• Published 28th Nov 2019
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Better Than Best Friends - ROBCakeran53

Twiggles Makes friends. Princess Poopybottom says they're dumb. She's dumb. Twiggles shall prove her wrong.

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Chapter 5: Storming the Castle: 5 Golden Rings

“Well, that was an ordeal,” Rarity pouted.

Everypony lay on the ground around Twiggles; they were worn, tired, panting and sweating.

Twiggles stands on her hella wack skateboard, staring at the castle, determination in her shallow, cold eyes.

“I can’t believe she actually tried to jump the gap on her skateboard.”

“I dunno, Dashie. I thought she almost had it.”

“What? Pinkie, she went like, three feet before plummeting. That revine is at least five times that.”

“Considering all she jumps are lines of Hot Wheels, I think she did great! Best two out of three!”

“NO!” Everypony else shouts.


It is here. The time. The place.

I- no, we, must do this.

I shift myself on my hella wack skateboard, and launch forward at incredible speed towards the doors. Those other mares can loligag about, but not I. I’m here for a important mission. Equestria needs saving, and only my friends and I can save it.


“Oh look, Twiggles is starting to go again,” Rainbow sits up, stretching her back.

“You’d think on a skateboard, she’d go a little faster than that,” Rarity adds.

The five mares all walk behind Twiggles as she furiously strokes her legs along the ground, moving inch by inch.


Truely, speeds in which nopony could dare compare. But alas! Ahead of me, the ground opens up its giant maw, trying to swallow me! I can barely make it out of the way before one of my wheels goes in. I hang onto the ledge for dear life. I can’t lose now. I’m so close.


“Hang on there, sugarcube. One of your wheels is stuck in that there little hole.”

Applejack places her muzzle under the back edge of the scateboard, lifting it and pushing forward so it clears the hole.

“There ya go.”


With every ounce of strength, I manage to pull myself from the hole, and continue on my fast journey.

Suddenly, I see my next obstacle, and those brave words of Super-General Clap Trap ring in my ears. I pause, and weep, for there is no going around this. I must push on, I must go it alone.


“Huh, no ramp. Looks like she’ll have to walk up the stairs.”

“Yeah, but why is she stroking her skateboard like she’ll never see it again?”

Everypony watches Twiggles shed but a single tear, and then begin her climb up the stairs.

“Ya know, it’s like, five steps,” Applejack says to Twiggles.

The filly presses on her journey.



Is this what it means, what we have to do, in the name of Equestria? Must we not only sacrafice and push ourselves, but others as well?

My friends… they will be save back at the RMS Tony Hawk, in the hammer space, with my cheesey burgers.

I can do this. Princess Poopybottom 2 didn’t send me to Ponyville friendless for nothing.

And yet… my heart hurts. They came with me all this way to help, and I just leave them behind because… I’m afraid for them. They can’t express it, but I know. They fear for their lives. I fear for mine, too, but I have a mission.


“Alright, so there’s supposed to be six of these things, right?” Applejack asks, looking at the five round stones that Fluttershy and Rainbow brought down.

“Yup! That’s what the book says, anyway!”

“Lemme see that book, Pinks.”


“Hey, where is Twiggles going?” Rainbow asks.

They watch as she begins waddling away, towards a hall.

“Who knows. She’ll be fine. We need to figure these here things out, then go fight Nightmare Moon.”


I know not what calls to me. Is it the howling winds of the night? The rank smells of rotten wood and plaster? Or the small glow of moonlight glistening off of something in a corner?

Yeah, it’s the shiney, for realzies.

I find three strange looking skeletons. Bipedal, from what I can gather, their arms chained to the wall, pelvic bones shattered, and yet their jaws show pain mixed with pleasure.

They died happy. Together.

One of them wears the tatters of old clothing, purple fleece with black and white fur lining. It’s massive purple hat with a single peacock feather. Golden teeth in its jaw, and last of all, upon one of its hands, are five gold rings.

Using one of the leg bones, I smack the arm so the bones come crashing to the ground.

These rings would look hella wack on my bestest best friends.

I return to the big room, where those five mares are all trapped to the floor with weird glowing moon magic. And there is Black Snooty, laughing maniacally, hair looking fabulous.


“I have you all trapped, now! You think you could hope to stop me!? You don’t even know how to use the Elements. You’d never-”


Nightmare Moon raises a brow, curious. “Oh, you. I’d hoped something in the forest would have gobbled you up already.”

“Two times, nearly.” Rarity says.

“Silence!” Nightmare shouts.

Slowly, everypony watches as Twiggle’s tongue creeps out of her muzzle, and then starts to blow raspberries.

“What… is she doing?”

“Oh! I can speak in tongue!” Pinkie chirps in. “She says you’re a butt!”

“She… she what?”

Twiggles continues to blow raspberries.

“And you’re also big and dumb, but your mane and tail are hella wack.”

“What… what does that even mean? Hella wack?”

“Cool, I think?” Applejack ponders. “I never really figured it out much myself.”

“ENOUGH! I’ve had it with this nonesense! I shall defeat you all, and the night, shall last, fo-”


Pinkie gasps loudly.

Nightmare Moon rolls her eyes. “Now what?”

“She says that nothing can defeat the magic of friendship, and then she said the B word!”

Suddenly, Pinkie is whispering next to Nightmare Moon. “It rhymes with wiiiiiiitch.”

The doors explode inward, and Twiggle’s hella wack Tony Hawk skateboard with neon green wheels (that glow in the dark) comes crashing through, resting on top is a McRonalds box.

The skateboard hits a chuck of rock, and sends the box flying forward, landing between Nightmare Moon and Twiggles, the lid opening slowly.

From inside, a bright light, as five puddle worms raise into the air, glowing magnificently. The half eaten cheesey burger floats towards Twiggle’s chest, and hovers there.


“W-what is the meaning of this!?” Nightmare Moon steps back.



The glow suddenly envelops Twiggles, and the five pimp rings she looted. Also she’s wearing the pimp’s hat now, because she’s purple and it matches.

They float in the air, waves of magic surrounding them, as each ring is slid onto all of Twiggles friends. The cheesey burger rests atop her new pimp hat.


Nightmare Moon watches with horror as Twiggles continues to raspberry, with Pinkie narrating, but the author’s honestly not even sure at this point what’s going on so just leaves it up to the reader’s imagination.


Nightmare fires magic missile after missile, but they harmlessly bounce off the barrier around Twiggles and her puddle worms.

For a brief moment, she stares into the eyes of Twiggles. No emotion, no remorse, no fear, hate, love… nothing. She is just… there. She is… Twiggles.

“D-defeated by… Twiggles… and her stupid puddle worms… how… why…”


Suddenly, a massive rainbow like beam strikes down at Nightmare Moon, wrapping her in a cocoon of colours and happiness and disgusting good cheer.

Lastly, there was a massive explosion, and all was a bright light. Only silence.