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The Farmer & The God - DanishDash

Applejack is happy for her brother and Rainbow Dash getting together, but when will she find love? Will she find it in a strange Pony that appears one stormy afternoon?

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Chapter 10: God of Thunder

Chapter 10: God of Thunder

Applejack struggled in the ropes, feeling how they were tightly restraining her body. Her brother and sister hang on her right side, Apple Bloom between her and Big Mac. Rainbow Dash was on her left, thundering with anger as she struggled just as much as Applejack.


They all let out yells of protests into the gags, trying to warn whoever might come by. By now all four of them had gotten used to the darkness, their eyes had adjusted and it was now easier to see where their captors hid. They were not all here, some had gone out, why they were here and what they wanted was still a mystery to them all. Not that Applejack cared, they had kidnapped her family, tied them up out here for some reason she could not put her hoof on.

Applejack was the last one of the four to get captured, she had just sat in the living room, enjoying her tea, reading a book when she saw Rainbow Dash at the barn. Just by her expressions alone had Applejack been able to tell something was off. She had heard the barn door smack shut and then just silence? At first she thought her and Big Mac was maybe, having some alone time, but that did not explain where Apple Bloom was.

She still had chores along with Big Mac, so if he was in there then she was there too. It was strange that nopony exited the barn, so she finally decided to check it out. Just like Rainbow, she had called, she had knocked, but just like Rainbow she was met with the eyes of a massive monster.

She saw her little sister and big brother, already bound and gagged, hanging from the rafter trying to warn her. Rainbow on the ground, protesting, struggling as the monsters secured her wings and had pressed the scarf firmly over her muzzle. From there, everything just went so fast, she knew she struggled, she was pretty sure she screamed too. However the creatures were fast, strong and had soon enough secured all four of them.

Applejack had tried to count them, so far she had figured there was five all in all. The creatures was nothing like she had seen before, they had skin instead of fur, some of them had beards, most of them had hair, but otherwise it was naked skin. They came in a lot of colors, green, a sort of blue, like if you had been in the cold for to long. Red, grey and even a sort of pink, like the pigs.

Their heads were not shaped like a pony, nor did they have muzzles, instead their heads were flat, big mouths with massive teeth sticking out from the button of their lips. Their ears pointy, their eyes dull and yet filled with rage and cruelty. Their clothes were simple, even pieces of grey worn out armor here and there. Instead of hooves they had two pair of feet covered in some sort of back, and instead of four legs they had two and a pair of arms with hands. Some of them wore helmets, most of them were armed, and Applejack was pretty sure they were not afraid to use them on them.

"Big Mac? Applejack?"

Applejack's eyes went wide; Oh no! Astral is back, if he isn't careful he is gonna get himself captured!

"Applejack? Big Mac? Anypony? Apple Bloom?

The others had realized the same thing as she had, they all started to struggle and yelled into their gags, but it was two late. The doors to the barn opened as Astral called out to them again, then he saw them and for a brief moment, their eyes met.

"Applejack! I'm com-ARgh!"

Her eyes widened as Astral was about to run inside and help them when a massive chain slammed down from above and forced him to the ground.

"Hftrhl!" She called to him, but thankfully he did not look like he had been sliced in two.

She heard the monsters around them chuckle and laugh as they stepped out from their hiding places. Four of them appeared within the barn itself, and from the outside one other and the leader walked over. The big ugly one held the chain, smiling grimly.


"Well well well, here he is... Seems like we finally found you." A deep voice said in a mix of normal speech and a growl. Thor looked up as several massive creatures surrounded him. "Time to finish the job.." Thor looked at the biggest one of the lot and his eyes widened. He had seen this creature before, he knew it and his heart raced with pure rage.

A flash of memories passed before his eyes, voices from his past, battles fought, though it was not clear, he knew one thing. This thing and him were enemies, maybe even rivals. However there was not time for this now, his friends were in trouble! Thor tried to stand, but before he got as much as an inch off the ground the ugliest one grabbed his blonde mane and held him high. "Argh!" The pain was great, but he gritted his teeth and glared back at him.

