• Published 28th Nov 2019
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Better Than Best Friends - ROBCakeran53

Twiggles Makes friends. Princess Poopybottom says they're dumb. She's dumb. Twiggles shall prove her wrong.

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Chapter Half Dozen: Elements of Puddles or: How to Worm your way to Success.


Slowly, groggily, everypony stood up from the prone positions on the castle floors.


The five mares of what should have been destiny look to each other, then to Twiggles.

Her stubby legs wiggle in the air helplessly as she rocks herself side to side. Stuck on her back like a turtle, the sound of pleading and bargaining with Death is heard using but a single word.


“So, did we win?” Rainbow asks.

Suddenly, there is a bright light from the window as the sun comes up, and Princess Celestia appears.

“Yes, you did my little ponies. You all saved Equestria from a dire threat. I’m so proud of you, especially you Twi- oh no.”

Celestia’s magic grabs the closest mare, Applejack, and brings her up close for inspection. Awkwardly, the mare rubs the back of her head. “Yeah, so this is pretty crazy, but we didn’t really do much other than get our flanks handed to us by Nightmare Moon.”

“Twiggles and her puddle worms saved us!” Pinkie sings, bouncing into view.

Dropping Applejack, Celestia stares blankly off into the distance. “I can’t believe it…”

“Hey, uh, should we help Twiggles?”

Rarity looks to Rainbow, then to Twiggles. “No, darling, I think she’s got it.”

“Builds character,” Applejack adds, rubbing her rudely dropped rump.

After several more awkward minutes of silence, save for Twiggle’s “WEH” and Celestia having an existential crisis, Fluttershy assists Twiggles onto her stubby legs, and rejoins her five puddle friends on her hella wack Tony Hawk skateboard with neon green wheels (that are currently not glowing in the dark because the sun is up which is kinda lame now).

Resting on top of the skateboard was the pimp hat, now adorned with a golden crown and a half eaten cheesey burger as the center piece.

“We are done crying alone in the corner now, sister.”

Suddenly, everypony looks to Celestia’s left, and standing there is a light blue…




“Oh, Luna, it’s so good to see… you, I guess,” Celestia looks down to her sister, then back out in space. “It’s… a thing now, yes, bla bla bla magic of friendship. Wait.”

Celestia stands, approaching the five mares. “Okay, we can’t let everypony know that Twilight, four puddle worms, and a ramen noodle just saved Equestria from eternal night.”

“Verily, although We doth have several questions for thee.”

“Be quiet Luna, the big ponies are talking.”

“This is exactly why We became Nightmare Moon…”

“So! What I need you five to do, is say that you are all the Elements of Harmony.”

“Isn’t that lyin’?” Applejack asks.

“More like a little white fib.”

“Or a grand big one,” Rainbow mumbles.

“With flanks for days!” Pinkie adds.

“Nice.” Both Pinkie and Rainbow hoof bump.

“If I didn’t need you for this to work you’d be on the moon for that.”

“That doesn’t work, Sister. The mortal ponies you sent there to me from time to time all died of instant head explosion.”

“Exactly. Now, you’re all going to take one of those fancy rings there, and say it’s your Element of Harmony.”

“Which ones do we take?” Fluttershy asks.

“Pfft, I dunno, just grab them.”


We did it. We saved the world. My bestest best friends and I did the unthinkable. Unpredictable. Unimaginable. Unununable. Now, a new pony stands before Me, the Great Twiggles and her Five Worm Band. I mount my hella wack Tony Hawk skateboard and scoot to the new being.


“Ow! What doth-?”

Luna looks down to her leg, and sitting on a board with wheels is Twiggles herself.

“Um, Sister, what… what do I do here?”

“What? Oh, just, be friends now or whatever. This whole thing was a big fluke, so we have to make it right.”

Celestia was then struck in the face with a Fluke meter, because even Twiggles buys only the best test equpiment.

“Well, hello there, Miss Twiggles.”

Slowly, ever so slowly, Twiggle’s tongue creeps out of her mouth, then a good inch out she lets out a long, wet raspberry.

“Awe, she likes you!” Pinkie hugs Luna tight. “Oh, I know! This calls for a PARTAY!”

So with a plan set, the “Elements of Harmony” rightfully cristened, and Luna set free from her alter ego emo self, everypony makes their way back to Ponyville to have all kinds of fun.


(of ARC 1)

Author's Note:

If you've made it this far, then congrats! ACHIEVABLE UNLOCKED. BLEEP BLOOP.

So now that this is done and over with, I'm going to totally NOT press that completed button, you know why?

Because every once in a while I'll have bad ideas, so they will go here. Also! This story is now open to guest chapters!

That's right, if you write up something small and dumb about Twiggles and her friends, but don't want it to scar your own profile or drag your name in the mud, well then let me do it for you! Just PM me with a gdoc link, and each guest chapter will have an authors note crediting who wrote it, why, and we'll all have a good cry about it at Bronycon.

Which will be held in my pole barn every year, IF YOU ELECT ME, ROB, AS YOUR FIMFIC MOD FOR 2020. MAKE FIMFIC GREAT(ER) AGAIN!

Also if you wish to remain anonymous for whatever reason, that's cool too! I'll still say I didn't write it because even I have standards, although they're pretty low at this point.

Thanks to all who read this and questioned my (and your) sanity! It was fun!

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And thus, the most epically epic tale of epicness was concluded! For now...

Truly the greatest finale ever written. I look forward to my feed one day having another update.

The fix-fic we needed.

ofcourse I know what it is, It is just that sometimes wierd goes too far

How the fuck did I not notice this was updated a year ago? :rainbowhuh:

This was fun. I think I might consider writing a submission if those are still open.

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