at her throat as she was ready to die."

"Why'd you stop?" Fluttershy shuddered.

"She was crying." Gar looked at all of them as the fire dance in his eyes."Crying so disparately for that little man to stay alive. The sadness in her eyes reminded me of myself when I thought my own older brother was dead ten years ago. I couldn't bring myself to kill her or let the little man die, so I spared her from the pain of loss and the release of death by save her friend. She did say she was still coming though."

"It's like we told those birds yesterday," Rarity chimed in. "You may look like a monster but you have a good heart."

"And smile," Pinkie added.

"Yes that does seem to be one of me best and favorite feature," Gar chuckled, to everyone's shock. "Now eat and drink, we have a lot of ground to cover today and we need to stay together when we look around." They all nodded in agreement.

The group stayed quiet as the enjoyed their minor breakfast before the started to look around the city. They went through and checked at the building they could but still find no signs of life other than birds and plants. It was just as Capper had said, the Hippogriff just up and left.

"Mmmm..." Gar thought as he came to the mouth of a cave.

"What is it?" Twilight looked in as she came up next to the monster.

"Smell the air," Gar pointed into the cave.

Twilight nodded. "It smells like the ocean."

"There must be an a part of the cave further back that leads into a system of underwater tunnels the lead into the open ocean,"Gar explained.

"I could understand that if we closer to the base of the mountain but why would the be at the summit?" Twilight thought.

"They wouldn't naturally occur this high up and still have this strong up a scent unless they wave lead directly into the open ocean," Gar decides to start walking in.

"Are you saying the hippogriffs swam out of here instead of flew," Rainbow said in disbelief. "That makes no sense."

"Actually it makes perfect sense," Twilight realized. "The Storm King's forces are based around airship superiority, not naval superiority, meaning if the escape the best and safest place was in the water."

"Does anypony else here singing?' Aj said her ears twitched.

"Your right darling," Rarity listened. "Maybe this place isn't as abandoned as we were lead to believe."

"No, the city has definitely gone unlived in for many years." Gar corrected as he motioned the others to follow into the cave. "Be careful, we don't want to startle anyone."

"Maybe it's one of the hippogriffies," Pinkie bounced along.

"It's a lead of some kind," Gar deadpanned.

The followed the sound of the singing until the came to an open area with what looked to have a giant glowing pink lotus in it. Surrounding the giant flower was a lot of water.

Gar extended his finger into the water to test his theory, 'Saltwater. This is indeed and underground outlet into the ocean.'

Rainbow started to fly up to the roof of the cave to see if she could get a look at who was humming the melody when she knocked her head into a stalagmite that proceeded to break and fall off into the water.

"Uh... who's there?" the pony from inside the lotus before swiftly jumping into the water.

"No wait!" Twilight started to say before the splash. "There goes our only lead," she plopped down into the water.

"Sorry guys," Rainbow landed on shore as she looked discouraged.

"What we do now?" Spike looked at everyone.

"We keep moving forward," Gar encouraged as he moved to examine the lotus when everyone heard a clicking sound and the lotus closed up and was pulled down.

Twilight got caught in the current of the whirl pull and was sucked in along with Gar. Soon everyone tried to help and was sucked underwater. As they started to lose consciousness Twilight saw a glowing yellow light and then blackout. Gar however had already formed gills and pretended to pass out. He changed his vision to infrared see what looked like a mermaid but with equine features putting bubbles on everyone's heads so they could breathe.

Not long everyone can around

"Woo, nice work there Twilight," Applejack breathed a sigh of release.

"I didn't do this," Twilight corrected and Applejack looked to Gar who shook hi shad and pointed the glowing yellow light. "Hello, can you help us? We're looking for the hippogriffs, we need their help."

"Mmm... I may know where they are but how do I know I can TRUST you?" The light said with a bit of skepticism.

"Our home, Equestria, was attacked by the Storm King's forces and three of our princess captured for their magic. We were told to seek out the hippogriffs for help," Twilight pleaded. "Can you please take us to them?"

"Weeeelll..... okay," the light said cheerfully as it died down to reveal a yellow mer-equine girl.

"Oh my gosh, are you a sea-pony?" Twilight gushed.

"GUILTY!" The sea pony sang."My name is Sky Star. I'll take you to my mom. She'll know what to do. Follow me!"

They all followed Sky Star as she led the way through a network of caves the lead to a bright underwater city teeming with thousands of other colorful sea-ponies. Sky Star lead the group into what looked like a throne room with a large pearl whit regal-looking sea-pony sitting on a throne.

