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The Farmer & The God - DanishDash

Applejack is happy for her brother and Rainbow Dash getting together, but when will she find love? Will she find it in a strange Pony that appears one stormy afternoon?

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Chapter 9: Truth & Thunder

Chapter 9: Truth & Thunder.

Equestria, a magical kingdom, full of wonder, adventure, friendship and... A swirling portal deep within the darkest parts of the Everfree forest? The glowing swirling portal was still for a moment, nothing happened, letting the dark green glow casts it's rays onto the dark trees.

Suddenly however several large figures stepped out, if one could see their shadows one would see a group of giant creatures walking on two legs. Their eyes scanned their surroundings, taking in the dark forest with no fear at all. The largest one of them turned to the portal and growled deeply. "You told us he would be here."

"That I did, he is in this world, you just have to find him. Now when you are ready to return, crush that crystal around your neck and you will be sent right back, good luck! Tootles~." And with that the portal closed again, leaving the group in this new world.

"Where is he?"

Another one asked as the moved in the shadows. "I don't know, but he was right, he's here.. I can smell him... Thor..."


It had been about two weeks since Astral and Applejack had shared their first kiss, since then there had been many more. So far they had not told anypony about this, which was hard for Applejack, being the element of honesty she had a hard time keeping it from her family and friends.

But for now, they had both agreed to keep what they had to themselves, it was not a matter of not wanting to tell them, but a matter of just enjoying what they had in peace, at least for now. Applejack was thrilled, she had a coltfriend! She felt like a filly, she knew it was early, she was also pretty sure their glow would calm down a little as the weeks passed, but there was one thing Applejack knew for sure, she could not explain how she knew it, but she did. Their love would only grow stronger.

Astral worked in the orchard, the harvest was over, but there was still work to do. They had to prepare for the next years harvest, making sure the fields were all ready for winter and take note of which trees that may not make it. Astral was not alone however, was in the company of Big Mac and Apple Bloom.

It was nice, the three of them had some fun conversations, joking for a bit, telling stories. Astral liked hearing about their lives here in Ponyville, though he did not have any to share, it made him feel more apart of their community knowing what was going on.

"No really, she did that?" Astral asked in surprise as he looked at Big Mac.

"Eeyup." Big Mac said with a small smirk.

"Wow.. I knew Rainbow Dash was stubborn, but wow.. Uhm, did they ever find the cheese?"

Apple Bloom burst out laughing and just as Big Mac was about to tell him the rest of the story he noticed his sister. "Applejack? Aren't ya supposed to be in bed?"

Astral looked over and did indeed see Applejack limping towards them. "Don't you worry about it, my ankle feels better, I just can't support on it." She smiled a bit brighter when looking at Astral. "I am gonna need to steal him away, Granny needs his help in town."

Big Mac simply nodded. "Eeyup."

The two of them walked off, leaving Big Mac and Apple Bloom to watched as they vanished over the hill. Apple Bloom tilted her head. "Something's going on."



The barn was nicely lit thanks to the sunny day outside, the light made it's way through the windows of the old barn. The smell of hay and wood all around, providing a perfect and beautifully relaxing hideout. "Mmm~." The silence of the barn was broken by a small moan, Applejack was strong, not used to give up control, but with Astral, she was so delicate.

Both of them laid in the hay, Astral above her, kissing her tenderly. The wet sounds of their lips dancing against one another echoed in the barn as they both shared this moment of passion. "Mmmh~." Applejack moaned one final time before Astral pulled away. Her heart raced, her cheeks burning red and her chest moving up and down as she panted. She opened her eyes slowly, looking up at the stallion with a small satisfied smile. "Not bad sugarcube.."

Her whisper sent shudders through Astral's body, his ears picking up the small vibrations of her accented loving voice. "..Does Granny really need my help..?" He asked and gave her a peck on the lips.

Applejack gladly received it and nodded. "Yeah.. I may not have told anypony about this, but I won't flat out lie." She kissed him. "She needs you to pull a cart with goods back to Ponyville, I can't do it because of my ankle...Do you mind?"

Astral shook his head. "Not at all..." he ran his hoof through her blonde mane, something he had started to do after their first kiss, and Applejack loved it. It made her shiver with delight. "But, maybe it is time we should tell your family.."

