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The Farmer & The God - DanishDash

Applejack is happy for her brother and Rainbow Dash getting together, but when will she find love? Will she find it in a strange Pony that appears one stormy afternoon?

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Chapter 4: Welcome to Ponyville!

Chapter 4: Welcome to Ponyville!

Applejack helped clean off the table along with Astral who seemed eager to help out. Granny Smith insisted however the two of them get going and she could handle this mess with Apple Bloom. "You two get going now." Granny Smith smiled, not taking no for an answer.

"Alright Granny." Applejack smiled and gave her grandmother a peck on the cheek. "We'll be back later." She ruffled her sister's hair with her hoof while giving her a small smirk. "Alright, see ya'll later!" Applejack and Astral made their way outside to the porch, enjoying the last of the morning sun before going on their way. "Well, shall we get going pardner?"

Astral looked back at her with a smile. "Yes, let's go."

The two of them started to walk off, following the dirt road leading out of the farm and down towards the town. There was a moment of silence between them, but it was not awkward. Astral seemed to enjoy the surroundings, the beautiful apple trees, the wide open fields and the mountains in the distance.

Applejack in the meantime enjoyed observing his reactions, it was like he was seeing this for the first time, which it probably was. She did not know if he had been to Ponyville before, or if he was on his way to the town before whatever happened to him. Either way he seemed to enjoy the view and she could say the same. She blushed as she knew she was once again staring at his muscular body.

"Is everything alright?" Astral suddenly asked, bringing her back to reality.

"Uhm, yes!" Applejack said quickly, looking back forward, her face turning red. "S-sorry, you just seemed to enjoy yourself.." Applejack replied, mentally slapping herself for staring at him.

Astral nodded. "I am, you have a beautiful home." He said as he walked with her. "It kinda makes me feel nostalgic.."

"The apple trees?" She asked thinking he might be in the farm trade as well.

Astral nodded. "Yeah, a bit.. But more the mountains and the open fields.." Applejack could not help but smile, it seemed he liked the outdoors like she did. He took in a deep breath and slowly let it out. "So, what is this cutie mark thing you talked about?"

"Oh yes, i guess i never explained anything about that." She chuckled and took a moment to think how to best explain it to him. "Well you see, a cutie mark is this symbol that appears on us once we find that special something that makes us who we are. A special talent or characteristic, something that sets us apart from the others." She nodded towards her flank. "You see i have apples because, well i like apples." Astral nodded slowing down a bit so he could look at her cutie mark. He took his time inspecting it, even to the point Applejack started to blush. "Hey, eyes up here pardner. It's not polite to stare at a mare's flank like that."

Astral nodded and started to blush too. "S-sorry!" he quickly moved up beside her again, feeling embarrassed he had looked for so long.

Applejack could not help but to giggle. "I'm just messing with you." she punched his side and Astral could not help but to take a step to the side as her punch had quite the power behind it.

"Ouf! Wow.. You're strong.." he smirked a bit and moved back to where he was before. "So you like apples, what about your brother, he had an apple on his flank too, so i guess he likes apples like you then?"

Applejack nodded. "Yeah, though his apple is open, because he is an apple to the core. you don't have to take the cutie mark literally all the time, sometimes it can symbolize something, like my brother's cutie mark. It is hard to explain and i don't know all them fancy words to explain it to you." She said apologetically and frowned a bit.

"It's okay." Astral assured her.

Applejack smiled slightly. "Well there is more to my cutie mark, we all have a story behind it. My cutie mark does not just say i like apples, but that i belong with my family. So to us we know the deeper meaning behind it, while others get the basic idea." She said trying her best to explain it like her teacher once had.

"So what do you think my cutie mark tells about me?" He asked glancing back to his flank.

It was a fair question, and if she was being honest she had no idea herself. "Sorry, i have no idea. Truth is, i have never seen a cutie mark like yours before." Applejack said honestly and let out a sigh.

"So you think this Twilight can help me then?" Astral asked and Applejack nodded eagerly.

"Yup, she's probably the smartest pony in all of Ponyville. If anyone can figure this out, she can." Applejack assured him. Astral smiled, it seemed Applejack had a lot of faith in this Twilight. "She also happens to be one of my friends, so i am certain she will help us!"

"You seem to have a lot of faith in her." Astral noted looking to her with a warm smile.

Applejack nodded. "Well we have been through a lot, along with our other friends. You already met Rainbow Dash, just wait until you meet the others, well just wait until you meet Pinkie."


She chuckled. "You'll see." Applejack suddenly stopped when she spotted something in the distance. "Well turn me around, smack me and call me miss lucky of Luckyville, is that what i think it is?" They walked closer to whatever she had spotted and stopped. It was a brown hat. "Well hello there old friend." Applejack said and dusted her hat off before placing it back on her head. "I was afraid i had lost it forever." Turning her eyes onto Astral she smirked. "Seems like you are my lucky charm."