"Mom, mom, look at i found," Sky swam around her mother.

"Let me guess, another shell," the older sea-pony lazily said, "Because if its another shell-AAAA!" She looked in shock. "Princess Sky Star, what have you done? You know land-dwellers aren't allowed here. Guards!"

Sea-ponies wielding spears quickly shot from the walls and surrounded Gar and his friends.

"No mom it's not like that, the Storm King invaded their home to take there magic," Sky Star pleaded with her mother.

"Please, we're looking for the hippogriffs, can you take us to them?" Twilight begged.

"There is no need to look any further," Gar cut in.

"After everything you did and said now you choose to give up," Spike flailed his arms.

"When did I say I gave up," Gar corrected as he turned his attention back to the sea-ponies. "I said we don't need to look any further and the reason I said that is because we found what we've been looking for."

"You're an odd one," Sky Star's mother eyed Gar. "I've never known a Zebra to have a herd of ponies before. And why is it that you said you've found what you are looking for?"

"They are me friends and I am their protector," Gar scowled. "And I said that because we've found the hippogriffs, or more precisely what were the hippogriffs. In this land, I would expect you to have a powerful magic artifact that transformed your whole race into sea-ponies. That is what the Storm King targeted in the first place but after your intense battle with his forces you were all left drained and scared so you used that very artifact to transform yourselves from hippogriffs to the sea-ponies you are now."

"You're A LOT smarter than you look," Sky Star giggled. "Yes, my mom, Queen Novo, transformed us all in order to protect us so we could hide here."

"I want the spears out of my friends' faces now please," Gar looked at the queen.

"One moment while I get something," Queen Novo said as the jellyfish structure above released a giant pink pearl and she waved off her guards. "As you said I use and artifact to save my subjects, and this is how-" She rubbed the pearl sending rings of magic over the group changing then into sea-ponies while the guards swam back, except Gar who just morphed his body to make it appear as it had. "That explains what happened."

"This is great," Twilight swam up. "With this, we can save everypony."

Gar swan up and placed a webbed hand on Twilight shoulder. "If they consent Twilight. Just because the can doesn't mean the will or even have to."

"But-" Twilight said.

"I'm sorry, but your friend is right and I have my own subjects that I must think about before yours." Queen Novo placed the pearl back in its resting place. "I have other business I must see to." She said as she swam off.

"Oh, I know. You can all stay down here with us," Sky Star clapped her webbed hands together. "It'll be so much fun, there are so many things I can teach to with shells."

"I'm sorry," Gar interrupted. "But we must return to the surface. Our friends, their families," he motioned to the others. "They need help and we're the only one that can save their home."

"Oh, um, then I'll ah, just go get me mom so she can change you all back and you can go home," Sky Star looked down in anguish.

"Do we have to go back so soon?" Pinkie cut in "Princess Sky Star looked so sad."

"Sorry Pinkie but-" Rainbow started to say but was cut off by Twilight's hand over her mouth.

"No, Pinkie is right, we can spare a few minutes for her," Twilight gave a rough chuckle.

"Come everypony," Pinkie giggled with glee as she and most of the others swam after Sky Star and started singing another song. Everyone but Gar who stayed back in the shadows and watched Twilight slip away from the group and back into the throne room.

"Now, how do I get that pearl?" Twilight said quietly as she swam up to the jellyfish.

"Or you could not get it," Gar said bluntly.

"Gar, uh I thought you were going with everypony else," Twilight chuckled nervously.

"I don't sing Twilight," Gar deadpanned. "I consider you a friend and I know when someone is plotting something."

"What do you mean?" She looked around the room.

"I understand you want to save your people and your home but this is not the way to do it," She looked at him in shame. He scowled at her, "We can't just take their magic because we need it, that would make us no better than the one we're trying to fight," He let out a sigh "If I have to be the weapon you need then I will. Now come along, everypony will be wondering where we are."

The swam along and met back up with their friends.

"Guess what?" Pinkie swam in circles. "They're gonna help us!"

"But how?" Twilight looked around to the entire city's residents.

"All it takes is one small thing," Gar smiled as the Queen swam up.

"I'd forgotten what felt like to play and sing with others," Queen Novo looked around at all the happy faces of her subjects. "Hmm... perhaps we've been down here too long?"

"Does that mean you'll help us?' Twilight swam up wit a hopeful smile.

The Queen gave a soft nod, "We will. Come let's change you and your friends back and we'll join you shortly."

A few minutes Twilight and her friends were hit with the pearl's magic once again changing them back into normal ponies and the quickly swam to the surface.