"Lookie here, the great and powerful hero. Lost his memories we hear, your little friends have been most helpful in explaining your little vacation." He chuckled.

Looking over at his friends, it was not hard to figure out what had happened. They had threatened them, most likely Apple Bloom and forced them to tell them about him. Applejack in the meantime had no idea, her eyes went wide as she realized; They are here for him, we were bait so they could capture Astral.

"Take them out here, i want them to have a good view." The leader growled.

Two of the five monsters walked into the barn, simply grabbed the beam from which they hung and snapped it out of it's place. The four ponies still hung from the beam itself, but now they were carried outside and was placed right in front of the barn.

Thor's friends felt the ground beneath them and as soon they did Applejack tried to move launch herself forward, towards the ugliest one in order to help Thor. However she soon fell down, the rope around her stomach was still attached to the beam and one of the monsters had placed his foot on it, so they were going nowhere.

"Now now, let us see here." The one holding Thor pressed him down into the ground in front of the others. The giant looked at their captives with and evil grin, but then his gaze remained on Applejack. "You have no idea who you have been lodging here, do you? What was it you called him? Astral?" He glanced at Apple Bloom who quickly looked away and crawled to her brother, seeking whatever comfort she could.

The giant looked back at Applejack who glared in return. "Where we come from, we call him Thor." He pressed his fist down into Thor a little, making his body dig into the ground a little deeper. "The god of thunder, the defender of Asgard, and... Our greatest enemy."

Thor looked up at Applejack, ignoring the pain from being pinned down like this. Applejack looked back at him, her eyes filled with confusion, but not blame. The thing that was clearest was the burning question that filled her eyes, though the gag kept her from asking, Thor knew what she wanted to know. Is this true?

Thor's heart broke, he wanted to tell her, but not like this. "I'm sorry.." He said. "Applejack i-." Before he could reply the giant grabbed his body with one hand, held him in his fist tightly.

"You know, i should just kill you and return home, but with you having lost your memories, you have no idea how to fight, how to use your powers. We are gonna have a little fun!"

They all laughed as Thor was suddenly thrown into the orchard. His body hurled along the ground, crashing through trees until the build up of dirt finally slowed him down enough to stop. The giant growled in delight and looked back at the one who guarded their captives. "Stay here and watch them." He grinned and looked back to where Thor had landed. "Lads, let's have a bit of sport!"

Thor took a moment to stand up, shake the dirt out of his fur as he tried to stop the stars from dancing around his head. When his mind was finally ready and alert again he gritted his teeth, this was annoying as buck! He saw the giants run towards him, one even jumping high and held out what looked like a massive cleaver!

Thor jumped back, narrowly avoiding the blade. He had really no idea about his true strength, but he figured if he could take all of this punishment he should be able to deal it right back at them! A large rock had been revealed in the dirt he had gathered, Thor grabbed it with both of his hooves and flung it towards the giant.


It hit! The rock came with such speed it did not only hit, but it made the giant fly back several meters before he landed. Thor was amazed at his own strength, though he did not have the time to stand around and awe in it for very long. One of the other giants suddenly swung what looked like a club.

Thor had just enough time to dodge the thing, but only to get grabbed by the third giant who hurled him towards their leader like they were playing a ball game. The leader caught him with ease, just as he swung his arm, he captured Thor with a loud smack and hurled him towards the ground once again. "I'm gonna plant a thunder tree!"

He buried his fist into the ground, forcing Thor down there with it. All the giants laughed, even the one hit by the rock, here they were, beating the most terrifying enemy their kind had ever faced, their destroyer, here he was, acting like a little foal who barely left his mother's side...

The giant started to pull out his fist, but was surprised to see Thor hanging on to one of his fingers. "Oh, will you look at that!" He grinned and held his hand up to his face. "Caught myself an insect have i?" The other giants laughed, but Thor just glared at him. He let go of his finger and dropped barely an inch before he punched the giant in the eye. "ARGH! You bloody bastard!"

