• Published 28th Nov 2019
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Better Than Best Friends - ROBCakeran53

Twiggles Makes friends. Princess Poopybottom says they're dumb. She's dumb. Twiggles shall prove her wrong.

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4 Chapter: Spoopy Woods Or: How the Feast Was Won

I managed to grab a Hot Wheels before we got far. Thankfully I keep emergency ones in my sand box outside.

Now we go to the woods. They are dumb and not really fun. Smelly stuff grows there. I don't know why I am being taken there other than Princess Poopybottom 2 will be there.

Then she will rub my friends leaving me in my face.



"So why are we bringing her again?" Rainbow Dash asks, nodding back at Twiggles.

"She is the Princesses pet or whatever. Figure she might be able to… I dunno, sniff her out."

Rainbow hovers over Applejack. "Sniff her out? I don't think the Princess smells like cheese burgers."

"Well, it can't hurt to bring her, right?"


Everypony stops, looking back at Twiggles.

"What?" asks Rainbow.

She points ahead.

Everypony looks to where she is pointing.

A manicure is calmly standing there, brow raised. An embroidered white handkerchief tied around his neck with the words “Hungry Like a Tiger” and a cute, cartoon looking tiger holding a fork and spoon.

Applejack raised her hat, rubbing her brow. “Oh, huh. How’d we miss that?”


Dummies they are. I watch them fight, I watch them struggle.

But I’m no dummy. I know what he wants. I know what we all want.

I open the hammer space pouch on my skateboard, and pull out an emergency cheesey burger. I know what I must do: A sacrafice, I must-

Opening the lid, my eyes grow wide.

Of course, how could I have forgotten?

There are my best friends! All safe and sound, sharing my emergency cheesey burger.

“Sorry, Friends. We must do this.” I remove them from the box, to place them on my hella wack skateboard, and throw the cheesey burger at the manticore.

It lands three feet in front of me.


“What’s goin’ on? Why did it stop?” A panting Applejack asks.

“Look! Twiggles did something!” Pinkie Pie says with a bounce.

The manticore approaches Twiggles, looking from her to the cheese burger.

“Friends,” she says, pointing to-

“Ewww, are those worms? Why does she have worms?” Rarity screamed.

The manticore nodded, takes the burger, and leaves.

“Uh… what just happened?” Rainbow asks.

Applejack shrugs. “I think Twiggles just saved us?”

Everypony stands and watches as Twiggles rolls past them on her hella wack skateboard, the awesome glow in the dark neon wheels cutting a patch as she goes.

Pinkie Pie bounces after, and reluctantly, everypony else follows.


It takes several yards of following for somepony to ask the obvious.

“Where’s Fluttershy?”

Everypony looks to Rainbow.

“Oh yeah, come to think of it, I haven’t seen her since we entered the forest.”

“Wait, did she leave us?”

“No,” says Twiggles, opening her hammer space storage Tech Deck ™ add on.

Fluttershy is violently thrown from the storage container.

“Fluttershy!” Everypony says, rushing over.

“Darling, what happened to you? Why were you in there?”

“And what is that smell?” Rainbow uses her wings to fan at her pegasus friend.

“So… many… cheese burgers…” Fluttershy stammers, shaking.

Everypony looks to Twiggles.

She is sharing another cheese burger with her worms.

“You know, I’m starting to get used to this eternal night gig. Maybe we should just cut our losses?”

“No way, Rarity. We have ta save the Princess!” Applejack stomps a hoof. “We’re almost there, I’m sure of it! Right, Twiggles?”

She’s gone.

“Oh what the hay.”


Now that I have my friends back, I shall prove to Princess Poopybottom 2 how amazing they are, save the day, and she will have to take me back to Hooters.

I come to water.

The water is still.

I remember, Princess telling me no splashy unless I have floaties.

I place my bestest best friends back in the cheesey burger box, put that back in my Tech Deck ™ storage compartment, and then push on with my hella wack Tony Hawk skateboard.

Wood floats, so this should work out just fine.


“Oh, I found her,” Fluttershy says, breaking through some thick foliage along a river.

“Oh thank goodness! I was so worried.”

“Really?” Applejack asks.

Rarity shakes her head. “No, not particularly, but I felt the remark was apt for the occasion.”

“Uh, what’s that thing?”

Everypony follows where Rainbow Dash is pointing.

“Ah yes, it looks like a sea serpant is trying to eat Twiggles,” Rarity says.

“Do you think she tastes like cheese burgers?” asks Pinkie.

Applejack sighs, pulling out her lasso to do the dirty work.


I have learned a very important lesson about Friendship.

Tony Hawk lied to me. His hella wack skateboards don’t float like a butterfly or a bee.

Suddenly, a water snake pops out, ready to eat me.

I don’t want to be eaten.

“Hang on, Twiggles! I got ya!” Orange shouts from the water’s edge.

From my Tech Deck ™, I pull out my trusty tool for when I’m faced with stranger danger.

“Wait, what!?” Orange shouts.

It only takes five rounds of .500 Smith and Wesson to drop the water snake. Wait, was it five… or six?

Either way, I win.

Author's Note:

People will be showing up soon for dinner. I'm hoping to finish up to Nightmare Moon battle by the end of today, but we'll see. Onward, to stupidity!