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(He/They) Sometimes you just want to hear your favorite story told a little different


This story is a sequel to Girlfriend Friend 2: Royally Screwed

After Rarity told her that they weren't actually girlfriends, Rainbow Dash is feeling kind of bummed out. And that feeling is made worse by the fact it's Hearts and Hooves Day.

Determined to not be a single loser, Rainbow sets out to get herself a Marefriend!

Easier said than done.

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This was fun, I'm kind of hoping you go the alternate path route with this, like making a story for Rarity agreeing to go on a date with each of her friends. the would be awesome.

O, the rainbow is aromantic.

Why didn't Rarity give Luna a chance? of all of them, she was the sweetest

Another great read. You have a good grasp of the characters, and Applejack's reaction did catch me off-guard the most, despite making perfect sense.
And if this does actually turn out to be a solution to both Dashie's and Rarity's romantic fumbles, that would make it all the sweeter.
And yet, I am still morbidly curious to see how they trip all over each other again.

This site need more Raridash love around. Honestly was expecting this to be Rainbow and Spike hooking up, going by the tags. But this is better.

Oh gosh I didn't even think about those implications. Hope it's not scaring people off as this is kinda the opposite of Spike/Rainbow

These titles are amazing. Please make more XD

Yeah I got a bit of aro-allo vibes from Rainbow (though I could be projectinng), but it might just be that she's a little dense.

As for Rarity, I could maybe see her dating Luna as well (especially since they share an epistolary focus), but being catfished by multiple people feels like a really unsettling way to start a relationship.

This was a funny little look into the machinations of Rainbow's thought process, and I loved it! :rainbowkiss:

As a note, you used "hearths" instead of "hearts" a few times.

Gosh darn it Hearth's Warming Eve and Hearts and Hooves Day gets so confusing!

Thank you for pointing it out and I'm glad you like the story!

Comment posted by Lawrence Walton deleted September 21st
Comment posted by Lawrence Walton deleted September 21st

Charmingly funny and realistic, I like it!

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