Gar stayed behind. "Thank You," Queen Novo gave a soft bow as Gar nodded as he then swam upward.

"Mom, what is he?" Sky Star looked at the ascending zebra.

"He looks like a zebra but I can tell that's not what he is but I can tell he has an honest smile and a good heart," Queen Novo looked to her daughter then her subjects. "Everyone grab a piece of coral from the reef," The sea-ponies did as they were told and grab some coral and Queen Novo held up the pearl and sent waves of pink magic outward and charged the pieces of coral with the magic. "Come on everyone, it's time we regained our home and taught the Storm King why he ran in the first place," The sea erupted with cheer as the sea-ponies charged upward.

On the surface

"That was fun," Pinkie giggled.

"What now?" Rainbow rang out her tail.

"We wait on the others and then go back home and save the princesses," Twilight cheered. Suddenly a black cage caught the alicorn. "What??!"

Evil Airship

"AHAHAHA!" Came an evil laugh as the cage was reeled up and loaded onto an evil looking airship. "To think I had to come out here myself," comes the voice from the ship. Out from the fog walked a bi-pedal slender monkey looking type of a mam with white fur-clad in black armor with icy blue highlights on it. on his head was a set of two long black horns. "Just being here makes me sick, my only defeat and then I return for vengeance to see them gone. Ow will,"The man snickered. "I have what I need now, helmsman, back to Canterlot, and my new seat of power!"

"Your majesty, you haven't forgotten your promise, right?" Tempest stepped out from the shadows.

"You be quite," the king demanded. "I shouldn't have had to come out here at all. If I feel like it after I get the magic then i may fix your head."

"I don't care about my stupid horn!" Tempest roared. "I WANT YOU TO HEAL GRUBBER!"

The Storm King Quickly ran over grabbing Tempest by the throat and slammed her against the back of the ship. "I honestly don't care what I promised to you at this point as I was forced to come and rescue your sorry hide. Continue to sever me and I will see what I can do about that worm. Anger me further and he and you can both swim back to Mount Aires where you can happily live out the rest of your days with those pathetic ponies. Am I clear?"

Tempest grasped at his hand as he held her by the throat as she started to feel the waking world slipping away. The Storm King released his grip and let her fall to the ground gasping and cough. "Crystal your majesty."

Back on the beach

"Oh no," every pony said in unison.

"It's the Storm King!" Spike growled as he chased after the ship. "GAR! Help her!"

Suddenly the what began to bubble and out shot Gar into the sky in his true form. He scan the horizon and saw the ship moving out fast.

On the ship

"Tempest stood there and grabbed her throat and looked as the ship speedily moved away when she spotted something coming in fast. "Oh no, YOUR MAJESTY WE HAVE A PROBLEM!"

"What?" The Storm King came over annoyed as Tempest pointed out and held up a telescope. "What in the name of the Eye is that?!" he said as he spotted Gar.

"That's the thing that trashed my ship. It's some kind of guardian," Tempest explained in horror.

"Well, handle it," He demanded. "Now's your chances to get back my favor. Destroy i and Grubber will be healed post haste." he snickered as he walked off and Tempest bowed.

Tempest went to the rear of the ship and sparks came from her broken horn. "This is for Grubber you son of a bitch!" she roared as magical sparks of many colors shot from her head at Gar.

Gar's eyes widen as he saw the raw magic coming at him. Thinking fast he threw his arm up and expanded it into a shield as the magic hit him. He was forced back all the way to Mount Aires, crashing hard into the side of the mountain and then falling onto the beach.

"God job Tempest," The Storm King clapped. "Now, onward..."

Mount Aries

"Gar," everyone called out as the rushed to check on the behemoth. He was lying there sprawled out on the beach badly wounded.

"Oh no," Fluttershy cried as she turned to Rainbow for comfort. The in a pit lay their friend with burns, bruises, and rocks sticking out of his body.

"Is he..." Rainbow looked to Applejack.

"Ah... Ah, don't know," Applejack took off her hat and knelt down listening to his chest. "Ah her his heart, he's alive but for how long Ah can't say."

"Can we save him?" Pinkies said with tears.

"I don't know dear," Rarity patted Pinkie's back

"That blast looked like magic," Spike looked over the giant. "I'm sorry I ever doubted him."

"Heeellllllloooo everypony!" came the voice of Sky Star. She was now a hippogriff. She was still bright yellow but now sported wings and hooves in place of fins, green seafoam blue tail, hair, and eyes. Had clawed hands instead of webbed ones a beak in place of a muzzle. She was wearing a lime green seashell bikini top and a blue skirt.