"I'm pretty sure Granny already knows.." Applejack sighed with a small smile and leaned into his hoof. "I am sure I saw her knitting small foal clothes.." The two then looked at each other for a few seconds, the blush slowly making their furs turn red. "N-not that it would not be, but you know.."

Astral nodded. "Yeah yeah, I mean, early right?" The two laughed nervously to kill the awkward conversation. Then as the laughter died down, they took a moment to look at each other again. They suddenly embraced one another, kissing each other deeply once again, the kiss became more and and more passionate with each second. Nothing could break this perfect moment, nothing could break their lo-.

Bang, bang, bang!

The two of them froze in terror, but luckily nopony was here. Then they heard Granny Smith's voice from the outside. "Now come on, hurry up! I appreciate the efforts my granddaughter is making to resume our family line, but do you think you can take a break and get out here?!"

"Granny!" Applejack yelled in embarrassment.


Astral and Granny Smith left two minutes later, a cart hooked up to Astral and a blushing and very much embarrassed Applejack left behind. As they moved down the dirt road, Granny Smith's chuckles reached his ears. "Ah am sorry to mess with ya sonny, but it's it is good mah beloved granddaughter can be teased a little."

Astral shook his head. "It's okay Granny.." He said with a blush, feeling bad for not telling her. "You knew?"

Granny Smith did not appear angry, she simply grinned. "Ever since ya asked fer mah help with the picnic." She winked at him. "Applejack needs a pony to love her, and I've seen how you two look at each other. It is the look her parents had, the one Big Mac have with that flying tornado of trouble." Granny chuckled a bit, but then suddenly her face became sad. "But.."

With that one word, he felt his heart sink, he knew what she was going to say. "Ah am afraid, your memories are bound to return sooner or later, ah just hope you still be the same pony when that happens.." Astral sighed, thinking she might ask him to stop his advances, but to his pleasant surprise she did not. "Don't get me wrong, ah think with or without your memories you heart already knows who you love, if you had some special somepony somewhere, your heart would have told you. The heart knows what the mind doesn't."

Astral felt his heart return to it's proper place and he smiled. "Thank you Granny Smith.."

"Don't ya worry sonny, just keep working on those there grandfoals and I'll be more happy than a pig in mud." She smirked which brought a blush to his cheeks.


Rainbow Dash soared through the sky, today was a nice easy day. Work had ended early as there was no special weather events planned, that meant she could go home early! She laughed and made a few tricks in the air, the wind feeling so nice as it moved through her fur and her feathered wings.

She sped towards Sweet Apple Acres hoping to be able to get Mac's help in timing her speed again. She may have to give him the EYES and a flick of her tail to get his help, but she would reward him in the end. As she moved over the orchard she started to plan out her ways to persuade her lover, but she noticed something strange. Big Mac was nowhere to be seen down there. It was odd as she was sure Big Mac would be working in the orchard, then again maybe something broke?

She got closer and closer to the farm itself and suddenly noticed something else. The door to the barn was open, well it was not strange, but it meant somepony was in there. As the Apple family always closed the barn door after them, it had to mean Big Mac was in there!

Rainbow smirked and sped down to the barn to land. Once she did she took a moment to make sure she looked alright, taking a deep breath she posed herself a little and called. "Maaaaac~." She called playfully. There was no answer. "Big Maaaac~." She tried again and walked over to the barn door, though once she reached it her smile faded and her eyebrow rose.

The barn was completely dark, the shutters had been closed, allowing no sunlight to come in. Rainbow then chuckled, this must be a game, so she moved in. "Okay big guy, you wanna play? Let's play!" Trotting her way inside she started to try and spot him, but the darkness did not help, then as she turned to open the doors more, thus allowing more sunlight to enter the barn, she saw it smack shut.

Her ears flattened for a moment. "Okay very funny Mac, if you wanna play dirty then I-." She turned and froze in place. Rainbow was not one to show fear, she was not one to react to fear, she faced dangers head on, her heart full of bravery. Though this time, as she faced what she saw what hid within the darkness, her heart stopped, her bravery vanished, her voice left her and her eyes grew wide. For in the darkness, she saw two massive red eyes, staring directly into her soul.


Astral unhitched himself from the cart as Granny Smith turned to him. "Thank you for your help, run along now, I have a few errands to take care off. Why don't you go see miss Twalight? Maybe she has some news for ya."

"Thank you Granny, i will, but what about the cart?"

