• Published 28th Nov 2019
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Better Than Best Friends - ROBCakeran53

Twiggles Makes friends. Princess Poopybottom says they're dumb. She's dumb. Twiggles shall prove her wrong.

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Chapter Turd: Hot wheels are Awesome: Puddle Ponies are Lame.

There are other ponies in my tree house.

This is my tree house, how did they break the super secret code word to enter?

"Uh, girls? Twiggles is here." Orange says.

"Oh great, just what we need. Bad enough that Nightmare Moon stuck us in an ever lasting night, now we have to foalsit Twilight."

Twiggles glares at the white one. She will die first.

"Oh don't worry, Twiggles! We are gonna go into that big, scary, evil forest and defeat Black Snooty!" Pinkie Pie, the only sensible pone, says while hugging The Twig.

"Yeah, about that, what exactly are we doing about that?" asks the fast-

She is playing with my Hot Wheels. My list needs revision.

Slowly I scoot on my hella wack Tony Hawk skateboard towards the blue offender. I glare.

"What?" she asks, like she doesn't know what she had done.

Then she crashes two of them. I cry; weeping for the damage done, which can never be.

"Goin' into the Everfree, Dash. We gotta stop Nightmare Moon!"

"Oh, right," she discards my Hot Wheels, even going so far as to step a hoof on one of my orange track pieces.

My list grows hungry, like me. I want a cheesey burger.

"Come on, Twiggles! Let's go save Princess Celestia!" Pinkie ties a rope to my hella wack skateboard, and begins dragging me away.

I reach out for my Hot Wheels. I just wanted to sit alone in my tree house and play with them. Now they shall remain cold and alone on the wood floor.

At least I still have my best-

They are gone.

They left me, alone. Probably to play with my Hot Wheels. Or eat my frozen cheesey burgers in the ice box.

As my tree house door closes, I cry, for nothing else matters anymore.

Author's Note:

Writing this story between helping with Thanksgiving dinner. Had to make a Kroger run and Hot Wheels were on sale, so wrote this up while I waited to pay.


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