"Oh, my," She came over. "What happened and who is this?"

"No point in hidin it," Applejack placed her hat back on her head. "This is Gar, what he really looks like."

"You mean the zebra," Sky Star said in disbelief.

"Yes and he needs help," Rainbow said.

Suddenly more hippogriffs came from the ocean.

"Well we can't really do much other than fight right now," Queen Novo said as she came down. "So that's what he really looks like. We'll have a time carrying him if he doesn't die first."

"How are we supposed to even get back to Equestria?" Rarity asked.

"I might be able to help," Came a smooth voice from the sky. Suddenly a personal airship descended to reveal Capper. "Found a couple of your friends on the other side of the island that were docked there. "

Celeano also appeared next to the cat. "Thanks for the lift Cap," she smirked as she jumped out and looked at Gar. "Yep he's in a bad way. We best get him on board the ship," She looked out and saw the whole army of hippogriffs in disbelief. "I'll be," she turned to the ponies and dragon. "We got work to do, let's move!" She called out and everyone all chipped in to haul Gar to her ship and while he was being treated the crew company made their way back to Equestria.

Three Days later

"Tempest why are you doing this? You're a pony," Twilight pleaded from her cage in the Canterlot throne room.

"I'm doing this because I must," Tempest glared at the Princess of Friendship.

"Why though, to get your horn back. The Storm King is just using you and when he's done he'll throw you away," Twilight stomped.

"Using me," Tempest glared. "You mean like you use that creature against me."

"I didn't use him," Twilight shot back. "He protected me because he wanted to, me and my friends. What about you? Don't you have any friends?"

"Friends? HA." Tempest scoffed. "All my friends ever did was leave me to myself after an Ursa took my horn and left me with a scar over my eye. No pony would even come close to me."

"What about that little man that was with you earlier?" Twilight crowded as Tempest approachable her cage.

"Grubber is... special to me and that's all I'll say on it," Tempest turned away as sadness took over. "But I may not even be able to see him again thanks to your monster. In that last fight during the storm, that thing threw a bolt at me and intended to fully end my life but Grubber pushed me out of the way, saving me but at great injury to himself,"

"Oh," Twilight looked down.

"But I am also grateful to that beats as I MUCH AS i hate him," Tempest sighed. "He did save grubber from dying."

"I can tell the pony you're being right now is the real Tempest, a pony who wants friends. Why not let me go and together we can beat the storm king," Twilight held out her hand.

Tempest looked at the princess with longing. "I... I... " Tempest started to reach out. "I can't, Grubber needs help an d the Storm King is the only one who can do it. I'm sorry." She trotted away.

Meanwhile down in Canterlot

"I'm tellin you that I NEED to get this cake to the Storm King or he's going to be very angry that he didn't get his afternoon snack.," Capper, who was dressed as a chef and had the mane six pulling a cart with a huge cake on it."Or do you wanna be the one to deny his royal immense his treat and suffer his wrath?"

Capper looked at the Storm Creatures guarding the gates as the discussed what to do then let the group pass.

"Thank you," Capper scoffed.

Gar then dropped off the bottom of the cart in snake form and slithered through the streets rather quickly. He'd made a full recovery thanks in no small part to Celeano's help and his friends that looked after him. In the time it took them to get to Canterlot head stocked up on fish from the open sea before they made landfall. He was now in top form and ready for a fight but his focus at the moment was to find Zecora and the ponies she'd rescued as his group need all the help they could get.

He slithered through the streets trying to pick up on Zecora's scent. It took him about five minutes before he got a solid trail that led him to a boarded-up build.

"This is where the scent is strongest and there are several trails coming from it," Gar said as he looked around before working his way into the building to be met at spear point. "Zecora it's me."

"Gar?" said a voice he recognized.

Gar quickly shifted to zebra form. "Yea and I brought some backup," Gar hugged Zecora. "As much as I want to catch up we must move quickly. Get the others you've recused and free the enslaved ponies while the Elements and I go after the Storm King."

"What about the other help?" Zecora asked.

"A whole army that once beat the Storm King," Gar said as he shifted to snake form again. "I must go, be careful," he said with a concerned tone.

She nodded, "What will the signal be?"

"You'll know it by sound," He said as he ran his fingers through her hair. "I must go," he gave her a hug and then shifted back into snake form.

Gar quickly slithered through the Canterlot streets avoiding the patrols and chain gangs of ponies.