He fell to one knee as Thor landed on the ground, as soon as he did he jumped up and kicked him with his hind legs, sending the giant sprawling across the ground. The other giants promptly stopped laughing and ran towards him. Thor however now had the distance as an ally and turned to the turned over trees. "Here's something i learned here!" He called to them and turned, used his hind legs to buck the turned over tree, he launched it into the air towards the first two giants. Like with the rock, his aim was good and the two of them was knocked back by the tree.

Thor turned towards the farm and the final giant of the four who were beating him. He leaped forward towards the ugly creature with as much speed as he could build up, only thinking about his friend's safety. As the two enemies met, Thor jumped up into the air, managing to move over the giant. However before the giant could react, just as Thor was right above him, he kicked with his leg, smashing his hoof down to the back of the giants head, forcing him face first into the ground.

As soon as Thor landed he continued to run towards the farm. He got closer and closer, intended to remove the final giant and free his lover and his friends. However, just as he came out of the orchard and saw them again a chain shot out from the trees, wrapping around his legs and stopped him. "Oufh!" Thor fell to the ground and soon felt the chain pull him back.

He was not dragged for very long, just as he was about to struggle he felt the chain move up, flicking him up into the air with great speed. He was not sure how far up in the air he was, but just as he was at the the peak of the curve, he knew he could see Ponyville. The chain then hurled him towards the ground and with a great, BOOM! Thor had landed and created a small crater where he had landed.

The chain was broken, but that did not matter to Thor as he slowly stood up. Stones and dirt fell down from his fur as he moved out of the crater. He panted, his heart was pumping like never before, by all accounts he should fear for his life and yet, he didn't.

In fact, he could not help, but to smile a little. To his own surprise he found himself to let out small chuckles, feeling the adrenaline rush through him like wild rivers in his veins. H-he was enjoying the fight? He kept looking at the ground, panting, sweaty, tired, but also excited. "This... This is such bullapples..." He said under his breath, using a curse word he learned from Rainbow Dash.

Dark clouds started to gather above the farm, in fact they started to cover the entire region. "I only wanted to belong.. Now that i know where my home is, i feel sad.. I've already found a home and yet i need to leave.. Because of buckheads like you.." He glared up at them, not noticing his honor mark had started to glow. "And now you hurt the ponies who means the most to me?!" The wind picked up around them all, the giants finally stopping in their tracks as they noticed something about Thor. Sparks had started to move around his body.

"Hálgr?" One of the giants asked the leader, clearly worried where this fight was heading.

The leader of the group, who's name was Hálgr, simply glared at Thor. "This fight ain't over, if he could use his full powers he would have done it by now.. So we stop playing games and finish him off right now."


"Twilight! Wait, what's going on!" Rarity yelled as her, Twilight, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy all ran down the dirt road towards Sweet Apple Acres. Twilight had suddenly gathered them all as some sort of freak storm had begun. The wind was strong and wild and they were all pretty sure it was going to rain soon.

"There's no time!" Twilight called back. "But i think Applejack and Astral are in trouble!"

"What sort of trouble?!" Rarity asked frowning.

Suddenly something crashed through the fence to the orchard and landed right in front of them, stopping the group of ponies right in their tracks. They all looked shocked as the hideous creature groaned and slowly sat up, he suddenly slowly turned his head to look at them. "Oh? More ponies?"

"AHHHH!" Rarity screamed in horror and suddenly launched a blast of magic into the giant, sending him flying back into the orchard. "What a horrible thing!"

Twilight was as shocked as she was, but they did not have time for this. "Wait, he said more ponies." They all froze and their eyes became worried. They all thought the same thing. "We better hurry." Twilight said and turned back towards the road.


Applejack was in pure awe, all fear forgotten in this moment as she saw Astral suddenly jump around, dealing a lot of strong and painful punches and kicks to the monsters. Sending them flying all around, his body even started to shoot out what looked like sparks, even his cutie mark had started to glow.