"Don't ya worry about that, Big Mac will pick it up later, you just enjoy your day with Applejack once ya done at the library." Granny winked and went over to another older mare.

Astral did not say anymore, he simply smiled and nodded before he left for the library. During his walk he took a moment to enjoy the peaceful life of Ponyville, by now the other ponies had come to know him and some even waved and greeted him as he passed. Astral waved back and sent them friendly smiles, everything was just pleasant and as it should be.

He came to a wide open area in town and saw Golden Oak Library in the very center of the space. As Astral made his way towards it, the door opened and Twilight stepped out. "Hey, Twilight." Astral greeted.

Her ears picked up, then flattened before she slowly turned around to face him. "H-hi Astral..uhm.." She frowned and Astral felt all the happiness he just felt a moment ago leave.

"Twilight? What is it..?"


Twilight was silent as she led Astral into the library, Spike was not there, nor was anypony. There was however quite a lot of old looking books scattered around, some even looked like they were about to vanish into dust.

Astral made his way inside as Twilight closed the door. "Where's Spike?" Astral asked.

"I've sent him out to shop.. I was on my way to go the farm to meet you and Applejack, i needed to talk to the both you.. Though perhaps it's better like this." She said and had a hard time looking him in the eyes.

Astral frowned. "Twilight, hey come on.. Is it... Is it about me?" She simply nodded, still not looking him in the eyes. "And I guess you found something that is gonna..." He hesitated, but managed to force the words out. "Change everything..?"

Twilight sighed and looked up at him. "Astral.. I'm sorry.. But Princess Celestia finally found the right books for me to read." She moved over to the few thick books that laid scattered around. "They are some of the oldest books in existence, they even predate the unification.."

She turned a few pages, the text was old, old enough that Astral could see this was written in old equis. His heart raced, his had felt like a rock and his mood started to gloom. This was it, today was the day he was gonna know the truth. "Astral, the books talks about a world, a world far away, filled with the old gods that granted Celestia and Luna the power of the sun and the moon.."

She turned to a page showing a beautiful picture painted on it. It depicted an old alicorn with one eye, a long silver beard and a spear. Around him was several symbols, one of which was Astral's cutie mark. "The king, Odin, rules over a world called Asgard, home of the gods.. And, well, his son protects the land and the world of those who have passed on, Midgard.." She sighed and turned a page.

Astral knew the picture, he knew deep within his heart where this was going. His gut feeling proved him right as there, right on the next page was a depiction of himself. He was running across the sky, sparks beneath his hooves, lightning around his body, his cutie mark glowing.

"I'm sorry...Thor..." She spoke his name, his real name, and it was so painful to hear. "As for the writing on your cutie mark, it means-."

Astral, or Thor, held up a hoof. "I know what it says.." Twilight looked surprised and Thor knew the question burning on her lips. "I did not at first, but slowly the words started to come back to me.. I..." He sighed and spoke what was written. "The son of Odin, the god of thunder, the protector of Asgard, Thor..."

There was silence as Thor looked over the picture. "Why didn't you tell me when you found out you could read it?" Twilight asked. "Why didn't you tell Applejack?"

"Because I was afraid!" Thor snapped back and Twilight twitched a bit, but she did not move away from him. "I was afraid if I told you that I.. That I had to leave, that I had to leave..." His voice trailed off, he did not have the heart to say it.

Twilight however understood. "Applejack?" Thor nodded a bit and Twilight's frown deepened. "You would let go of your past to be with her?"

Thor sighed. "I would, but I know in my heart... That I can't.."

"I'm sorry Thor.." Twilight said and placed a hoof on his shoulder. "Princess Celestia will be on her way soon.. She.. She did not believe it at first, but after all we have gathered it seems you really are the god of thunder, you really are from another world.."

Thor looked down at his flank for a moment and then back at her. "And my cutie mark?"

"Well.." Twilight turned a page. "It turns out it is not a cutie mark, it shares similarities yes, but what you have there is something called an, Honor Mark, and it is not a common thing in your world as our cutie marks is in ours."

Thor frowned. "What's the difference?"

"Well instead of symbolizing your special talent, it was crafted by a pair of diamond dog brothers named Brokkr and Sindri.." Twilight looked over the page. "It was a gift for you on the the day of your birth, it is apparently a powerful weapon, the book does not share all it's detail, but the so called honor mark focus your power, makes you able to summon the weapon known as Mjölnir.. The Honor mark is something only the gods have, but i'm sure such details can wait.." She explained figuring the rest of the story was of little importance to him right now.