'Perhaps I should adopt a Storm Creatue guise,' He thought to himself. Without a second thought, he shifted into a storm creature form and continued to move through the streets. He accidentally ran into a pony at one point knock the poor mare to the ground. As she cowered in fear he reached down and picked her up in his arms and took her to a nearby dwelling that had more ponies hiding in it.

"Stay here where it's safe," He patted her head. "Your city will be free of the Storm King soon."

He turned to leave when she asked him, "Who are you?"

He pulled off his mock face mask turning into a shell t reveal his true face underneath, "I'm the Smiling Monster that lives in the Everfree," He put his face back on. The ponies remembered him as he'd protected the princess when the creature first invaded.

Gar walked through the streets until he met back up with the Capper and the ponies. "Don't be alarmed," He whispered.

"You really need to be more careful with your disguises my friend," Capper let out a sigh of relief.

"We go to the castle," Gar ordered and everyone agreed. They would make their move there.

Canterlot throne room

"Now let's get this show on the road," The Storm King walked into the throne room with the three Princess statues at fixed points around the cent of the throne room and Twilight at a forth. In his hand was a three-pronged staff of some sort with a crystal at the center of the prongs. "Time for some magic," He raised his staff and slammed it into the ground and from the four princesses' horn shot all of their magic. "HAHAHAHAHA! NOW, THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT, LOOK AT THAT LIGHT SHOW!" Outside the castle, all of the magic was being drawn into the staff. "Now," he looked at Twilight, "Let's get this storm started."

The Storm King pointed his staff at Twilight and shot a blast of magic at her destroy her cage and knocking her through the main doors landing at the feet of Gar and his group.

"Twilight," Gar said as he bent down and placed a hand on her.

"Is she..." Fluttershy started to ask.

"No, she's alive somehow..." Gar glared at he laughing king. "You guys get started, I'll take on the king," Gar said as he anger caused him to release his blood lust and killing intent while he reverted back to his true form and walked into the throne room.

"Your majesty, if you would please keep your promise," Tempest begged.

"Get it through your little head Tempest, that pathetic hedgehog can go die for all I care," The Storm King chuckled as hr pushed past Tempest who fell to the floor defeated. Suddenly and overwhelming force filled the air and everyone turned to see Gar, standing in the room smiling.

"How?" Tempest recoiled in fear.

"Weren't you dead?" The Storm King raised an eyebrow.

Only gurgling was heard from Gar and then he released an unholy roar that rang out across the land that rang out for miles in all directions.

Meanwhile, high in the skies above Canterlot

"You hear the awful sound?" Celeano asked her crew who eagerly shook the heads. "Great, then we all agree that's the Monster's Signal," She smirked. "ALL HANDS ON DECK! LET'S SHOW THE STORM KING WHAT WE CAN DO! CHARGE!"

The crew went to work as the ship dove through the clouds and started to lay down fire on the Storm King fleet. Joining in on the fun were entire squads of hippogriff fighters wearing albeit old and dusty but well forged and highly protective armor and weapons. The airships were unprepared for the sudden surprise attack from not only Celeano's cannon fire but the personal assault of the hippogriffs as well.

"The hippogriffs landed on the ships and tore the crews apart with little resistance. While Celeano and her crew took them with there cannons.

"HAHA! IT FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK!" Celeano yelled in excitement.

At the same time in the Streets of Canterlot

"That howl was Gar." Zecora said as he looked over her shoulder while she met with the liberated ponies. "Come ponies of Equestria, we must drive these villains from our lands and bring back the princess to light may shine once again!" She called out.

Ponies cheered and started to emerge from everywhere. They came from homes, alleyways, and even storm drains. The began to assault the Storm creature and overwhelm them in sheer numbers as the clamored over them and started to take the weapons and turn them on the Creatures.

Soon the ponies started to free the other ponies in shackles and cages. On a nearby building stood the mare Gar had bumped into and she was hoisting a hastily made flag on a flag bent flagpole. on the flag was a croodly painted of Gar's smile.

"For Equestria!" Zecora yelled as she led the charge.

Back at the Palace

"You're a big guy aren't ya?" The Storm King joked as he started to wake over to Gar. "Look to be about my size and you can bounce back from a big hit like the one Tempest hit you with. You must be pretty strong to have given her so much trouble the last week. Let's make a deal, why don't you come and work for me as my new second-in-command."

"Sire but I-," Tempest started to say.

"Oh will you shut up!" The Storm King yelled. "Get it through your thick pony head, I don't need you anymore. I was only using you."

Tempest hit her knees in disbelief then her attention was grabbed by the sound of explosions above them and a ruckus outside the palace as Gar's friends fought off the Storm Creatures.