The four giants and Astral kept fighting out there, and here she was bound like some sort of...Damsel! She continued to struggle, she had to help him, get her family to safety, get Twilight and the others! "Mmmfh!"

"Stop squirming you annoying little horse!" The giant who guarded them grumbled. "You're lucky we are after him, or we might want to take you guys as a sna-ARGH!" A sudden blast of magic hurled the unsuspecting giant through the wall of the barn.

"Mmfh?!" The four captives all looked over to see Twilight and the rest of their friends run towards them.

"Oh Applejack, are you guys alright?" Twilight asked as her magic pulled down the gag and undid the restraints.

Pinkie Pie smirked as she untied Rainbow Dash. "Oh lookie, Dashie is a damsel in distress now!"


Pinkie had wisely not taken the gag off before she said that. Rarity removed Big Mac's bonds and Fluttershy removed the bonds of Apple Bloom.

"What the hay is going on Twilight!?" Applejack yelled out as soon as she was free. She was not angry with her, but she clearly knew something since she was here with their friends.

"Astral.. I figured out who he was, last time i saw him he was on his way here to tell you. When i saw the storm i figured something had gone wrong, but i was not sure what.." Twilight said, her tone was apologetic.

Applejack understood, though she had a ton of questions, they had to wait. Her family came first. "Big Mac, take Apple Bloom and go to the basement."

Big Mac did not like to go hide while a battle was being fought on their family home, but he was not gonna be stubborn and pretend he had a chance against these monsters. These girls had faced monsters before, they knew how to handle this, he hoped. "Eeyup." He looked to Rainbow Dash who had finally been freed. "You be careful now."

Rainbow blushed, but hugged her big log of a coltfriend. "You too.." There was no smart remarks, after what they had just went through, she was just happy Big Mac was okay. They two shared a quick kiss and then Big Mac hurried to the farm house with Apple Bloom.

When they were gone Twilight looked to Applejack. "They came for Astral?"

Applejack nodded, but it was Rainbow Dash who responded with a question. "What the buck are they?!"

"They are something from Astral's world, monsters called Jotunn, they are the enemies of the old gods." Twilight could see them all looked shocked, all of them except Applejack. "Astral is their greatest enemy, if he can't control his powers they have the best chance to destroy him now, so we must he-."

Applejack cut her off. "Thor.. That's his name right?" Applejack did not look at Twilight, she simply looked out at the orchard where she could hear the battle take place.

Twilight frowned. "Yes.. Thor... Applejack i.."

"It's okay Twilight." Applejack reassured her. "I need to save him.." She suddenly ran off towards the orchard, she ignored the calls from her friends, she needed to be out there, she needed to be with him.

"Applejack! Wait!" Twilight called, but before she could do anything they heard the tree of the barn crack and crumple.

"Uhm, Twilight?" Rainbow Dash said. "I think we have trouble!" The giant stood up, growling in anger as he was finally getting ready to get his revenge on the ponies who had blasted him.


Thor ignored the pain as he was sent along the dirt, he managed however to slow down by holding his ground. His hoofs leaving tracks as he stood against the force that had thrown him. He panted heavily, but still glared defiantly up at the giants who seemed just as tired as him, but also just as stubborn and angry.

"I must give it to you old friend.." Hálgr smirked. "You don't fight as well as you once did, but you still put up Hel of a fight.. I be glad to sent you to her, just hold still for a minute.."

Thor spat at the ground. "Just shows how...Useless you are Hálgr... You can't even defeat me when i'm vulnerable.. Maybe you weren't that strong to begin with.."

Hálgr growled. "Oh yeah? Then how about we finish this?"

Thor nodded in reply. The giants and Thor ran towards each other, however Hálgr did not plan on fighting fair. As cheap as it was, he threw the dirt at Thor, momentarily blinding him. The three other giants seized him and pinned him down to the ground.

"Argh, bastard!" Thor yelled as he struggled against the grip of the giants.

