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This story is a sequel to A day at Equestria Land

Christmas is Coming, and Ocellus is gearing up to celebrate alongside her friends and her twin brother, Thorax. However, there is one thing missing from her life, a boy she has a rather big crush on.

Confronted with this head on, and facing fallout from a place she never expected, can she find happiness at the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

The final installment of the Railway Adventure timeline for 2019.

Note: the Chrysalis in this story is EqG Chrysalis, not the bug currently encased in concrete.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 79 )

That was a very good story.
And I loved how well Ocellus was in it.

Plus, I totally support you shipping Ocellus and Sandbar, not everyone had to do the same shipping as others do.

That's how you make your stories more unique than others

Funnily enough, Sandcellus was accepted as canon before She's All Yak aired.

That's true.

But some people do Yonabar some do Sandcellus there's no law that says you have to do just one.

We're all different, I even seen stories where Ocellus is paired with Spike, or in a herd belonging to Spike

Aww, so this is the last story in the Railroad Adventures timeline? Damn, welp, even though I haven't kept up with those stories, it'll be missed by those who do read it. Great job on these stories, Blue. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, that's popular too

Nope. Just for this year. The timeline shall return in 2020.

Not much used to get done the last week at my old place, and last day wasnt marked down, letting kids off early if not day before depending, with board games etc. Before authorities really dropped on them with targets etc. :twilightoops:

Ohhh.... You could've said that. :rainbowlaugh:


and the last story in the series until next year.

...I did not see that. Whoops. :twilightsheepish:

Note: the Chrysalis in this story is ECG Chrysalis, not the bug currently encased in concrete.

damn. That hurt a little. Neither way this was a good read, I never knew there was a prior ship for sandbar before the yak. Good job in making oculles character smooth.

Thanks. Yeah, I was perhaps a little butthurt by YonaBar.

Well the writers do like sinking ships and playing it like battleship.

It's weird, given others (like VinylxOctavia) were left unconfirmed.

I think that was confirmed in the show, I think? I'm going by the rumors or I seen it in EQD. It said she was dating Snowflake/bulkbicep. So~ VinylxOctavia ship is kinda blown up by a torpedo.

I know right octavia dating bulkbicep. like girl you could have chosen someone that not all about muscle for brain. Honestly that was the most bizarre paring I ever heard.

Wouldn't she date a musician, logically speakibr?

That would be logical. Then again sandbar is dating a yak, so our argument is invalid. Like I said the writer seems to have a kink for wrecking ship, and breaking our heart (still bitter about that)

What other crazy ships can we come up with?

ZecoraxZephyr, Mayor marexthe guy who sale quill and sofa and gildaxcapper that the only one I can think of that is not let shipped with.....for now.

I've seen Twirax called a crackship.

I had seen those stories floating around but never bothered to read it, it never stroke my interest. Especially thorax or what Anon like to call him *cough*gay moose*cough* pal

I've also seen Thorax and Ember shipped. How does that even work?

Simple. changeling, enough said

Thorax disguising as a male dragon? Works.

Could a Changeling disguise themselves as a different gender to that they were originally?

I think they can but that was the old changeling, I don't know about this new one. Since they start "giving love" *ack-ack* they don't need disguise anymore and it will wither away in obscurity.

True. They kinda lost what made them interesting.

This was adorable.

Nice story.

If you look at it in a military perspective the changeling is THE most powerful species on the planet, they can nullify magic, change to ANY creature they see fit, GET In and out from a hostile nation without getting noticed, and can fight indefinitely if given a continuous supply of love, if they can't get supply of love they can take the love from their enemy while fighting. That what my thought anyway.

Thorax's leadership did make them more peaceful. And Chryssy's plan might have work if she hadn't been such a bad actress.

Who said she didn't plan that. Twilight friend never heard of cadance, shining armor is under her control, celestial didn't even realize the difference, and luna... Don't know where she is, so she may have planned to put twilight in a bad guy light and worked. In a blunt of rage twi attacked the real cadance if twi succeed in beating the crap out of cadance twi will fall in panic in killing the real one. Chryssi only mistake was that she never known about the silly dance

I'm a Sandcellus shipper too.

Joyeux Nowell.

That's two in the house, and one in the eye for the yak!

Finally. Somebody read to the end.

I'm the first? Yea!

You'd be amazed how many people don't read to the end.

Remember; always watch the film to the end of the credits.

Because often times there will be something interesting.

And if nothing else, to see where it was filmed.

Or to spot goofs. My favourite hobby.

Usually pointing wrong things, like the power lines in Braveheart.

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