The Storm King heard the explosions and looked out the window to see his sips under fire and his troops under attack by ponies. "How did you-" The Storm King started to ask as he glared as Gar but was cut off as a bladed tendril whizzed passed his face barely gracing it. He gritted his teeth, "You think you keep up with me. I control the sun and moon," The Storm King sneered as a storm started to swirl outside. as he changes night into day and vice versa with the wave of his staff. "Let's see if you can match my power!"

The Storm King jumped into the air raising the staff above his and brought it down colliding with Gar as he blocked with both arms but the blow still sent him back a few feet. the force tore the marble flooring apart sending in all directions.

"You can take a hit I'll give you that much, hehe," The Storm King chuckled. "Let's see if you can handle this!" he thrust the staff forward and sent a blast of magic at Gar.

Gar hardened his skin and shifted his lower left arm into a shield that to the brunt of the blast.

The Storm King looked on in shock. "You are tough."

"HEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS......" Gar hissed at his foe. He morphed both of his arms into multiple bladed tendrils and readied to strike.

"Yes well, that's ah... that's could be a problem," The Storm King scratched the back of his head.

Gar unleashed a fury of blades that started to unleashed hell on the Storm King, slashing and shredding anything in front of Gar but he was still minding the princesses. The Storm King was holding his own by dodging and blocking the blades but was steadily being moved to the balcony. All colors of magic were flying in all directions as the two giants clashed.

Gar pulled his arms back to normal. "I'll admit your fast and if I didn't have my magic I'd be dead, but," The Storm King snarled. "But this is my win," He rushed in and Gar mirrored shifting his right hand into a singular long blade as he collided with the Storm King. Waves and bolts of colorful rainbow magic were being shot in all directions. Gar was suddenly on one knee holding back the Storm King."HAHAHA! THAT'S RIGHT KNEEL BEFORE THE KING!"

"KING!" Gar snickered. "You are no king!" Gar forced himself to his feet and grabbed onto the staff with his free hand and the very air began to pulse as the staff recognized Gar's will and determination to help his friends and protect what he came to hold dear in this new world of his.

The whole area began to shake and Gar came face to face with the Storm King.

Throne Room

"Naaa what.. Tempest!" Twilight came to and shot to he feet but lost her balance. She noticed the whole area was shaking in all colors.. "What's going on?"

"Easy there filly," Applejack help her friend.

"We need to get out of here!" Rainbow called out. "These guys," She punched a Storm Creature, "are done but we can't get close to those two without being thrown back by the shock waves they're putting out. And if we're knock off we could get caught in the storm."

"What's going on?" Capper came in and saw the ongoing struggle between the monsters in the doesn't.

"It wasn't made for this," Tempest said as she looked on in awe and panic.

Around the to monster the very air started to cracked and the magic in the staff was suddenly sent outward. The Storm King was sent over the railing of the balcony and Gar was sent flying against the wall but managed to hold onto the staff firmly in his hand. Everypony rushed to his side and wrapped him in a big group hug.

"Twilight," Gar said weakly. "You okay?"

"She nodded furiously as tears ran down her face and squeezed Gar ever so tightly.

"Good, hear," Gar held the staff up to the princess, it still smoking in his hand. She gladly took it form him. Gar just laid back on the ground exhausted. "I'm tired."

"Let's get rid of this storm," Twilight said holding the staff above her head as she dispelled the storm.

No pony was paying attention but the Storm King had pulled himself back up over the rail. "Hehe, think you can get rid of me so easily," he snickered as he reeled back, an obsidian gas orb in his claw.

"LOOK OUT!" Tempest screamed.

Gar sprang to his feet and used the last of his strength to propel himself at the Storm King. He grabbed on to the orb and they heard a slight cracked and the Storm King looked at Gar in horror.

"Long live the King," Gar sneered as he burst the sphere and was enveloped in green gas along with the Storm King and pushed both off the balcony.

"NOOOoooo....." The Storm King cried out as he fell and hit the ground shattering to pieces. Gar on the other hand was caught in a magic field by Twilight using the staff.

Everypony rushed over to the now smiling Statue of Gar. "He, saved all of us," Tempest looked on in shock as she recalled the look in Gar's eyes on her ship mere days ago after he saved Grubber. "Why did he..."

"That's who Gar is," Twilight placed a hand on Gar cheek. "If he thinks you have a good heart he'll help you, that's why he saved your friend." She turned to Tempest. "How do we fix this?"

"I... I don't know..." Tempest looked away.

"What do you mean you don't know?" Rainbow Dash angrily left Tempest up by the color. "This is your weapon, you have to know."