Hálgr laughed. "You really think i would play fair? After all the trouble i did to send you away?"

Thor stopped struggling as his eyes widened. "You?!"

"Yes! though i had hoped the forced teleportation would have ripped you apart, it seemed you simply lost your memories." He sighed and picked up the cleaver one of the giants had dropped earlier. "But i can fix that problem." He walked towards Thor slowly, taking full delight in having won this fight.

Thor growled. "Leave it to a Jotunn to screw up an assassination.."

"Well let's fix it!" He held up the cleaver ready to take his head, when suddenly.


Something hit him from behind. He felt whatever it was fall to the ground and he looked down to see an. "Apple?" Hálgr tilted his head when suddenly a voice yelled out.

"Oi, buckhead!"

Hálgr slowly turned around, lowering the cleaver as he faced whoever dared to throw an apple at him. He turned and faced an orange mare with a blonde mane blowing in the strong winds, her green emerald eyes glaring at him.

"Leave my coltfriend alone."


Thor's eyes went wide, but he did not speak. He was amazed how she stood up to the Jotunn, but soon enough reality kicked in for him. He knew she had no chance against the likes of these. "Applejack! Get out of here!" Thor called out, but Applejack did not flinch or move and inch.

Hálgr let out a laugh. "Ha! Who are you to command me? What can a mortal little earth pony like you do?"

Applejack gritted her teeth. "This is my family's land, not only have you messed it up, but you have messed with my family, my friends and the one i love! So, if you won't go, i will just have to kick your ass!" This made the giant laugh, was this little pony really threatening him?

Applejack simply trotted over to some of the apples on the ground, turned around and then suddenly. Thor saw how she first kicked an apple up into the air and then with another quick buck she fired it towards the giant. It was with such careful precision that the apple did not break, but instead it fired in a straight line and hit!

"Argh! My eye!" Hálgr yelled out and dropped the cleaver. "Why is it always the eye!?" Applejack fired one more at the other eye and the giant fell to his knees screaming in pain. Applejack was not done however, with two quick kicks again she fired two apples into his mouth and right down into his airway. His eyes widened as he felt the apples cutting off his air and he started gasp and struggled to breath.

Applejack started to run towards the kneeling giant who was coughing and gasping to much to really focus on her. Of course she felt how her leg hurt, but she didn't care. Thor in the meantime found the other giant's grip lessen as they were to shocked to focus on holding the thunder god down. His heart raced like it was about to explode, his body felt hotter, his honor mark started to glow as his will to protect her broke through whatever barriers held his memories hostage.

Applejack managed to get past the giant, but just as she did Hálgr coughed the apples out, grabbed the cleaver and turned to get the little mare.

It was like time slowed down for Thor, his eyes saw how the giant was about to kill his beloved, her eyes on the verge of tears as she ran towards him in a desperate attempt to save him. Was this how it would end? Was Applejack gonna pay the price of a war she was not even apart of? Was he gonna loose her this day?

His honor mark glowed, his heart suddenly became calm, his eyes sparked with lightning just before they turned from blue to pure glowing white.

"No.." He gritted his teeth, this was not how he was gonna let it end. He was Thor, the bloody god of thunder! "APPLEJAAAACK!!!!" He roared as a shock wave of lightning shot out from him, hurling the three screaming giants away. The sky flashed with the biggest lightnings Ponyville had ever seen, it was followed by ear shattering thunder that almost echoed with Thor's roar.

Before Hálgr even had a chance to fully grasp what was going on, a small burst of white energy shot out from Thor's honor mark. It went straight into his hoof, forming something physical he knew all to well. As soon as it hit Thor's hoof he twirled around to keep the momentum of the object going, he then threw the object towards Hálgr with the greatest speed. It took less than a second before the object Thor had summoned finally came into full view. He did not have time to scream, beg or even flinch before his face was greeted by the surface of a hammer.

The giant flew all the way back towards the farm, the hammer never showing any signs of slowing down!