Thor took a moment to think it all over, he was a bit saddened that he did not feel any defiance, any disbelief, no.. He knew in his heart it was all true, every word of it. "What will happen when your princess arrives?" Thor asked, already knowing the answer.

Twilight let go of him and closed the book. "She will take you home, though it won't be easy for us.. She is gathering what she needs to send you home, but it will take some time.." Twilight looked at him with a sad heartbroken look. "You should go see Applejack, while you can i mean.."

"Say my goodbyes you mean?"

Twilight did not answer, she simply looked down at the floor and nodded a little. "Don't feel bad Twilight.." Thor said. "We both know AJ want's the truth no matter how hard it is.. You found it for us, we got the answers, now i need to tell her.."

"You want me to come with you..?"

Thor shook his head. "I think it's better if I do it while i'm alone with her.."

"I understand.." Twilight said and moved in for a hug. Thor gladly hugged her back. "I'm so sorry Astral.." she cried a little using the name he was given when he arrived.

Thor smiled a little and nodded. "Thank you Twilight, I will see you later.. Maybe you and the others can come to the farm?"

Twilight nodded. "Of course.. We'll see you then.." The two embraced each other one final time and then Thor made his way back to the farm. Each step was pure torture, he spend the time he would walk to wonder if he was gonna see any of these ponies again.

Would he ever see Rarity's spring dresses? Pinky's record cupcake? What about Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom? Or even taste Fluttershy's tea again? This town, these ponies had all left such an impact on him, their marks would be in his heart forever and he wondered if he really could let it go?

That did not even take into account of him needing to leave Applejack. Would he ever see her again? Smell her sweet scent of apples in her mane, see her eyes hear her voice? His heart broke into pieces and then those pieces broke three times more.

Thor let out a sigh, there was no way around it, Applejack needed to hear this, she deserved to know the truth. Even if it broke them...


The walk back to Sweet Apple Acres felt shorter than it used to, it was like fate was taunting him, instead of slowing down time in his sadness, it made everything go faster so he would soon have to face whatever the outcome of this would be. He knew he was doing the right thing, but it felt so painful.

When he moved past the fence gate and walked up to the farmhouse it was with a heavy heart. He had hoped in secret this day would never come, he had hoped he was just a regular pony, somepony who could just drop his past even when revealed, a pony who could just settle here, be a part of this family and this great town. Alas, fate had other plans.

Looking up at the sun he figured the rest of the Apple family was eating lunch, that meant they would be in the house. Trotting his way up there he slowly opened the door and walked in. "I'm back.." He called, but received no howdy, nor some filly running up to him. Strange, usually it was lunch time now? To be safe he looked int he kitchen, but there was nopony.

Maybe they were done already and had gone back out to work? But then why was Applejack not here? She would have called out to him if she was. He noted the mug on the coffee table, it was barely half empty, so maybe Applejack stepped outside for some reason?

Moving his way outside Thor noticed the barn door being open ever so slightly. "Big Mac?" He called towards it. "Applejack?" Something felt off, where was everypony? Thor walked over there and looked inside, but saw nopony in the darkness. "Applejack? Big Mac? Anypony? Apple Bloom?" No one answered him and for some reason the darkness made him feel unnerving.

Deciding to shed some light on this he opened the doors fully, making all the sun light lit up the dark barn. As soon as it became light enough his eyes went wide. There, hanging from the rafters. "Applejack!"

Applejack, her siblings and even Rainbow Dash had been tied up with rope. Their forelegs tied down their sides, their hind legs bound together and rope a few times around their barrel that hang them from the loft. They all looked down at him, struggling within their bonds, trying to warn him, but none of their words could be heard. Their muzzles had been covered in thick scarfs, gagging them effectively and reducing their words down to a lot of: "Mmmfmh! Mmmpphh! Mmmfmh-hhmlp!"

"Applejack! I'm com-." Thor was cut off as a heavy chain swung into him from above, forcing him down into the ground. "ARgh!"

"Well well well, here he is... Seems like we finally found you." A deep voice said in a mix of normal speech and a growl. Thor looked up as several massive creatures surrounded him. "Time to finish the job.." The largest one grinned. Thor looked up into his massive red eyes and his own widened.

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