"Rainbow calm down," Applejack pulled her friend off Tempest.

"The orbs were one of the Storm Kings secret weapons he had developed for turning living creature into living obsidian so he could drain them of their magic," Tempest explained. "He never told me the counter spell if there is one. Whether or not he head one he never gave it to me because he never trusted me enough with it and because I can't cast normal spells with a broken horn."

"You have to know some?" Spike pleaded. "Anything?"

"Perhaps if we return the magic we can undo all the damage that's been done and break the curses on him and the princess," Tempest said as she walked over to Twilight. "We must put the staff back in the center of the throne room to return the magic to them. But I BEG," She hit her knees and groveled to Twilight. "Save my friend, please" Tempest begged as tears rolled down her face. "He's the only family I have. If you save him I ll do anything you want, even be your slave for the rest of my life. JUST SAVE GRUBBER!"

Twilight looked to her friends who were looking amongst themselves with concerned and doubtful expressions on their faces. She then put a hand on Tempest's shoulder, "Please, where is he?" Tempest looked up to see a smile on Twilight's face.

"On the ship out front," Tempest sniffled. "In the infirmary. So you'll save him?"

"Of course," Twilight nodded. "But first we have to save the others, can you help use reverse the spell?"

"Yes princess," Tempest joyfully took the staff and ran into the throne room plunging the staff back into the floor send all of the captured magic outward.

Suddenly magic poured out sending color back into the darken castle and kingdom. Then, four very distinct magic shot for the crystal at the top of the staff and into Twilight's horn and the other three princesses. A mist filled the room and soon the other's were returned to flesh.

"Princesses," Twilight rushed in.

"Wha-- Twilight," Celestia called out in relief as she embraced her former student. "I'm so proud of you. All of you," she looked to the Elements and Capper.
"You saw?" Rarity asked.

"They were living, it was the only way to keep their magic intact," Tempest explained.

"Tempy!" came a shout.

"Grubber," Tempest turned and saw her friend rush into the room.

He tackled her in a bear hug, "I was out of it but then I felt this big wave of warm and I heard your voice calling and woke up on the ship. You're okay? Why ya crying? Did someone hurt you? Where are they?"

Tempest hugged the little man back, "No one hurt me Grubber I'm just happy your back. " She got to her feet and walked over to Twilight and gave her a warm hug to everyone's surprise. "Thank You."

"Excuse me," Luna cut in. "As touching as this all is I'm still at a loss, but wasn't there someone else helping you?"

"Gar!" Everyone shouted as they rushed out to the balcony.

"What is that?" Cadence point at the still obsidian Gar.

"He's the one who helped us when the Storm King's forces invaded," Twilight explained.

"He saved everyone here," Fluttershy added.

"A bunch of times," Rainbow chipped in.

"We wouldn't even be here right now if it wasn't him riskin his life for us," Applejack sighed. "Why didn't releasin the magic work on him?"

"Could he not have magic?" Luna asked as she placed a hand on the smiling monster's chest. Concentrating she reached out but felt no magic. "No, he has none at all."

"So you mean because he's affected by magic but doesn't have any of his own the curse can't be broken," Twilight's heart sank.

"I'm sorry Twilight, but the only reason we broke free was because our magic was returned but if he has none to begin with, there is little we can do," Celestia hugged the younger princess. "You said his name was Gar?"

"Yes princess," Pinkie nodded.

"He called himself the Smiling Monster," Rainbow huffed. "But he was anything but a monster to us. Sure he had a bit of a short fuse some times but we were to blame to."

"He saved you without any other motive of his own?" Cadance asked in disbelief.

"The only reason he ever said was that we were Zecora's friends," Spike shrugged. "But he eventually called use his friend. He even looked after us a little."

"He kept me from making big mistakes and from giving up," Twilight wiped her eyes. "If it wasn't for Gar we'd have never found the hippogriffs."

"That much is true," Queen Novo flew down with Princess Sky Star and then saw Gar. "Oh my."

"Is there anything that can be done for him?" Celestia looked to her old friend whole shook her head no.

"I don't know this magic," Queen Novo sighed.

"You mentioned the Zebra from the Everfree, Zecora, could she possibly help," Luna stepped forward.

"Did someone call for me," the aforementioned came out from the throne room. "I came to see what was going on up here-" She stopped when she saw Gar. "How did this happen?"

"He stopped the Storm King from using a curse on all of us," Twilight explained, "Is there anything you can do?"

"Yes, but not here," Zecora sighed. "I know this curse will and there is an antidote that I can brew but it must be done where there is an abundance of magic."