Twilight panted, this creature was to strong for them, they needed Applejack! The giant stood up from where he last was blasted to. "Haha!" He laughed and picked the barn door.

Rainbow Dash bit her lips glaring at their enemy. "Any ideas Twi?!" She asked while all the other girls looked as exhausted as her.

"I'm thinking!" Twilight called back as they all tried to keep a safe distance from the giant.

"Time to make ponypancak-."


The sudden battle was interrupted as another giant came flying into the other with such speed and force they both flew into what remained of the barn. The girl's eyes widened at this sudden interruption, but it was not unwelcome. They noticed some sort of object vanish into a flash of lightning and shoot back into the orchard.

The remaining three giants came running out towards their companions, but they did not look to be aggressive anymore. No, they all saw they looked terrified. "Look, up there!" Rainbow pointed with her wing towards the sky and they looked up.

There, amidst the lightning flashing in the dark sky, a figure came flying down, or falling rather. As soon as it landed they all saw Thor, holding onto Applejack tightly. They would have gone over and hug them, but Thor's eyes flashed white with pure anger as he gently let go of Applejack. Thor started to slowly move over towards the giants, each step making the giant cower more and more.

The giants all scrambled to get their leader and the other giant up, clearly all fearing what Thor had become. "You." Thor said, not stopping walking towards them. "You come to this world, threatening the ponies i love, almost killing the most important mare in my life.." He gritted his teeth stopping right in front of them. Though they were bigger than him, the pure threat of Thor made them all cower with fear like he was the biggest and most scary creature there.

He held out a hoof and a small lightning shot out from his honor mark and directly into his hoof, forming a hammer. The hammer in the meantime in the honor mark had vanished. The giants looked so small as they looked up at their certain doom. Thor was beyond angry, he wanting nothing more to tear these giants limb from limb, to kill them for all the pain they brought with them! Now for the first time since he got here, he remembered everything, who he was, what he was, his life in Asgard, everything, he knew what he had to do, he knew he had to leave his beloved and go back. All of this hurt because of these useless worms cowering before him, like they had any right to beg for mercy!

Then, suddenly, something cut through his anger, a gentle, calm voice reached him from behind. "Astral.." Applejack's voice was soft, calm and loving, like a silk blanket that started to cover every inch of his body. That name, the name he had been using since he arrived, she used the name of the stallion she loved, the one he wished to be!

"It's okay.."

It was okay? How could she say that, how could she think any of this was okay, he was not who she loved, right?! He was, he was.. "Thor.." Now she spoke his name, his true name, and then, without having noticed her approaching him, he felt her hoof gently touch his raised one. Then like nothing had ever changed he felt her mouth moving closer to his ear and whisper. "I love you.."

That broke him, his mind flashed with the memories of his time here. The first time they met, when they baked, when they worked, when they first kissed. Her eyes, her laugh, her spirit, all the things he had fallen in love with purged the hatred and the anger from his heart, then slowly, he let his hoof lower.

The hammer in his hoof vanished into a small lightning and returned to his honor mark, making the hammer appear once again on his flank. His eyes returned to normal, the skies and the winds calmed, it was then that he realized that she was right. They were not worth this, this was Applejack's home, the place of the most amazing memories, he should not spoil this happy place with their blood, instead he simply looked at them with a scowl.

"You have your lives, return from where you came and never set foot here ever again.."

Applejack smiled, but then glared at the giants. "Get off my property. Go on, scram."

The giants did not need to be told twice, the sound of a crystal breaking reached them and then with a dark green flash the giants vanished. When they did Thor let out a sigh and turned to his love. "Applejack i-Mmfh!?" He was promptly silenced as Applejack hugged him tightly and planted her lips on his, kissing him like she had never kissed him before. It took him a second to realize what was going on, but then he placed his hooves around her and kissed her back.

The girls all blushed, but smiled. Rainbow Dash put her hooves close to her mouth and whistled at them. The two kissed for a full minute before they pulled away just by an inch. "I love you.." Thor told Applejack, but she just smiled lovingly.