Astral was not really sure what she meant, but he simply smiled and nodded. "Happy to be at service my lady."

Applejack giggled, blushing a bit of being called a lady again, it was mostly something she imagined Rarity being called, but coming from him, it felt nice. They walked for another 15 minutes until a sign came into view. On it, written in large black letters it said: WELCOME TO PONYVILLE


It did not take the two ponies long to finally reach the town, when they did Applejack felt excited to show Astral around. He was quite interested in looking around, feeling he had never seen houses like this before. The houses were timber framed and had overhanging upper floors. The straw roofs added a certain charm to them, gave them a nice cozy look.

Of course, the streets were still a little messy from the storm. There was a lot of leafs and sticks laying around, some garbage and paper here and there, but it seemed everypony in town was helping out cleaning up the place. It would not take long before all of Ponyville looked as good as new!

"Well this is Ponyville, sorry if it seems a little dirty now, but you know with the storm and everything." Applejack said even though she knew he probably already had figured as much.

Astral shook his head. "No need to explain, your town looks nice, i'm looking forward to seeing it back to it's former glory." Applejack raised an eyebrow at his choice of words, glory? Seems a bit much.

She however decided not to ask about it and simply smiled. "Well then pardner, let me give you the grand tour!" With that the two of them started to walk around town.


Applejack found it fun, she had shown newcomers around before, but this felt quite different. 'It be a date.' Rainbow Dash had said. The thought of this being a date made her blush yet again, but she shook her head in attempt to try to get the thoughts out.

This was not a date, it was a simple tour of the town that would end with them going to Twilight, perfectly normal. She took him down to see the marketplace, the town square, some of the cafes and shops. Astral was clearly impressed, soaking in everything Applejack said like a well behaved student.

She could not help but find it fun how intently he listened, then again he was a bit out of his depth with having no memory and all. "Well, that's just the basic tour, let's head on over to Twilight, then we can-"

Applejack did not even get to finish that sentence before a pink figure rushed past her. The pink mass came with such speed it made her blonde mane and tail wave behind her as the pink mass made the stallion vanish. "What in tarnation!" She looked behind her and saw what had happened.

Astral was on his back, he looked up in shock at a pink mare who seemed to almost explode in excitement. "Oh who are you? I'm Pinkie Pie! How do you know Applejack? Are you friends? Family? Where do you come from? Oh i am sure you come from far away and-mmfpphh-mmfmmhpphh-mmfmmh."

Pinkie Pie kept talking and asking at an increasing speed, Astral felt quite overwhelmed until Applejack trotted over and placed a hoof over Pinkie's mouth. Applejack's expression told Astral she had kind of expected this. "Pinkie, this is not the time. Get off the poor fellow now." She said in a calm tone of voice.

Applejack removed her hoof and Pinkie Pie proceeded to bounce off the muscular stallion. Despite being tackled with such great force, Pinkie herself weighed almost nothing. Astral got back up on his hoofs and dusted himself off a little. "So i guess this is the Pinkie you told me about?"

She nodded a little with a small smile. "Yes, the one and only Pinkie Pie. Sorry, i should have warned you about her way of meeting new ponies."

Pinkie's smile grew, it actually grew beyond her facial features which was a bit disturbing. "You talked about me?! Does that mean you two know each other?" She asked excitedly. Then she gasped. "Could he be your coltfriend!?"

Applejack blushed, though this time Astral could have sworn her entire body became as red as Big Macintosh's. "NO! We're, uhm, we're just friends! He saved me during the freak storm and i-"

Once again Applejack was interrupted as Pinkie Pie seemed unable to contain herself. "He saved you?? Like a damsel in distress?!"

"I'M NOT A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS!" Applejack yelled out all red from embarrassment. She took a moment to regain her composure. "Listen Pinkie, we don't have time to stand here and chatting all day, my friend here needs Twilight's help." She explained hoping this would get Pinkie to back off for a little while.

Pinkie kept her smile and simply nodded. "Oh while you do that, i start planning a hero/welcome to Ponyville party!!" she squealed. "Okay okay! You two go, i make the preparations!"

Before Applejack even got a chance to reply, Pinkie Pie had already left in a cloud of dust. Astral looked bemused but then smiled a little. "A party? That sounds fun, she seems nice."

"Sugarcube, you have no idea, no idea at all.." Applejack replied in almost a menacing way. "Let's go see Twilight." Astral nodded and the two of them started to walk down one of the streets.


It was a short walk, soon enough they found themselves in what almost could be mistaken for another town square. In the middle of this square was a massive tree. To Astral's amazement the tree seemed to be hollowed out, and there were windows and doors build into the tree itself. There was even two balconies, and a telescope on the top one.

Applejack smirked seeing his reaction. "Come on then pardner." They walked up to the red door and knocked.