"The Everfree," Celestia said and Zecora nodded.

"I must ask that you leave Gar to me and I promise that we will stay away from your ponies," Zecora looked at everypony.

"But, he's our friend. Can't we see him?" Twilight said abruptly.

"If that is what he wishes then you may Twilight but know that Gar will keep his distance due to his appearance," Zecora explained. "The big one may have a kind heart but he is also very smart and he knows what his appearance will do?"

"I think its kinda late to hide his appearance from everypony," Rainbow pointed out a flag with Gars face croodly painted on it.

"As I said you may see him if you wish," Zecora repeated. "But now we must get him home."

"Can I help?" Tempest walked up.

Zecora nodded.

A week later

Gar's statue was now in his hydra bone hut in the Everfree Forrest. Rumors of the Smiling Monster of Everfree that had lead the charge to save the capital city of Equestria had long since spread to the for corners of the land. Many ponies didn't believe the stories but those down in Ponyville knew all to well that the were true the day that all four Equestrian Princesses, The Elements of Harmony, and The local zebra shaman of the Everfree showed up with a very large smiling black statue. It stayed in town for a day to let Twilight try and examine it before she teleported it into the Everfree. This is where she'd spent most of her time in the last week only coming into town for and occasional book before returning to the Forrest again.

"That should do it," Zecora smirked.

"It's done?" Tempest looked at the swirling glittering sup in the zebra's cauldron.

"How do we use it?" Twilight looked at the stew perplexed.

""We must rub it into him," Zecora said nonchalantly. "How else would we do it."

"Can't we just ya know dump it on him or soak him in it?" Tempest looked to the zebra.

"We could soak him if we made a very large batch and had a spot big enough to put him in that we could constantly keep refreshing the brew," Zecora opened her door and walked down the path to Gar's home.

"Oh," Tempest sighed.

"Why are you asking me this?" Zecora crossed her arms under her chest.

"Just a little uncomfortable rubbing down the thing that has tried to kill me okay," Tempest said with a hint of fear.

"Twilight please teleport the pot over to the hut," Zecora called out.

"Okay," Twilight responded and then there was a purple pop.

"No need to worry Tempest, Gar will not harm you or your friend, though her might be annoyed that I let you two stay in his house due to young Twilight staying on my couch," Zecora snickered. "Let us dilly or dally, our friend must be free."

The three mares spent the rest of the day rubbing down the massive Gar down with the stew and then waited for it to take affect. Just as the sun started to set cracks started to from and Gar burst from the obsidian sending small pieces fly everywhere. H e was first met with Tempest.

"Hi," She nervously waved. "Zecora let me stay here if that's okay but I can leave now."

Gar walked over and Tempest clenched her eyes shut in fear waiting for him to slice her throat open, but instead she felt something wrap around her shoulders. She looked down to see a fur blank it around her. She looked over and saw Gar putting blankets on the sleeping Zecora and Twilight as exhaustion had final caught up to them.

"You should keep that on you wear so little out here in the Forrest gets rather chilly most nights," Gar said with out batting an eyelash. Tempest looked down and her face was beat read. She and the others head taken of most of their clothes except for the underway and bra in order to keep them from get damp with he stew.

"T-t-t-t-thank you," Tempest looked off to the side and then looked up and then saw Gar looking down at her with his four eyes. "What? If you want my body then take it?"

"You have a nice body but I WILL NOT take advantage of a woman, and you can stay as long as you want as long as you do your share of work around here," Gar sat on the ground in front of Tempest. "Did Grubber survive?"

"He-," Tempest looked at Gar wide eyed. "He did, how do you know his name?"

"I heard you say before," Gar replied flatly before raise a finger and pointing at Tempest horn. "I can restore is for you, the it might not work quite look right."

"Would... would you do it, please?" Tempest looked at him with hope.

Gar's finger extended to Tempest's broken stumped. "This may feel strange," Tempest nodded and gave a gulp.. She felt a sudden surge rush through out her body then being pulled to her horn. She fill to the floor and then raised up on her hands and shook her head and it felt off. She lifted a hand up and felt and she had a true horn once more. "Here," Gar said as he held up a slick metal plate for a hand, Tempest looked in the mirror to see a silver horn on top of her head.

"Thank you," She jumped over and huffed him. "I'm in your debt."

"Like I said, do your part here, and you may stay as long as you wish," Gar got up and headed for another room. He found an unwanted guest there in his bed in the form of Grubber snoring. "Hmmm.... I may need to add on to my hut."