"I know, you big log.." The moved in and kissed one another again, but the mood quickly changed as a voice yelled out.


All of them turned around in shock and saw Granny Smith fuming with anger and shock to see her farm and orchard in such a state. Right beside her was Princess Celestia and Princess Luna looking just as shocked. Twilight rubbed her hoof. "Well... This is a funny story.. You see.."


It took some time to explain everything that had happened. They had all moved into the living room as the royal guard worked to clean up the farm the best they could. Twilight told about her research, how Astral was really the thunder god of old. Big Mac explained along with Rainbow Dash and Applejack how they got captured. Thor told about the fight and Twilight finished off with it's conclusion.

Though Granny Smith was not happy about the damage, the most important thing was that her family was safe. "So you remember everything then?" Celestia suddenly asked as she levitated her teacup down to the table.

"Yes.." Thor replied. "I know i was in a battle before i came here, i remember a flash of dark green and when i woke up i was in the Everfree forest.. That's when i met Applejack.."

Luna nodded. "That still leaves the question, why here? And should we fear them coming back?"

Thor shook his head. "No.. The only reason they came here was because of me, your world holds no value to them, there are no grudges or anything. With me going back they will likely leave you alone.." Applejack leaned into Thor a little as he mentioned going back, but they both knew there was no way around that fact.

The room went silent, they all knew what was going to happen. After a while it was princess Celestia who broke the silence. "With your memories returning it should make your return home much simpler.. We shall leave you to say your goodbyes.."

All of the ponies left Thor and Applejack, leaving them so they could say whatever needed to be said. At first none of them spoke, they simply enjoyed being so close to one another. After about five minutes Applejack spoke up. "So this is it then.." She sighed and put her head on his shoulder. "What will happen to us now..?"

Thor was not sure how to reply, instead he simply spoke what he felt was true. "Our hearts will always belong to one another... I have to believe fate has more in store for us, i don't believe this is the end.."

Applejack smiled a little. "You're sure about that..?"

He moved his foreleg around her and pulled her in close. "I know it's written in the stars.."

She couldn't help but giggle a little. "If you say it, then i must have faith... I love you, Thor.."

He turned to face her and leaned in gently. "I love you, Applejack, to the stars and beyond, i love you.." Their lips met, and they shared a deep loving kiss.


The two of them spend about an hour to themselves, simply enjoying one another's company. When they finally walked out of the farm house, their friends waited for them along with Celestia and Luna. As Thor moved to an open space where he could go home, he said his goodbyes to everypony who had made him feel so welcome.

He thanked Twilight for her help, promising her to answer all of her questions of his world if they were to meet again. He thanked Rarity and Fluttershy for their kindness and support as he lived here. He thanked Granny Smith, who refused to hug him before he accepted a wack from her cane, which he accepted with a small smile. With Pinkie he thanked her so much for the welcome party she threw him and all the parties she had let him take part in while he was here.

To Rainbow Dash and Big Macintosh he shared a tight hug. "You were the best drinking buddies i could have asked for.." They shared a small laugh and Big Mac had to wipe away a tear. "Thank you for all your have shown me Big Mac.."

"Eeyup." He smiled.

Apple Bloom cried a little as she hugged him tightly, but he simply comforted her. "I have to go little princess, i have to go back and defend my home.." She nodded a little, telling him it was still not fair, but that she understood.

Finally he turned towards the two royal sisters and simply send them a small nod and a smile, which they returned. Then, after letting out a deep sigh he walked away a little and turned to Applejack. "I don't know what to say.."

Applejack shook her head. "Don't say anything sugarcube, let's just say what we already know.." she said holding back her tears. "I'm gonna miss you.."

Thor had a hard time keeping his own tears away, but as Applejack allowed them to run down her cheeks so did he. They both shared one last embrace. "I'll miss you too, thank you for everything..." They both shared a kiss, this time longer than all the other kisses they had shared when they had their alone time.