A sudden commotion could be heard from the other side of the door, someone was moving, some things fell to the floor, but what was going on Astral had no idea. Finally after a short moment of silence, the door opened, but no one was there. At least that was what Astral thought until he heard a small voice say. "Oh, hello Applejack."

Astral looked down and saw a small reptile looking creature holding the door. "Hey Spike, sorry for intruding, but is Twilight home?" Applejack asked.

The little purple reptile nodded. "Yeah, she's inside organizing the library...Again.."

"Who is it Spike?" A mare's voice called from within the library.

Spike looked back over his shoulder and called back. "It's Applejack! She has someone with her!" He turned his head back towards Applejack and Astral. "You better come inside"

Applejack thanked him before she walked inside with Astral following close behind her. Spike had barely managed to close the door behind them before a purple mare came down and greeted them. "Hey Applejack, oh, who's your friend?" Twilight asked with a friendly smile. Astral noted the horn on her head and felt something deep within him, like he had seen such a thing before, her kind before, but he simply could not place it.

"Hello Twilight, sorry for barging in like this, but we need your help." Applejack said and nodded towards Astral. "This is Astral Thunder, Astral this is my friend Twilight Sparkle."

Astral bowed his head. "It is an honor to meet a friend of Lady Applejack." Twilight looked confused and sent a look to Applejack, she however simply shook her head in return.

Twilight smiled. "The honor is mine Astral, welcome to Golden Oak Library, which also happens to be my home." Astral noted the many books neatly lined up on the shelves. Though in one of the corners was a small pile of them, no doubt what he had heard fall to the floor when they knocked on the door. There was a stairway on the left side of the library leading up to the other floors. On the first floor he could see a big bed which was presumably Twilight's bedroom. "So, what can i do for you two?"

"Well, it's kind of a long story.." Before Applejack started to explain Twilight made them some nice tea and served some biscuits for them to snack on. Then once they had settled down Applejack began to explain everything that had happened up until now. The storm, him rescuing her and his memory loss.


Once Applejack was done with her story Twilight levitated the teacup back down onto the table. "That is an amazing story, so you have no idea who you are or why you are here?" Twilight asked looking over at Astral.

Astral shook his head. "No, i only remember waking up right outside a forest, that was just before i found Lady Applejack trapped under the tree.."

"And then there is his cutie mark." Applejack pointed out.

Twilight nodded. "Yea, i have never seen such a cutie mark before, nor do i think i have seen such strange letters before.." She frowned as she levitated a quill and a piece of paper. Twilight proceeded to write down the strange letters. "If you can't remember how to read them, then i must find a way to translate.." She mumbled as she wrote down the letters.

ᛏᚺᛖ ᛋᛟᚾ ᛟᚠ ᛟᛞᛁᚾ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚷᛟᛞ ᛟᚠ ᛏᚺᚢᚾᛞᛖᚱ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛈᚱᛟᛏᛖᚲᛏᛟᚱ ᛟᚠ ᚨᛋᚷᚨᚱᛞ ᛏᚺᛟᚱ

Applejack moved over to take a closer look. "Have you seen these strange symbols before Twilight?"

Twilight tilted her head. "Hmm, maybe.." She frowned and made a few books levitate towards the table. She scanned her books, turning the pages with her magic, but after maybe 15 minutes she sighed. "It seems i have to find some older books.. Or maybe write to princess Celestia.." She turned her attention back to her guests. "Sorry for not being of much help, i promise i will look into this." Twilight assured them.

Applejack shook her head. "It's alright Twilight, i reckon if anyone can figure this out, you can."

"At the very least you have my thanks for trying." Astral put in. "I hope i can repay you both for your kindness once i get my memories back."

"Don't mention it." Applejack smirked and punched his side yet again.

Twilight nodded her head. "Applejack is right, you saved her from what could have been a horrible injury.. It will be my pleasure to help you."

Astral bowed his head to her again. "Thank you, Lady Twilight."


The two of them said their goodbyes and left Twilight to her research. "So, what do we do now?" Astral asked.

"Now? Now we go back home and prepare.." Applejack said with a smirk.

Astral frowned, hearing the change of tone in Applejack's voice. "Prepare? Prepare for what?"

"For the party..." She simply said. Astral had never been to one of Pinkie Pie's parties before, but this was not a normal party. It was two parties at once, which meant Pinkie was gonna plan something big and that meant there were gonna need all the energy they could save up.

Astral had no idea what he was in for, but he was gonna learn that soon enough...

Author's Note:

Fun fact, Golden Oak Library was inspired by the tree of knowledge and the tree of life. The tree of life is Yggdrasil in Norse Mythology ;)

So this is the longest chapter so far, not by much, but still the longest. We got three new characters introduced, i hope i can do them justice and the other characters as they show up.

Leave me your thoughts and i be happy to take them into account in my next chapter. If you have suggestions, praise or corrections please let me know, as long as we keep a polite tone i will be happy to hear you out ^^