When they finally pulled away he let out a sigh. "I know you already know this, but.. I love you.."

Applejack punched his shoulder. "You like making me blush don't you?" She said and then smiled. "I love you too, but don't think this is goodbye.."

Thor smirked. "I know it's not.. I know some day, we will meet again, and when that day comes, we shall be together forever." They kissed once more and after a few seconds it was Applejack who pulled away and stepped back to her friends.

The two of them looked at one another until she finally stopped, then he turned towards the sky, looked up and closed his eyes. For the first few seconds nothing happened, but then, suddenly the sky was filled with clouds, the wind picked up, but it was still gentle. Suddenly a bright light broke through the clouds and for a moment forced all the ponies to shield their eyes.

When they opened them again they all gasped, there, up in the sky, they saw a clouds having formed a sort of opening to another world. A massive palace or fortress could be seen on the other side, it's towers and walls reaching heights none of them had ever seen. Then, like some sort of bridge, a rainbow gently moved down from the opening landed it's end right before Thor's hooves.

Slowly he opened his eyes again, smiled a bit. He turned to face all of his friends one last time. "Thank you all, i'm sorry for all the trouble.. You are all the most amazing ponies i have ever met, hang on to that.." He then looked at Applejack, the two of them smiling to one another as their eyes said everything they needed to say. This was not the end... Their love would be eternal...

"Goodbye, my love.."

And with a gentle warm light covering him, he vanished and so did the rainbow and the opening to the other world. The sky returned to normal, leaving only Celestia's setting sun to fill the sky with it's orange rays. Applejack just looked up into the sky, tears still moving down her cheeks, but she still smiled as she whispered.

"Goodbye, my love.. Until we meet again...."


Author's Note:

Wow, this was a really long chapter XD

I really did not expect to finish it today or that it would become so long. :D

I'm glad it did and i am glad it was the longest chapter yet. I really had fun writing this story and i am looking forward to writing the squeal!

Thank you for reading this story so far, i hoped you enjoyed it and i hope you will read the next one. Leave a like if you feel like i deserved and maybe even your thoughts int he comment section.

Thank you again for reading, tally ho~

The picture of Applejack was done by: Godoffury from Deviantart.

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As much as i like marvel, i take a certain pride in my country's old religion, so i rather use that as a baseline. XD

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And he might asked the god for him to stay on Equestria will his friends and his lover Applejack, where he once called home, they granted his wish and he and applejack return home to a Huge Party to celebrate the world saved and the return of Astral Thunder to his new life and home, and high in the Sky is a picture of him and people would say(that's our great Thunder god hero) that's right! The so the future is high bright for him Applejack and his friends.

So what do you think of this idea huh? Might even have a small bit by bit of the movie Hercules but it might turn out good for it. And you can even make up your own part in the chapters and the ending too. So what do you think of this idea i came up with just for you? Give me a message back on it and tell me what you think if it's good or bad for your new story.

It's some cool ideas, but the plot for the next one had been laid out and is in the writing phase. ^^

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As I said, I already have a plot, and it is in the writing phase, I would not really be able to implement anything without changing my narrative. Sorry.

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Just the description of this makes me want a crossover with God of War taking place after/building off of the cliffhanger ending of God of War 2018.
Spoilers for God of War 2018 and my idea for the story itself censored below.

Thor appears at Kratos and Atreus' home, in the game this is where it ends, while in my mind's eye of the story, an exchange of dialogue is made, then, in the ensuing battle, Kratos is killed, Atreus is stolen away by Thor and raised as an Asgardian, with Kratos' lifeless body slowly vanishing into golden dust. Cut to the next scene, it is somehow falling from the sky in the midst of a Meteor shower. Impacting outside Sweet Apple Acres and drawing the attention of the Mane 6, they investigate, only to find Kratos' as of yet unidentified to them, somehow living yet unconscious form at the bottom of the crater. This is as far as the story idea i get goes.

Forgive the wall of censored text btw, i wanted to get it said.

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